27 Famous Telugu Songs

Telugu songs are some of the most popular in the world, with their Youtube videos regularly racking up tens of millions of views.

Looking for some of the most famous Telugu songs? Then check out our list below.


1. “Chamkeela Angeelesi” by Dhee, Ram Miriyala, and Santhosh Narayanan

Song Year: 2023

A key song from Telugu-language action-drama film “Dasara”, “Chamkeela Angeelesi,” is essentially a husband and wife making allegations against each other, each saying the other is no longer like they used to be. It’s a good reminder that people can change, and talking to each other before things go too far is vital for relationships.

Like most Telugu songs made for movies, you’ll get more from “Chamkeela Angeelesi” if you watch the movie it’s from. By watching “Dasara” you’ll be able to get the full context.

2. “Pilla Padesaave” by Haricharan and Yuvan Shankar Raja

Song Year: 2022

“Pilla Padesaave” is a love song, with the singer talking about his feelings for a girl. The main focus of the lyrics is how he feels that she’s a naughty girl who’s teasing him, and he feels like a puppet that she’s manipulating. At the same time, however, his feelings mean that he can’t be upset even knowing about what she’s doing to him.

Love songs in Telugu tend to be optimistic, and this entry among the best Telugu songs is no exception. While the singer doesn’t like the teasing, he ultimately accepts it, showing the idea of how dedicated love is necessary to overcome trials in a relationship.

3. “Darshana” by Chaitan Bharadwaj and Anurag Kulkarni

Song Year: 2023

Darshana is a vibrant, energetic song about falling in love. However, the lyrics contrast with the song’s energy, as the singer discusses his inability to express his feelings correctly. He is confused and upset about not knowing how to be together with his love and feeling stressed from feelings of separation.

“Darshana” is an excellent example of how troubled songs can sound like happy songs or the other way around. So how singers express things plays a significant role in the song’s final quality.

4. “Mastaaru Mastaaru” by G.V. Prekash Kumar and Shweta Mohan

Song Year: 2022

Movies are the basis of many famous Telugu songs, and the recent “Mastaaru Mastaaru” is no exception. The lyrics focus on a lover who finally feels like she’s found her match. It’s an upbeat, peppy tune whose emotional depth is easy to understand even if you don’t speak Telugu.

Indian movies frequently feature music explaining what characters are doing and how they feel, so consider watching “Sir” for additional enjoyment.

5. “Malli Malli (from “Agent”)” by Hiphop Tamizha

Song Year: 2023

An upbeat song composed for an action film, “Malli Malli,” starts simply before adding techno beats to a much more energetic tune. The lyrics focus on the two main protagonists as they’re falling in love.

However, as this is a spy action movie, you know there’s far more to the male lead than is apparent from the start.

Techno is relatively rare in famous Telugu songs, so this song stands out as a rare example of music that defies genre conventions.

6. “Poonakaalu Loading” by Ram Miriyala, Devi Sri Prasad, and Roll Rida

Song Year: 2023

“Poonakaalu Loading” is an upbeat dance number, mixing a little English into the native Telugu that forms the backbone of its song. Mixed-language songs aren’t rare, though English is one of the preferred options because more people across India speak it.

Mixing languages here also makes “Poonakaalu Loading” more accessible to international audiences. If you want to enjoy some famous Telugu songs but aren’t fluent in the language, this song is a great place to begin.

7. “Oh Baby Jaaripomake” by Dhanunjay and Sai Kartheek

Song Year: 2023

Written for an action-comedy film, “Oh Baby Jaaripomake” is fundamentally a love song and one of the high points of the film’s rather average story.

However, India knows how to go all-in on music, and the lyrics focus on the protagonists as they confess their feelings for each other and say that even in age, they can have love together.

8. “O Dollar Pillagaa” by Deepak Blue, Leon James, and Mangli

Song Year: 2023

“O Dollar Pillaga” is an upbeat item song, ideal for dancing and partying. The lyrics emphasize a theme of materialism and the pursuit of money (especially in the form of a “dollar-thief”), and especially how that money can bring success to those who already have it.

That said, it also has a few comments about how the temptation of money can be limiting, often failing to bring genuine happiness to someone’s life.

9. “Thoduga Ma Thodundi” by Komaramma and Mogili

Song Year: 2023

“Thoduga Ma Thodundi” is a somewhat mournful song, although it retains many of the upbeat characteristics of Telugu music. Its lyrics showcase a father talking to his son, expressing his regret for the son’s apparent failure to remember everything he learned while younger.

Family is essential to most cultures, and losing family members can hurt people deeply. This song can resonate with many people, which may explain why it’s so popular despite being so new.

10. “Yedurangula Vaana” by Sid Sriram

Song Year: 2022

“Yedurangula Vaana” is a song about love and desire, including how someone can feel that their lover is the very reason for their life.

They also discuss how happiness can come in many forms through love and how the absence of a partner causes hurt. Weather is a repeating motif throughout the lyrics, including rainbows, clouds, and rain.

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