39 Best Rock Love Songs Ever – Number 17 Is A Classic

Best Rock Love Songs Ever

If you thought rock music couldn't be romantic, then think again. Something about rock music gives out an aura of electrified energy, rebellious and young. Nevertheless, there are so many beautiful rock songs out there that are sweet, sappy, and romantic.

If you want to know some of the best romantic rock songs, below you have a list of timeless songs that can pull your heartstrings. Keep scrolling and find yourself the best rock love songs in the world ever.


“Wild Horses” By The Rolling Stones

Song year: 1971

This song is rather dissimilar to the usual Rolling Stone songs but is still a class favorite nonetheless. This song has been covered by many other artists too.

“Live with Me” by The Rolling Stones

Song year: 1969

This rock love song has many firsts. This song was the first song in recorded contributions by guitarist Taylor. This song was the first song where Richards is given credit for playing bass. This song was also the first time the Rolling Stones recorded with saxophonist Keys.

“Melissa” By Allman Brothers Band

Song year: 1972

“Melisa” was first written in 1967, before the Allman Brothers Band was even formed. Greg Allman is the man behind the lyrics of this standout ballad. This song is about a gypsy-man vagabond who can only think about a woman named Melissa.

Just as we sometimes take a long time finding the perfect name for a child or a pet, Gregg Allman needed time to find the song title “Melissa.”

“Something” By The Beatles

Song year: 1969

This amazing love song by The Beatles was written by George Harrison. Apparently, these lyrics were dedicated to Harrison's wife. A song is written from the heart, from husband to wife, unsurprisingly reaches out to the hearts of all the listeners.

Out of everyone you find attractive, there is always one person that you hold near and dear to your heart. This special person goes above any other person because they have “something” about them.

“I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing” By Aerosmith

Song year: 1998

If there were a rock love song that is poetically beautiful, it would be this one. Aerosmith has many masterpieces for their songs, but this one is full of soul-touching emotions. Even if you have no reason to let the waves of love emotions rush over you, you almost want it when hearing this song. You could consider this song a feel-good tearjerker song.

“I Want You” By Bob Dylan

Song year: 1966

This song is probably better known by the modern era literary critics because this song of Bob Dylan's has been analyzed and discussed plenty by the critics. There must be something about this song if it got that much spotlight by the academics. This song is no less popular with its fans, either.                                                           

“Under the Boardwalk” By Bruce Springsteen & Friends

Song year: 1964

This magical piece of music has many talents behind it: Jimmy Fallon, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Bruce Springsteen, and other friends of theirs. This song definitely is a rock song but may not appear as a love song at first, but many people still feel the vibes of this music is pretty romantic.

“Sara Smile” By Daryl Hall & John Oates

Song year: 1975

The tune of acoustic guitar chords, falsetto, bass, and amazing vocals make this song truly great. This song's lyrics are dedicated to a woman named Sara Smiles. The lyrics remind you how great it feels to be admired by another lover.

“You're My Best Friend” By Queen

Song year: 1975

This song was written by John Deacon, the bassist. This song, too, was written and dedicated to his wife, Veronica Tetzlaff. Deacon may have written this song for his special someone, but whenever you hear this great song, you can't help think of your special someone.

What is wonderful about this song is that, according to many, it reminds you of a handful of your loved ones, your closest friends, and your families too.

“Maybe I'm Amazed” By Paul McCartney

Song year: 1970

A terrific song sang by the terrific vocal artist Paul McCartney. This singer's breakup from the band, The Beatles, was no easy time for him. However, his lover Linda was with him during this tough time. Her love and support inspired this song. Overall this song is very inspiring and oozes out sweetness.

“You Are So Beautiful” By Joe Cocker, One Of The Best Rock Love Songs Ever

Song year: 1973

This song can be described as simple, deep, full of romantic emotions and heartache too. What a great song that musically describes love too. Just close your eyes as you hear this song, and imagine the lyrics are dedicated to you, and instantly you will be wooed.

