Roddy Ricch Net Worth

Net Worth: $23 million

Date of Birth: October 22nd 1998

How They Make Money: Music, Sponsorships, and Merch.

Roddy Ricch is an American rapper signed with Atlantic Records. Roddy Ricch's estimated net worth is around $23 million.

In this article, we'll cover everything there is to know about Roddy Ricch's net worth. We'll also reveal how he got his start, his breakthrough moments, and what he's doing now in his career. Let’s get into it!

How Roddy Ricch Makes Money – His Career

How Roddy Ricch Makes Money


Let’s start with his music career, as it’s the main driver of his income.

Music Career

Roddy Ricch got his start in music in 2017. He released his first mixtape, Feed Tha Streets, at age 19 to critical acclaim. The mixtape received a commercial release and garnered the attention of prominent rappers and producers. Soon to come was his debut album, Live Life Fast, in late 2017.

A few months later, in March 2018, Roddy Ricch put out an extended play titled Be 4 Tha Fame. Soon after, he released a single, Die Young, to promote his next mixtape. Die Young received over 250,000 plays on Spotify and 134 million views on YouTube. Feed Tha Streets II was even more successful than his first mixtape, and he continued to rake in a high salary.

Roddy Ricch gained even more attention with his PowerHouse concerts featuring artists like Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle in 2018. He collaborated with big names like Future, Young Thug, and Marshmello, co-songwriting and performing with them in their albums.

Roddy Ricch launched his first album in 2019. He titled it Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial and promoted it with several concerts. The musician even performed with Post Malone on his Beerbongs and Bentleys tour for more promotion and exposure. His fan base grew, and people were calling for a second album.

Roddy Ricch also signed with Atlantic Records in 2019, and the record label oversaw the release of his two albums and helped promote his brand. He is also part of the label Bird Vision Entertainment through Atlantic Records.

Roddy Ricch was gathering traction, but his most significant break was yet to come. The Grammy Awards nominated him in 2020 for his feature on the Mustard song, Ballin'. In February 2020, he hit the mainstream with the Tik Tok hit The Box.

The hit single, The Box, set a personal record for Roddy Ricch. It quickly shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and held the number-one spot for nearly three months.

The rapper made another chart-topping hit when he collaborated with DaBaby in June 2020, tying with Ed Sheeran for the highest number of top Billboard songs in a single year. The single Rockstar sat at the top of the charts for seven weeks, and the track helped Roddy Ricch reach international stardom in the United Kingdom.

Roddy Ricch received eight Grammy nominations in 2021, and the star took home his first Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Performance. In 2022, he didn't win a Grammy, but he did get the honor of six nominations.

The star made the Forbes 30 Under 20 Music list and received Variety's Breakthrough Artist title and Apple music song and artist of the year title. He increased his net worth with more tours, singles, and collaborations.

In 2022, Roddy Ricch embarked on a national tour with pop superstar Post Malone. He also released a third mixtape in November 2022, Feed Tha Streets III, with hits like Stop Breathing and Aston Martin Truck.

Sponsorships and Advertisements

Roddy Ricch makes money from his career as a rapper, but he also has other ventures. He has several deals with high-profile companies, and the sponsorships add to his substantial net worth.

In 2019, the rapper teamed with Apple Music to advertise for the music streaming platform. He appeared alongside musicians like Cardi B and frequent collaborator Future.

Roddy Ricch gained another sponsorship the following year. He promoted Beats Buds for the Beats by Dr. Dre audio brand.


Roddy Ricch sells merchandise at concerts and on his tours. The rapper's stardom and music career success make fans eager to purchase his merch, and he takes home a percentage of the earnings and adds the sales to his yearly net worth. On his website, Roddy Ricch sells clothing featuring symbols and art from his albums.

Music Streaming

Roddy Ricch has a massive fan base on Spotify, with 21,711,923 monthly listeners. He brings in around $65,135.77 per month from Spotify.

Ticket Sales

Roddy Ricch makes a substantial income from ticket sales. He sells tickets on his website and through external sites like Ticketmaster.

Tickets for Roddy Ricch concerts start as low as $30 and rise to $150. Roddy Ricch earns a significant portion of these sales, and the rapper brings in even more income from performing at pricier concerts like Meek Mill and Post Malone's tours.

How Does Roddy Ricch Spend His Money

How Does Roddy Ricch Spend His Money


Read on to discover how Roddy Ricch spends his salary.


Roddy Ricch has a sizable car collection, and fans often spot the rapper with a classy car at events and concerts. One of his top cars is the Lamborghini Urus, which Roddy Ricch has in an orange shade. He also owns a Huracan by Lamborghini.

The musician also boasts a Rolls Royce Cullinan, a Bentley Bentayga, and a Dodge Challenger. Besides the cars he drives, Roddy Ricch also has a lot of cars in music videos and interviews, including a shiny silver Cadillac.


In 2021, Roddy Ricch bought an expensive house in the Hollywood Hills. He purchased the mansion at an approximate value of $5.6 million. However, the rapper listed it for sale in November 2022 at around $6 million.


Roddy Ricch also likes to spend his money on investments and plans for the future. Kendrick Lamar joined Roddy Ricch as a co-investor in 2021. Along with DJ Khaled, Ella Mai, and other top hip-hop artists, Ricch and Lamar invested millions into EngineEars, an audio engineering business.


The musician loves to spend his hard-earned money, but Roddy Ricch also likes to help the community and give it away. In 2021, he announced plans to start a literacy program in his hometown of Compton. Only 92% of the population can read in Compton, California, and Ricch's new charitable foundation plans to work to rectify the inequality.

Roddy Ricch also contributed to charity in 2020 when he started a toy drive for local children. He sponsored a toy giveaway for hundreds of children in southern California.

Roddy Ricch also performs charity concerts. In 2019, he played in the annual Top Dog Entertainment charity concert, an all-ages event in south Los Angeles.

How Roddy Ricch Got On This Path

How Roddy Ricch Got On This Path


Roddy Ricch was born Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr. on October 22nd, 1998. The future star grew up in Compton, California, and started rapping when he was eight.

Roddy Ricch met Kendrick Lamar, a fellow Compton rapper, in the early 2010s and performed with Lamar at age 12. This early career opportunity with Lamar helped advance Roddy Ricch's rap career.

Roddy Ricch lived with his parents and was involved with his local church. He also lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for a brief period but returned to Compton soon after. In Compton, Roddy Ricch became involved with the Park Village Compton Crips, a division of the southern California-based Crips gang.

While growing up, Roddy Ricch listened to music that influenced his style, including Meek Mill, Speaker Knockerz, Future, and Young Thug. He continued to hone his craft and prepare for his first mixtape.

At age 16, Roddy Ricch committed himself to a music career. He started making beats in his home and crafting songs.

The rapper went on to attend high school in Compton. He didn't graduate but decided to pursue music instead. Roddy Ricch's early commitment to his career led him down the successful path he's on today.

Roddy Ricch’s Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Roddy Ricch is a successful artist with a Grammy Award and two chart-topping songs. He's collaborated with big names, received sponsorships, and earned revenue through touring, but his real success comes down to his hard work. Roddy Ricch has gained a net worth of $23 million and continues increasing his salary.

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