55 Best Songs For New Year; Countdown Time!


“New Year’s Eve 1999” by Alabama

Song Year: 1996

Released in 1996, “New Year’s Eve 1999” is a sweet country song about a man who wants to start his life with a special lady.

He wants to put a date on their calendar for New Year’s Eve in 1999, hoping they’ll be happily married with a charming house and a few kids to tuck in by then.

“New Year’s Day” by Bon Jovi

Song Year: 2016

“New Year’s Day” is another hopeful tune you can add to your countdown playlist. Make sure you know the words so you can sing along when it comes on!

Bon Jovi excitedly hopes for a better tomorrow with the start of the new year, singing with an almost praise-like quality about the anticipation of a fresh start.

“Happy New Year” by Abba

Song Year: 1980

Abba doesn’t always get introspective, but they can occasionally surprise fans with a song like this. It’s all about the importance of loving one another.

When the party is over, and all the friends have gone their way, it’s easy to feel sad that it ended so soon.

“New Year’s Prayer” by Jeff Buckley

Song Year: 1998

As each new year dawns, people everywhere strive to make resolutions and put aside things of the previous year that they regret or want to do differently.

Jeff Buckley outlines this sentiment beautifully in his “New Year’s Prayer.” January 1st is a chance to fight for a better future for yourself and your friends.

“1999” by Prince

Song Year: 1982

If you were born after 1995, you probably don’t remember how people thought the world would end when 2000 dawned. It was true panic for a while.

Prince decided to capitalize on that fear as early as 1982 with his song about partying like the end of the world was coming.

“January (New Year Song)” by Tyler Read

Song Year: 2004

If you’re looking for some punk rock to mix into your New Year’s playlist, then consider adding this song about New Year from Tyler Read.

With a driving beat and an early-2000s feel, “January (New Year Song)” is one that you’ll recognize the moment it starts playing through your speakers.

“Better Days” by Goo Goo Dolls

Song Year: 2006

The secret of a great holiday playlist is mixing in party songs that aren’t explicitly about the holiday you’re celebrating. People will love the additions if they’re fun and relevant.

That’s why “Better Days” is an excellent New Year’s playlist song. It’s not about the holiday but about starting fresh and finding hope for the future.

“New Year” by Kate York

Song Year: 2010

Kate York works overtime to catch the beauty of what New Year’s Day means in this lovely song about starting afresh.

As dawn breaks over the snowy streets, she looks outside to see a world filled with new life and possibilities. Isn’t that an encouraging way to kick off a brand new year?

“Our New Year” by Tori Amos

Song Year: 2009

“Our New Year” by Tori Amos is for anyone suffering from heartbreak or disappointment as the old year ends and the new begins.

Even though she sees the excitement of fresh starts, she’s haunted by the love that she lost and the dark cloud that it’s left over her.

“Champagne & Wine” by Etta James

Song Year: 2011

Etta James knows how to make her listeners feel things. Her songs elicit a wide range of emotions and thoughts as she takes you on a musical storytelling journey.

“Champagne & Wine” might not be about New Year’s Day, but it has a great message about taking chances and putting yourself out there for someone you love.

“Countdown” by Beyoncé

Song Year: 2011

Hopefully, “Countdown” isn’t too on the nose for your New Year’s countdown playlist because it’s a great song to get your party going.

If you need a song to get your guests on their feet, dancing without a care as the New Year dawns, then you can count on Beyoncé to make that happen.

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