23 Best Techno DJs

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13. Dubfire


Dubfire once released music with another DJ, Sharam Tayebi. Forming a progressive house group called Deep Dish, Dubfire would eventually move on to release his music.

The Grammy award-winning DJ would find immense success in his solo career. Now one of the most prominent names in minimal techno, Dubfire’s music is a can’t-miss discography.

14. Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin

Beginning in the 1990s, Richie Hawtin is hailed as one of the best techno DJs in the world. Hawtin has been awarded with the Best Techno DJ award three times in his career.

With a career spanning decades and countless bangers under his name, Richie Hawtin is a core of the techno world. Few EDM fans haven’t heard music either influenced by or directly made by Hawtin.

15. Mladen Solomun

Mladen Solomun

Known mostly by his stage name of Solomun, the Bosnian-German DJ is one of the most influential you can find. With four DJ Awards winners under his belt, Solomun is a multi-talented artist.

Winning awards for Best Producer, Best DJ, and Best Melodic House DJ, Solomun has had his fingers in dozens of genres. Influenced by funk, hip-hop, and soul, Solomun’s music crosses genres. No matter what your tastes, Solomun likely has a track you’d love.

16. Maceo Plex

Maceo Plex

Eric Estornel, better known as Maceo Plex, is a Cuban-American DJ. Also known as Maetrik and Mariel Ito, the artist’s multicultural life bridges genres in his music.

Raised between the mammoth cities of Dallas and Miami, Estornel mixes multiple genres into his music. Active since 1993, Estornel bridges deep house, tech house, and progressive house with strong techno roots.

17. Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin

Richard James, best known as Aphex Twin, is one of the most prolific EDM artists in the genre's history. Beginning his career in 1985, the Irish-born British DJ is still massively influential in the industry.

Using pianos, turntables, synthesizers, and more, Aphex has been part of multiple labels. Working with Warp, Sire, Rephlex, and Apollo, Aphex’s music crosses dozens of genres His work in techno, ambient, IDM, and experimental electronic music has helped lay the foundation for EDM.

18. Sven Vath

Sven Vath

Having won three DJ Awards, Sven Vath is a German DJ that’s worked in several genres. Beginning his career in Electrica Salsa, Vath would later move to techno. His work in techno is what much of his career has been built around.

While some DJs aren’t trained, Sven Vath has deep knowledge about music and the industry. As such, his pieces are often filled with nuance and technical abilities that many other DJs aren’t able to show off.

19. Testpilot


Did you know that some artists switch their names as they switch genres? Such is the case with Testpilot, a DJ much more famous under the name Deadmau5. The Canadian DJ has received six Grammy nominations and produced music across dozens of genres. From progressive house music to techno, Testpilot’s music is inescapable.

If you like Testpilot, be sure to check out his other aliases! Though most known as Deadmau5, Testpilot often works with other artists. He’s been known to work with Rob Swire, MC Flipside, Kaskade, and many other artists. There are few names in EDM as notable as Testpilot’s.

20. Diesel


Speaking of artists known more under a different name, DJ Diesel is more of a dubstep and deep house artist. However, his music is massive in all of EDM, with the artist one of the most notable names in the industry.

Though the music industry knows the DJ as Diesel, the artist’s birth name is Shaquille O’Neal. Crediting music – mostly bass-heavy genres like dubstep and deep house – as giving his life purpose post-retirement, Diesel began an illustrious career as a musician.

Now headlining some of the biggest festivals and playing alongside titanic names, Diesel is one of the most well-known artists. Bridging genres and subgenres with ease, Diesel’s music shows the influence of some of the greatest techno artists.

21. Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff

Based out of Hamburg, Germany, Helena Hauff is another can’t-miss woman in the industry. One of the most important parts of her process is the equipment she uses to make her art.

Recording using analog equipment, Hauff skips out on the more modern and easy-to-use tools. Pulling from acid house, EBM, and industrial music, Hauff makes techno with a more minimalist approach.

22. Robert Hood

Robert Hood

Considered a founding father of minimal techno, Robert Hood is the founder of the label M-Plant. Working as a producer and DJ, Hood also helped found and establish the group Underground Resistance. Alongside him were Jeff Mills and Mad Mike Banks.

His work in the scene is inescapable – but why would you want to? As one of the strongest names that’s helped techno grow, Robert Hood is a legend of the industry.

23. Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles

Closing out our list is one of the most impressive artists of all. Baked out of London, Maya Jane Coles writes, produces, and engineers all of her music.

Also singing on many of her tracks, Coles is a DJ that can’t be missed. Whether you’re listening for a stunning vocal performance or a beat you can’t help but dance to, Coles is an incredibly versatile artist.

Top Techno DJs, Final Thoughts

No matter what your favorite EDM genre is, techno has likely influenced the space immensely. With some of the pioneers of the industry calling techno their home, there’s countless artists for you to enjoy.

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