11 Songs By Vince Gill For A Funeral

Picking the right songs for a funeral is a highly emotional experience. But it can also provide closure as you think through the best songs to reflect on and honor your loved one.

Including songs by Vince Gill at a funeral is a fantastic way of incorporating some truly heartfelt music into their service.

Here are the best songs by Vince Gill for a funeral.

“How Great Thou Art” by Vince Gill and Amy Grant

Song year: 1990

Although Vince Gill didn’t write this famous hymn, his rendition of the song with now-wife Amy Grant is one of the most touching versions.

“How Great Thou Art” is a beautiful song about faithfulness, which can lend great hope to anyone struggling with the loss of someone special.

Using hymns like this in a funeral service can help everyone feel a bit closer during their grief.

“Go Rest High on That Mountain” by Vince Gill

Song year: 1994

“Go Rest High On That Mountain” is one of Vince Gill’s most famous tunes. It features the backup vocals of the country stars Patty Loveless and Ricky Skaggs.

It’s a highly emotional tune that Gill wrote in response to the death of someone close to him. In the song, he laments the loss of life while also celebrating the end of their pain and suffering. He knows they’re finally at peace in a better place.

Vince Gill famously sang the song at the funeral of George Jones.

“Sad One Comin’ On” by Vince Gill featuring Sheryl Crow

Song year: 2016

“Sad One Comin’ On” was written by Vince Gill as a tribute to George Jones, one of the legendary stars of country music.

While the song is vaguely about Jones, it could apply to anyone who has lived a tough life. It comes from the perspective of someone who has watched their friend go through endless hardship. Now it's time to come to grips with the sadness of their death.

Check out these other songs to help cope with death and loss.

“When I Call Your Name” by Vince Gill

Song year: 1989

“When I Call Your Name” is a heartbreaking song about a man who rushes home to find that his woman has left him. He tries to reach her, but the response is a painful silence.

Gill’s song is ripe with double meaning, as the listener never knows what has become of the woman.

It is suitable for a funeral because it’s about the deep sadness of being left alone by loved ones. Whether death has taken them or something else, nothing can compare to that pain.

“Never Knew Lonely” by Vince Gill

Song year: 1989

In another song about loneliness, Vince Gill gives his all in this heartbreaking tune. His sorrowful voice tells a powerful story about how loneliness feels.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, you can relate to this sort of loneliness. There’s nothing that hurts so much or so authentically.

“Tryin’ to Get Over You” by Vince Gill

“Tryin’ to Get Over You” by Vince Gill

Song year: 1992

“Tryin’ to Get Over You” is a sad country song about a man who doesn’t know how to move on from the woman who left him.

She was his whole world, and now that she’s gone, he feels empty and pointless. He knows he should get on with his life, but he can’t. She was too special.

This song will be incredibly potent for any man who’s lost a good woman. Here are 51 country funeral songs to check out.

“If I Die” by Vince Gill

Song year: 2011

Vince Gill delivers this remarkable tribute to hope and faith with a heartfelt passion that only he can muster.

“If I Die” encompasses all of Gill’s deepest fears. Each verse is a way that he doesn’t want to die, a way that would be too horrible or sad.

But in the last verse, we learn that there is a good way to leave this world that isn’t scary: according to Vince Gill, that’s to die praying.

“Give Me Jesus” by Vince Gill

Song year: 2008

“Give Me Jesus” was written in the 1800s by an American preacher. Variations of the song have sprung up throughout the years, including this version made famous by singers like Vince Gill.

His rendition of this traditional Christian song is a beautiful addition to any funeral. It’s especially powerful for those who believe their loved one is in a better place.

“A Letter to My Mama” by Vince Gill

Song year: 2019

There’s something sweet and heartbreaking about Vince Gill’s tribute to his lovely mother. Although he never mentions her passing away, he seems to mourn their relationship and the way he treated her.

“A Letter to My Mama” is a fitting song for a funeral because it laments the loss of a parent while also clinging to the hope that something better awaits.

“Threaten Me With Heaven” by Vince Gill

Song year: 2011

“Threaten Me With Heaven” earned Vince Gill one of his eight nominations for the Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

It’s a song about a man who’s not afraid to die. It’s a lovely tribute to the life of a faithful person who knows what awaits them in heaven.

Even though his loved ones are afraid for him, he comforts them in his last days and encourages them to have faith like him.

“Tell Me One More Time About Jesus” by Vince Gill featuring Amy Grant

Song year: 2006

“Tell Me One More Time About Jesus” is a beautiful song that Vince Gill and his wife wrote. It’s filled with hope and peace, even amid incredible suffering.

The song showcases the emotional side of Vince Gill, who sings about his desire to see Jesus as if he could go at any moment and be perfectly content.

Many people worldwide believe in life after death, and this Vince Gill Song embodies that belief perfectly.

Best Songs By Vince Gill For A Funeral, Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to pick songs for a funeral, especially for a dear friend or family member. However, there are a lot of songs out there that can help mourners come to grips with the loss they’re facing.

These songs by Vince Gill for a funeral are a great place to start. They provide closure, emotional release, and hope.

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