19 Famous Indonesian Songs

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best Indonesian songs ever.

From Feby Putri to Payung Teduh, Indonesia's top artists have released some of the best music worldwide.

Let’s look at some famous Indonesian songs.

“Runtuh” by Feby Putri

Song Year: 2021

This beautiful song is one of Indonesia's top hits.

Indonesian folk artist Feby Putri earned international acclaim after releasing her hit single, “Runtuh,” which touches on the difficulties of chasing one's dreams.

The song's protagonist moves to Jakarta to make it big and finds herself trying to tame a busy mind instead.

Febi Putri is known for her debut single, “Halu,” released in 2019.

“Tak Segampang Itu” by Anggi Marito

Song Year: 2022

Anggi Marito's hit single “Tak Segampang Itu” is sung in the Bahasa language of Indonesia. This song was released in December 2022 and has climbed the local charts since then.

The song touches on the insecurities of being in a new relationship and the fears accompanying a breakup. The singer laments her inability to find someone else like her previous lover. The song reached number 15 on the Billboard chart, topping such hits as “Tally” by BlackPink and other hit songs.

“Bengawan Solo” by Sundari Soekotjo

Song Year: 1940

The most famous Indonesian song ever is “Bengawan Solo,” a traditional song performed and released by many artists across different languages. The version included in this article is but one cover of this all-time great.

“Tertawan Hati” by Awdella

Song Year: 2022

This song peaked at number eight on the Billboard charts for Indonesia—for a good reason.

This love ballad touches on the difficulties of accommodating a new relationship and all its attendant insecurities.

The singer laments how much she had to change to fit her new partner's requirements, asking herself if she has lost a part of who she is.

She explains that her relationship has worsened, yet she feels compelled to remain in it.

“Aku Bukan Jodohnya” by Tri Suaka

Song Year: 2021

Tri Suaka is an Indonesian male artist with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. This artist primarily focuses on subjects related to love and loss.

His hit single “Aku Bukan Jodohnya” discusses the beauty of a long-lasting relationship. However, the protagonist's love interest soon ends with someone else. The singer must accept losing his love because of his ego. However, he expresses his sincere joy at her new relationship, exhibiting healthy detachment.

The song is an excellent example of how to handle a relationship's end.

“Komang” by Raim Laode

Song Year: 2022

Since its release in 2022, this song has topped the charts in Indonesia and worldwide.

The song is about a long-distance relationship between the protagonist and his love interest, a woman who completes him. He claims that his love interest's beauty rivals the world's horror and that the distance will not drive them apart.

Raim Laode is a singer from Liya Togo, Indonesia, and he has been making music since early 2014. Since then, the singer has progressively entered the mainstream with his innovative blend of traditional Indonesian and dance/electronic music.

“Makna Cinta,” by Rizky Febian

Song Year: 2020

“Makna Cinta” is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube. Since this song's release in 2020, it has consistently remained at the top of the charts.

This song comes from the Bahasa tradition and is about the singer's struggle to find his true love, Anya Geraldine, a model in Jakarta.

The singer maintains that he now knows the meaning of love and plans to continue growing to accommodate this new relationship in his life.

Rizky Febian, meaning “Blessing of God,” is a famous Indonesian artist and TV presenter. His first single, “Kesempurnaan Cinta,” introduced him to the mainstream music scene at 17.

“Muak” by Aruma

Song Year: 2022

Aruma is an Indonesian singer, producer, and songwriter who brings an emotional charge to her music. Although she is only 19, her music has landed her on Spotify's top 50 charts. Her debut single, “Muak,” is about an insecure relationship.

This song touches on a relationship in which the protagonist is unhappy. She finds it difficult to heal from the past, as her relationship began passionately but has caused her tremendous pain. Because her love interest is not faithful to her, she feels a sense of loss and insecurity, and she cannot enjoy the good moments.

The song blends tender lyrics with a mournful sound, and its blend of pop and traditional music has inspired many to follow suit.

“Akad” by Payung Teduh

Song Year: 2017

Payung Teduh is an alternative rock and indie band from Indonesia. This band blends the jazz, alternative, pop, and indie genres to create its own sound.

Their hit single, “Akad,” is about an old man who once drove a taxicab and met many interesting people. He witnesses his passengers in states of joy, sadness, and business, and he often thinks of his dead wife, whom he misses dearly.

The song's end describes him celebrating his marriage anniversary at a cafe with a photograph of his dead wife, proving that true love never dies.

“Sial” by Mahalini Reharja

Song Year: 2023

Mahalini Reharja is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter from Denpasar, Indonesia. Although she has been making music since the early 2020s, her hit song “Sial” catapulted her into mainstream music for good.

This song is about the painful experience of falling in love. It discusses the disappointment of finding out that someone you love isn't who they say they are—a sentiment familiar to many. “Sial” means unlucky, underscoring the pain accompanying an unsuccessful relationship. The singer laments trusting someone who didn't deserve it and vows to do better next time.

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