35 Best Songs About Brown Eyes

You’ve probably already heard of the song Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. However, did you know many other songs describe those beautiful brown eyes?

Here, we detail some of the best songs about brown eyes. Check them out below!

Brown Eyes by Destiny’s Child

Song Year: 2001

This song about brown eyes by Destiny’s Child is a very calm, slow song. The lyrics bring a very romantic feel to the night. This particular song focuses on meeting a significant other and going out on a first date. The song describes falling in love with a man who has brown eyes.

Brown Eyes by Fleetwood Mac

Song Year: 1979

Fleetwood Mac’s Brown Eyes song has a nice beat and slowly introduces new instruments. The song was recorded in the late 1970s and was one of six composed for the double LP Tusk album.

The vocals are slow and romantic. It’s a sweet song that works well for a slow dance. The chorus is a fun one to tap your feet to.

Brown Eyes by Kano

Song Year: 2005

Are R&B and rap music more of your style? If so, you might want to listen to Kano’s Brown Eyes. The song has a great beat while the lyrics discuss the conflicting feelings a man has about his loved one. The song deals with infidelity and the decision to stay faithful. It also delves into the major life decision of spending the rest of your life with a significant other. 

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Song Year: 1967

That is one of the most popular songs about brown eyes around. It’s a true classic. The singing truly hits your soul. The guitar strums nicely while you sing along.

An interesting fact is the song is originally about an interracial couple. Van Morrison released it on his solo album Blowin' Your Mind!

Brown Eyes Baby by Keith Urban

Song Year: 2022

Keith Urban’s song has a nice rhythm, as it picks up from the prior slow songs. The lyrics and vocals are really fun to listen to. The music itself is fantastic.

The lyrics focus on a young, brown-eyed woman getting ready and going out for a fun night on the town.

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle

Song Year: 1977

In Crystal Gayle’s song, you can hear the beautiful piano keys. Further, the voice hits you deeply. The lyrics and vocals make you feel somewhat sad. The song focuses on a young woman who feels upset and begins crying. The woman starts crying because her significant other has found someone else and broken up with her.

A Pair of Brown Eyes by The Pogues

Song Year: 1985

The Pogues play a truly Irish tune when creating this particular song. The music has a fun beat and rhythm. The vocals will make you think of rolling, green hills in Ireland.

The lyrics focus on a pair of brown eyes the narrator seeks to find.

Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson

Song Year: 2013

Cody Simpson’s Pretty Brown Eyes is a fun pop song. Yet, it does sound standard. It might not stand out amongst the many pop songs out there.

The lyrics focus on a dance party where a young man finds a lovely woman with gorgeous brown eyes to talk with. It’s a nice love song you might enjoy listening to.

Brown Eyes, Brown Hair by Caleb Hearn

Song Year: 2021

Caleb Hearn’s song Brown Eyes, Brown Hair has calm, slow music and lovely vocals. The lyrics discuss how a wonderful young woman has insecurities and does not realize how gorgeous she looks. The song also describes how the brown-haired girl seems lost.

Essentially, it’s a beautifully written and heartfelt song.

A Pair of Brown Eyes by Cat Power

Song Year: 2022

Cat Power sings a slow and sad song called A Pair of Brown Eyes. The song is mostly about love and war. The narrator here focuses on finding a pair of brown eyes that he lost. Are you in the mood for relatively slow, sad music? Then don’t forget to check that one out.

Beautiful Brown Eyes by Connie Francis

Song Year: 1961

The song by Connie Francis has a nice old-world feel. It reminds you of old-fashioned homes and traditional times, such as the 1950s. The song is about two lovers in which the woman tells the man how she will love him for the rest of her days.

While Connie Francis first recorded the song on August 9, 1961, the Arthur Smith Trio first released a version of the song in 1937.

Deep Brown Eyes by Bedside Kites

Song Year: 2019

The song Deep Brown Eyes starts with a nice guitar strumming. Next, a man begins to sing with a southern drawl. The music itself seems close to a country song. You’ll enjoy listening to the music, as it is a simple love song.

The lyrics include a young man who is shy around the beautiful young lady he’s falling in love with.

Brown Eyes by Blackstreet

Song Year: 2003

Do you love R&B? Then, you’re sure to enjoy listening to Blackstreet’s Brown Eyes. The song is about falling in love with a beautiful young woman with rich brown eyes when visiting a club.

The vocals match up with the instruments well. Blackstreet released the song on March 11, 2003, as one of 17 songs on the Level II album.

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