How to Get Your Mixtape Hosted by a DJ

A radio DJ hosting a mixtapeSo, you've just made a load of tunes and they're ready to be put together into a mixtape. But wait, something's missing. You need that killer DJ to host it and make everything come together. But how do you go about getting on the air?

This is what we're going to look at today. By the end you'll know how to approach your ideal DJ, and increase the likelihood they'll go ahead and work with you.

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Reasons Why a DJ May Not Want to Host Your Mixtape

Before we go any further, I first want to look at possible reasons you may find it hard to get someone to host your mixtape. If any of these are the case, you're going to find getting a good DJ host difficult:

Your Mixtape Isn't Up to Scratch

If you haven't put in the effort to make a top quality mixtape (or if you're simply not yet talented enough and need to put in more practice hours), you're going to struggle to get a decent DJ to host for you. Only make a mixtape once you're ready to get out there properly.

You Haven't Previously Built a Connection with Any DJs

A lot of DJs tend to work with people they know, or have some kind of connection with. If you haven't built a connection with anyone, it's still possible to get people on board, but it'll be a lot harder.

Getting a DJ to Host Your Mixtape

Get On iTunes - Free AccountOK, so now on to the good stuff, what's needed to get your ideal DJ on board. So as I mentioned above, DJs usually work with people they know. It's because of this that you want to build up a relationship with some potential hosts months before you approach them with the opportunity to work on your project.

If you've already got a relationship with them, it shouldn't be that hard to approach them with your offer. If you're approaching someone whom you haven't made contact with before, there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood they'll join your project:

Pay Them

While some DJs will actually host a mixtape for free if they feel it will get them good exposure (and if you pay for studio time), the chances of this happening will drop greatly if you don't know the DJ. So one way to get them on board is to pay them enough to make them change their mind. Pretty self explanatory, right?

Approach Them Personally

Another thing you can do is approach a targeted DJ personally, and let them know about you and your project. Give them a sample of what you can do, and let them know how hosting your mixtape will benefit them. Let them know you'll do your utmost to get their name out there with the mixtape.

Approaching DJs personally will give you a much better chance of them listening than if you merely send in a demo/ request in any other way.

Best Ways to Get Your Mixtape Hosted by a DJ – Conclusion

So there you have it, the simple yet effective method to getting your mixtape hosted by a respectable DJ. Remember, if your mixtape isn't up to scratch, you'll find it hard to get someone to host it. Build relationships with DJs from early on, and if necessary pay them to host your mixtape. If they have a decent sized fan base and they go on to promote you to their audience, the investment could be worth it.

So how did you go about getting your last mixtape hosted? Let me know in the comments.

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