55 Best Songs For New Year; Countdown Time!

New Years is best brought in with style. And a big part of that style is music!

Whether you’ll be dancing and celebrating with a partner, with friends, or any other great situation you may find yourself in, here are the best songs about New Years ever.


“New Year’s Day” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2017

Taylor Swift has written songs about almost every topic, and the New Year is no exception.

In her song “New Year’s Day,” Swift employs her usual songwriting prowess to create a powerful message about the fleeting nature of the New Year.

“This Is the New Year” by A Great Big World

Song Year: 2014

A Great Big World contrasts against Scrawl’s sad lament with this more upbeat tune that’s all about the second chances and fresh starts that come with each January 1st.

The New Year holiday is an opportunity to start over, set new goals, and be there for the people you love.

“Dancing On The Ceiling” by Lionel Richie

Song Year: 1986

A night of partying might make you feel like you’ve been dancing in strange places, and that’s what Lionel Richie sings about in this funky tune. That’s what makes it the perfect song for New Year’s.

“Auld Lang Syne” by Rod Stewart

Song Year: 2012

“Auld Lang Syne” is a traditional classic for the New Year. There’s nothing better than watching the ball drop surrounded by your favorite people, singing together as the new year starts.

“It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve” by Barry Manilow

Song Year: 1977

Barry Manilow was a master of soft rock. His song “It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve” is a great reminder to listeners that they don’t need to be afraid of the coming year. We’ve all been through it before. We’ll make it.

“New Year’s Day” by U2

Song Year: 1983

U2 has its fair share of hits and chart-topping ballads, but “New Year’s Day” is a musical masterpiece.

With hints of new wave and alternative indie sound, “New Year’s Day” is a modern retelling of an age-old tale: no one wants to be alone on New Year’s Day.

“My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)” by Regina Spektor

Song Year: 2007

Regina Spektor released this beautiful rendition of a song written and originally performed by Peggy Lee.

Although Spektor puts her own spin on the song, she stays true to the sweet, piano-driven melody that makes this one of the best songs for the New Year.

“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” by Ella Fitzgerald

Song Year: 1960

If you’re looking for more classics to add to your New Year’s playlist, you must include this epic song from Fitzgerald. Rod Stewart’s recording with samples of Fitzgerald’s original track is also a great version.

It’s a song all about finding that special someone to share the New Year with, not just New Year’s Eve.

“Maybe Baby (New Year’s Day)” by Sugarland

Song Year: 2009

Sugarland’s holiday album from 2009 featured a great selection of original songs centered around Christmas and New Year’s, primarily focusing on fighting loneliness.

In this tune, the singer hopes his special person can join him for the New Year, if not by Christmas.

“11:59 It’s January” by Scrawl

Song Year: 1998

In this melancholy song, the band Scrawl laments that every year brings about the same dissatisfaction as the year before.

The singer doesn’t stay too long at parties, especially on New Year’s Eve, because of the sorrow it brings when they inevitably have to leave alone.

“New Year’s Eve” by Tom Waits

Song Year: 2011

The aching croak of Tom Waits makes this song about a New Year’s Eve gone wrong particularly mournful and heartwrenching.

While he and his friends gather together, drugs and other harmful substances make it difficult for anyone to have a good time.

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