Stormzy’s Net Worth 2024

Net Worth: $27 million

Date of Birth: July 26, 1993

How He Makes Money: Rapper, Actor.

Stormzy was born Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. in his hometown of Croydon, United Kingdom. The estimation of Stormzy's net worth is $27 million from his career as a British-born rapper.

How Stormzy Makes Money – His Career

How Stormzy Makes Money - His Career

He began his career as an underground musician in the United Kingdom. He became famous for his freestyle rap set to modernly popular grime beats that he classified as Wicked Skengman.

Music Career Earnings and History

Stormzy started rapping when he was 11 years old. He had senior rap influences that were older than him at a youth club in his community. The young budding artist did not come from a household musical tutelage, but his love for beats and rhymes propelled him to study it himself and learn from the greats in his community.

Besides rapping his notable grime beats, Stormzy also has a hand in British hip-hop, gospel music, and R&B influences in his music. His first extended play was Dreamers Disease, an independent musical release in the summer of 2014. Because of his success with this extended play release, Stormzy won a category at the 2014 MOBO Awards for Best Grime Act.

A year later, Stormzy released his hit song, “Shut Up”. More details on how this song propelled him to success are in the section below.

The artist released another hit single “Scary” in the spring of 2016 before taking a break from his musical career. His break was not long for he came back to the scene in February 2017 to showcase his upcoming album “Gang Signs & Prayer” on social media with the campaign under #GSAP. A month after the album’s initial release, it was published at #1 in its first appearance on the UK Albums Chart.

Fast forward to the present, Stormzy put out an independently-released hit single, “Mel Made Me Do It” in September 2022. This was the first time he released a single independently since he last did so a couple of years prior. The artist released “This Is What I Mean” in November 2022 as his latest work which you can purchase digitally or stream from Spotify online.

Earnings from Spotify Listeners

Stormzy has 11,193,768 fans that listen to his songs on Spotify. Music artists from the platform earn about $0.0033 each time a listener streams one of their songs. With each fan streaming at least one song per month, that’s about $36,939.43 in monthly earnings.

Hence, Stormzy makes about $443,273.21 in net earnings from Spotify each year. If fans stream many of his songs more than once, he potentially makes way more than this projection.

Acting Career

Stormzy's net worth also involves acting. He also became an actor in the movie “Brotherhood” as the character, Yardz. It is an unrated crime and drama thriller movie released in 2016. Stream the film for free on Tubi or Freevee.

YouTube Royalties

Stormzy has 2.15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. YouTube reports that creators make between $3 to $7 for every 1,000 views that a video receives.

In just one week, his new song, “This Is What I Mean” received over 984,000 views. Assuming that he is making about $5 per 1,000 views on his videos, this is a net income of $4,920 in just one calendar week for Stormzy.

How much money does Stormzy make from YouTube royalties? In the last 30 days alone, his videos received about 15.37 million views. This was a 25% increase in viewers from the prior month. Hence, Stormzy nets an overall $75,000 monthly on average (based on 15 million views) from YouTube alone.

Career Highlights

How much money does Stormzy make? His estimated net worth of $27 million is because of his many accumulated career highlights:

  • Assumed the first ranking on the UK Singles Chart for four of his songs.
    • In 2017, his first single to hit the first ranking on the chart was “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”
    • His independently-released hit single, “Vossi Bop” hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart in 2019.
    • Stormzy collaborated with Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy on the song, “Own It”, which was the third instance of one of his songs hitting #1.
    • The last time this happened was when Stormzy was featured on Ed Sheeran’s hit single “Take Me Back to London.” Both of these singles in which he was featured alongside Ed Sheeran debuted in 2019.
  • “Wicked Skengman” freestyle raps received millions of views on YouTube, making him a British rap sensation in 2014.
  • Released his second album, “Heavy Is the Head” where he reveals he can not only rap but also sings artfully.
  • Received accolades at the AIM Independent Music Awards such as Most Played New Independent Act and Innovator Award in 2016. In 2017, for his album “Gang Signs & Prayers”, he won Independent Album of the Year.
  • Considered the Artist of the Year at the 2017 BBC Music Awards.
  • Won Best International Act: UK for the 2016 BET Music Awards.
  • Won Best International Act: Europe for the 2017 BET Music Awards.

How Does Stormzy Spend His Money?

How Does Stormzy Spend His Money

Stormzy spends most of his money contributing to charitable donations that give back to the community. His donations range from assisting justice reform to assisting college students in the black community to excel in their studies. 

Charitable Donations to End Racial Inequality

After the murder of George Floyd, Stormzy vowed that he would donate one million pounds ($1,225,415) every calendar year over the next decade to many charitable organizations on a mission to mitigate racial inequality and enhance justice for black people in the United Kingdom.

Scholarship Fund for Cambridge University Students

Stormzy has contributed funds to the “Stormzy Scholarship for Black UK Students” which pays tuition costs for two lucky winners every school year and pays room and board for another four students. Hence, he is propelling the youth in the black community to succeed in the United Kingdom without letting high college expenses hold them back.

Later, in 2021, he announced that he would contribute 20,000 pounds in scholarship tuition to each of ten new black students that enter the university in 2022, 2023, and 2024. Hence, 30 African American students will have their college classes fully paid for when attending Cambridge University.

How Stormzy Got On this Path

How Stormzy Got On this Path

Stormzy was born on July the 26th of 1993 in London, England. His early success started with being featured in a music video alongside other British rappers Shalo and Chip in “I’m Fine.” All three notable rappers also made an official music video to the song, which was an early exposure of Stormzy’s voice to his now many fans.

Stormzy became highly successful when releasing his hit single, “Shut Up” in 2015. Its release in September propelled the song to 59 on the British music charts during its debut. The iconic song came from his “WickedSkengMan4” extended play collection released that same year.

Two months after its initial release in December, Stormzy appeared at a local British boxing tournament and performed “Shut Up” as the introduction song for Anthony Joshua as he walked into the ring to go toe-to-toe against Dillan Whyte.

This performance skyrocketed the song’s popularity into the #8 ranking on the UK Single Chart a little before Christmas Day. The hype of “Shut Up” used in presenting the heavyweight boxer must have made people want to listen to more of Stormzy’s work.

Stormzy is a devout Christian, something that has inspired many of his songs.

Stormzy Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Stormzy's net worth is estimated to be about $27 million. From releasing independent and studio albums to donating funds to help his community, Stormzy is an international influence changing the world of music and community relations.

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