25 Best Vince Gill Songs Ever

19. What the Cowgirls Do

Song Year: 1994

The singer describes the cowgirls’ behavior as those who will treat you right all night. He continues that the cowgirls in Texas are similar to those from Oklahoma as they don’t feel afraid to stay up till dawn. When the singer is around Texas, he always loves when the cowgirls dance close to him.

“What the Cowgirls Do” topped the music charts days after its release and would soon become position seventy-one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks a few weeks later.

20. I Can’t Tell You Why

Song Year: 1993

The couple in the song “I Can’t Tell You Why” fight each other but don’t want to break up. The couple is about to leave each other, but every time they attempt, they remember they have been through a lot.

The guy is confused about whether to leave because he is still attracted to his lover. The songs encourage lovers to always protect each other and try to find a chance to rekindle their love.

The singer has performed this hit in several major events, including the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day and Mad Men’s sixth season finale. The song reached position thirteen on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary in 1995. In addition, it debuted at number seven on the US Country Charts.

21. If You Ever Have Forever in Mind

Song Year: 1998

Co-written by Vince Gill and Troy, “If You Ever Have Forever in Mind” is a wedding song where the singer promises his lover that he will always be there if she wants a forever person. The single has won the singer a Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

Like other Vince Gill singles, “If You Ever Have Forever in Mind” reached position five on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks, and number one in Canada in 1998.

22. Let’s Do Something

Song Year: 1987

The singer is trying to convince his lover to sneak from her bedroom. While he knows some things are wrong, he claims his heart is on fire. The singer promises the girl he will make her father understand her actions. In 1987, “Let’s Do Something” peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks Chart.

23. Pocket Full of Gold

Song Year: 1991

“Pocket Full of Gold” is about a man finding a woman in his room and promising her the moon. The main character in the song takes off his wedding ring and puts it in his pocket, so the lady wouldn’t have an idea he is married.

The song states the price one must pay for marital infidelity. The single became number seven on the Country charts. In addition, it has earned Vince Gill a CMA Award nomination for the Single of the Year category.

24. Take Me Down

Song Year: 2016

“Take Me Down” boasts an infectious melody and sweet lyrics about a steamy relationship. The singer wonders if the lady’s heart is racing like his. He claims to love her smile and is ready to surrender to make her happy. The singer also seems to love everything the lady does, including her skin.

Vince Gill has been honored by the Country Music Association for the song “Take Me Down.”

25. Real Lady’s Man

Song Year: 1994

“Real Lady’s Man” describes the temptations men go through when partying, including wine and a woman's tender kiss. According to the singer, it’s hard for every man to resist these temptations. Some lines narrate about a man living with regrets and remembering his advice to his friends. The narrator wishes he had listened to his advice and avoided women’s eyes.

The song reminds listeners that cheating isn’t always an alternative and it’s impossible to get into such temptation with a real lady’s man. While temptations are real, rest is vital to avoid losing love. Vince Gill advocates loyalty and respect in marriages and relationships in this song.

Top Vince Gill Songs, Final Thoughts

Vince Gill has made a truly remarkable impact on modern country music. One must not be a country music fan to identify Vince Gill's career achievements.

While he has many amazing songs that have appeared on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, we believe the above hits are the best Vince Gill songs he ever released. We hope our article on the best Vince Gill songs was helpful.

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