“I Wanna Know What Love Is” By Foreigner

Song year: 1983

We all want to know what love is, don't we? This song takes you back to another time. This song was written and composed by Mick Jones, who really did pour his soul into this amazing hit.

Jones says the song came to him in the middle of the night, and it was basically a gift from the unknown or the higher spirits to him.

“Faithfully” By Journey

Song year: 1982

A fantastic masterpiece of class rock is the song “Faithfully.” Whether you are knee-deep in love right now or not at all, while this song plays, you will still feel all the amazing feelings that being in love has to offer. This song has the power to always bring into your mind that special person of yours.

“Your Song” by Elton John

Song year: 1970

Elton John's superb song “Your Song” really takes some people back. As the title states, it is your song, and the power behind this music is that it can take you down the lovey-dovey memory lane.

Those that heard this song first go back to the sweet first memories with their deceased spouse, a best friend, or a long-lost love.

“Bed of Roses” By Bon Jovi

Song year: 1993

Even if you are not very familiar with rock love songs or rock songs in general, there is a good chance you know this song. Everyone fell in love with this song when it first came out, and this song is still popular.

The astounding voice of Bon Jovi paired with the rhythms and piano music is true magic. Don't forget to hear the Spanish version of “Cama de Rosas.”

“Crying” by Roy Orbison

Song year: 1961

The tears, some of the joy, and many of the pain that come with love and romance are familiar to us all. This amazing song, sung by Roy Orbison, is a joy to the ears as it brings out the ache in our hearts. The various feelings that come with emotions of love are depicted excellently by Roy Orbison.

“Still Loving You” By Scorpions

Song year: 1992

Maybe you forgot what a heartbreak feels like, or maybe you never experienced one, but either way, you feel the pangs of heartbreak when you hear this song. As Scorpions sing out their hearts about pain and remorse, their emotions are almost tangible in this song.

“Someone Like You” By Van Morrison

Song year: 1987

If you have been to many weddings, there is a good chance you have heard this song play. This song is a wedding favorite, and the music of this song was in the film Bridget Jones's Diary. This song gets credit for always setting that romantic mood.

“You Make Loving Fun” By Fleetwood Mac

Song year: 1977

Another heartbreak song that captures you with its music, vocals, and the emotions that pour right out the lyrics. This song was written by Christine and is based on his affection and affair for Scorpion's lighting director, Curry Grant.

“Come on Eileen” By Dexys Midnight Runners

Song year: 1982

This song, from more than three decades ago, gives us the real Shakespeare scene of Romeo and Juliet. This song was made even more famous with the super fun music video. Fairy-tale vibes mixed with the Brit working-class, add in the outfits and the dance steps, this music video is fantastic. Mix the song, the music video, and the cultural context. You get a great rock love song.

“Love Conquers All” By Deep Purple

"Love Conquers All" By Deep Purple

Song year: 1990

Heartbreaks do suck, but on the other side of heartbreaks is the conquering power of love. This song gives you the “good vibes” feel. Perhaps this song is slightly on the cheesy side, but that does not stop it from being an all-time favorite.

“Thank You” By Led Zeppelin

Song year: 1969

Poetic, alluring, and addicting, this song is all of that and more. This song is another one that was inspired by the love of one's wife. Robert Plant's wife of that time, Maureen, inspired the lyrics of this song. Through the music title to the music itself, this is a piece of perfect music to give someone to show them how much you love them.

“More Than Words” By Extreme

Song year: 1991

A song that can take your breath away each time. This upbeat and fun song is some heart-touching music. Love songs are always nicer when they bring your mood up. What makes this song uniquely beautiful is the simplicity with the two vocals paired with an acoustic guitar; it makes the song feel more down to earth and real.

“Love Bites” By Def Leppard, A Popular Rock Love Song

Song year: 1986

This power ballad is Def Leppard's only number one hit single. This song was also the fifth single released from the album named Hysteria. This song is catchy and great and a reminder to us all that though love is great, love “bites” too.

