The Music Logo Maker Guide; Where To Get Your Logos Designed!

Music Logo Design OptionsDo you need a logo to represent you as a musician? Or maybe you've got a music based company and need a logo for your website. Whatever the situation, you need a music logo which looks good and won't break the budget.

Today I've got 4 places you can get your logo designed. If you can't personally make good logos, use one of the following to get a top quality design in days.

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Use An Outsourcing Website To Get Your Music Logo Made

The path I usually pick when I want a logo designed is using an outsourcing website. There are few of these around, with probably the most popular being Odesk and Elance. I personally use Odesk, but I hear that Elance is also worth trying out.

How this works is you sign up an account and add all your details. Once that's done, you post a job description asking for what you're looking for. You then set your budget so people know what you're willing to pay for this job.

While you can literally set any price, you'll find that the higher you go, the more good quality applicants you'll receive.

Me personally, I like to offer around $60 for a logo (these sites also add on around 10% for their fee). For this price you will get a lot of people applying to your job, some with very good skills. On the other hand, some will be not so good.

While using these sites can get you good quality graphic designers, be aware that there are also some scammers on there too. I once had a woman who showed me a portfolio of some really good logos, but when I hired her she produced some really poor quality work. She clearly wasn't the same person who had produced the sample logos. I managed to get my money back after requesting a refund, but it did waste time.

Don't let that put you off though, I've had plenty of good logos designed there for both myself and clients. As long as you don't mind posting a job and looking through job applications, this is one of the best ways to get good quality logos on the cheap.

Run A Logo Design Competition

While you can find designers and run a design competition yourself, this would be a lot of hard work. Instead, a better option would be a website like 99designs who will run a design competition for you.

What 99designs does is allow you to specify what you want your logo to be about and how much you're willing to spend on it. This starts at $299 for their bronze package.

While this is more expensive than the above outsourcing websites, there are two main benefits of going this route:

  1. You're guaranteed to get designers at a decent level. There's a strong community of designers who use the site and they know there's no point applying if they don't submit good designs (as they won't win so won't get paid). You can expect around 100 different logos coming in from around 50 different designers (numbers will vary).
  2. You'll get a good few logos to choose from. Unlike outsourcing websites where you have to base talent on what someone's done for an unrelated project, with this format people will design you logos and you can choose the best one from there. There's no guess work involved in terms of who will give you the best design.
  3. 99designs do the heavy lifting. They ask you questions so you can give an accurate description, which takes the guess work out of what details are needed. Once you've mentioned what kind of logo you want you just sit back and watch the logos flood in. You then tick which ones you like so people know when to change things up. You then pick a winner.

This option is for those who are willing to spend more money in exchange for convenience with more or less a guaranteed good logo at the end.

Other Online Ways To Find Music Logo Designers

There are two other things you can do to find a logo designer online:

  1. Find a logo designer in your genre's forums, and
  2. Use search engines.

Both of these can work well. If you're a member of any forums, chances are you'll already have a good idea if there are any designers in there. If you are, you can approach them via private message. If not, you can post a topic asking if there are any designers who can help you.

I have done this a couple of times and once even got one of the best CD cover designs I've seen for free! I know it's not a logo, but the same could happen with this.

Of course, don't expect a freebie, chances are you'll have to pay. When it happens though it's a nice bonus.

Secondly, simply searching ‘logo design' on the search engine of your choice (e.g. Yahoo, Google etc) will bring up a lot of different options, even some good logo makers that you could consider. There will be some free sites where you can get free logo designs, but of course they can't be as customized as getting a personally made one. Have a look at the results, and see if any designers or companies take your liking.

Ask Other Musicians Where They Got Their Design

If you want reassurance that someone you know has gone through the process and knows a logo designer you can trust, you can ask any of your fellow musicians with logos where they got theirs. Be ware though; often people get logos for a lot more money than they need to. You'll probably come across musicians who say they've spent hundreds on their logo, even if they could've got the same for a better price.

Feel free to ask around, but bare in mind the above options are all good choices.


If you want a logo for your website or yourself as a musician in general, the above will get you a good quality logo guaranteed. Just be sure you make it clear what you're looking for, as logos are designed to your specs.

If you use this guide to get a logo done, feel free to show us it in the comments. I'd love to see what you got made.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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