45 Famous Chinese Songs 

China is the third biggest country in the world, so it’s no wonder they have a lot of talented musicians.

Chinese music is very eclectic, and you can find the normal love songs and rock, but also more niche genres.

Here are some famous Chinese songs we hope you’ll enjoy.


1. “You Exist in My Song” by Wanting Qu

Song Year: 2012

This stunningly emotional and beautiful song has been covered in many languages, making it a global hit. The song is about finding love when you least expect it and being surprised by how hard you can fall for someone you just met.

In the song, Qu sings about how this new love has entered every corner of her brain and heart, including her songs! The ballad is tender and powerful, expressing the fear and excitement of new love.

2. “The One and Only” by Wang Leehom

Song Year: 2001

As you can probably guess from the title, this song is a romantic ballad. However, it’s a melancholy track about losing love. The narrator sings to their lover that they are the only one for them, and they love them more than anything.

Unfortunately, their partner does not feel the same, and their love is fading. The narrator feels desperate and strained as they don’t want to lose this love but know it has become one-sided and incomplete.

3. “Tonight Is Unforgettable” by Nan Wang Jin Xiao

Song Year: 2002

This song is patriotic and confident, as Xiao sings about the power of the motherland (China) and how no matter what this nation faces, they will prevail and care for one another. The song celebrates the country and welcomes visitors, new friends, old friends, young folks, older people, and everyone in between to enjoy the motherland on this unforgettable evening.

A beautiful theme throughout the song is that no matter what part of this massive country you are from or live in, everyone is a part of the motherland and can rejoice together.

4. “The Most Romantic Thing” by Cyndi Chao

Song Year: 1994

This sweet and playful song is light-hearted with an infectious puppy-love vibe. The lyrics list some of the most romantic things, like growing old with your lover or listening to music together.

Chao sings about how she wants to wrap herself in her lover and do all the romantic things together and describes the relationship as a dream of heaven. It’s one of the most romantic famous Chinese songs that doesn’t even mention the word “love.”

5. “My Exciting Solitary Life” by Elva Hsiao

Song Year: 2000

This song has classic pop energy with emotional vocals but is bouncy, delivering a meaningful message backed by fun music. The lyrics sing about being alone and how it can be isolating, but at the same time, being alone can be exciting because it gives you a chance to find yourself.

The song is powerful but cute, with lyrics about learning to be independent and finding adventure even when alone. It’s easy to bop your head along to the beat, but when you know the meaning of the lyrics, the song is all the more beautiful.

6. “Friends” by Emil Chau

Song Year: 1997

While many songs focus on romance and love, this song emphasizes the significance and value of platonic love. As the title implies, the song is about the importance of having supportive friends who can be there for you.

The singer discusses the lonely and shattered feeling after a heartbreak but also talks about how having friends helps. In return, he promises to always be there for his friends too.

7. “Silence” by Jay Chou

Song Year: 2007

Jay Chou is one of the most successful Chinese pop singers and has a diverse discography of emotional songs, including this one. These meaningful lyrics could bring you to tears, and his soft and heavy voice adds to the depth of this track.

Chou sings about his ex moving on to another man and how much he misses her and regrets breaking up. Now, all he hears is silence, and he feels he will never move on. Nevertheless, he kindly reassures his ex that he will be okay, and wants her to be happy, even if it means he’s hurt.

8. “Super Star” by S.H.E

Song Year: 2003

A popular and edgy Chinese song, “Super Star,” is about how the singer’s lover is their superstar, even if they see themselves as a shining light. It’s a brilliantly deep song about picking someone you care about up when they’re down and reminding them that to you, they’re everything.

It’s an upbeat punky song with an English chorus, making it popular in many countries outside China. You can feel the narrator’s devotion and affection in the song, making it a powerful anthem.

9. “Big Fish” by Zhou Shen

Song Year: 2017

“Big Fish” is a delicate song with poetic and slightly cryptic lyrics. While many famous Chinese songs have more straightforward lyrics, Shen uses metaphors in this heartfelt ballad.

At the center of the song is the classic lesson “If you love something, let it go,” as the narrator tells the story of letting a big, wild fish free in the ocean, even though this brings her great pain. Although the narrator loves the fish more than anything, she knows it doesn't belong on land, so she has to let it go forever.

10. “Little Apple” by Chopstick Brothers

Song Year: 2014

“Little Apple” is a funny song from this Chinese singing duo of brothers. It was extremely popular for the summer and has many funky dances to go along with it. The video and lyrics are undeniably weird in a quirky and silly way, making it easy to love.

Technically, it’s a love song, and the apple is the narrator’s lover, but the message gets lost in the weird music video and bouncy music.

11. “The Moon Represents My Heart” by Teresa Teng

Song Year: 1997

Teresa Tang is an iconic Chinese singer with an ethereal voice that melts out of her mouth. This song is one of her most well-known and successful tracks, as she sings to her lover about how deep and genuine her affection is.

In the lyrics, she explains how the steadiness and brightness of the full moon represent her neverending love for her partner. The track is soft and subtle but is supremely romantic and sweet.

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