“When I See You Smile” By Bad English

Song year: 1989

Written by Diane Warren and performed by the rock band Bad English, the song “When I See You Smile” was the only number-one hit by the band. Of course, the band had other hit songs nonetheless. This love-smitten song reminds us how our loved ones make life worth living.

“Sweet Child O' Mine” By Guns N' Roses

Song year: 1988

This song falls under the rock and heavy metal genre and is a romantic love song. The lyrics sing about a female, who the singer is lovestruck for. This legendary song has an intro as it is basically unforgettable, and the overall song is old and gold.

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” By Poison

Song year: 1988

Love is so beautiful and joyful, but love is also sometimes rather painful. Just as roses have their thorns, love stories also have their bittersweet moments or just bitter moments. If you ever felt abandoned or replaced by a loved one, this song will hit you hard.

“I'll Be There or You” By Bon Jovi

Song year: 1989

Sometimes it feels like Bon Jovi always understands your feelings. At least that's how his songs make many people. This heart-touching song is all about being heartbroken.

“Nothing Else Matters” By Metallica

Song year: 1992

This song is considered a wedding favorite. Perhaps it is not the most popular wedding song, but it might as well be. This ballad is a beautiful song about how love can open up a new side of you and make you eager to spend your life with them.

“Love Is on The Way” By Saigon Kick

Song year: 1993

If your days are not the brightest right now, but you expect something good and grand to come your way, this song is for you. This song can bring back youthful memories. This song reminds you how finding love can change your world for the better.

“With or Without You” By U2

Song year: 1987

One of U2's evergreen songs. Have you felt there is someone special in your life you can't live with and also can't live without? That paradoxical feeling is explored magnificently with this song. The lyrics, chords, and overall music of this song are hauntingly alluring.

“To Be With You” By Mr. Big

Song year: 1991

If you already are in love, this song will resonate with you. If you are not in love, this song will make you want to fall in love all over again. Upbeat, cheerful, and cliched, this song is a beautiful rock love song.

“Love of A Lifetime” By FireHouse

Song year: 1991

To find true love is to find someone who will always be there for you; someone like that is a “Love Of A Lifetime.” This song, unsurprisingly, was the highest-charting single in the US. This is a very heartwarming song about undying devotion to your lover.

“Keep on Loving You” By REO Speedwagon

Song year: 1980

An excellent song that sings about undying love for someone, even if that someone does not exactly deserve that kind of love. So many emotions can be felt in the three minutes and thirty seconds of this song. It is hard to find songs like this nowadays.

“Never Tear Us Apart” By Inxs

Song year: 1987

This great song gets even greater when the saxophone music starts playing. This rock love song is about being together, forever, and never be torn apart. This song will send shivers right to your soul.

“Anytime” By McAuley Schenker Group (MSG)

Song year: 1989

This is a power ballad, and this song captivates us with its music and the lyrics, which remind us we don't really choose who we end up falling for. This song is very emotionally moving, that I can touch listeners from any generation.

“Heaven” By Bryan Adams

Song year: 1984

A song that will always stay fresh and young even as the years go by. You can say this song is a glimpse of heaven. There are modern remixes of this song too. However, the original slow and sweet version is truly a beautiful rock love song.

“I Believe in You” By Stryper

Song year: 1988

You don't have to be from the eighties to enjoy this song. This song begins with a feminine voice. After a while, you realize the singer is a male singer. This song, along with another song, “Lonely,” has very high-pitched singing vocals in the album. This song will send chills and floods of emotions as you listen to it.

“I'll Stand by You” By The Pretenders

Song year: 1994

Don't we all want somebody who will stand by us no matter what we do or say? It must feel great to be loved like that. The Pretenders sing the song “I'll Stand By You,” which is about always being by their loved one's side no matter how dark it gets.

Best Rock Love Songs In The World, Final Thoughts

There you have it. There are plenty of Rock love songs that could be put on this list, but 37 of the top rock songs all about love were shared here.

Now you can use these songs to make your next Valentines' Day or Romantic Date playlist.

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