27 Best Van Morrison Songs

Van Morrison isn't a one-hit-wonder. His music career and influence have spanned over six decades, and the Irish singer-songwriter has enjoyed a prolific career.

He’s famous for hit songs like “Gloria” and “Have I Told You Lately,” which has been covered by many other musicians. This list contains best Van Morrison songs of all time.

# 1. Brown Eyed Girl

Song Year: 1967

Released a number of years ago, “Brown Eyed Girl” is still a favorite. Everyone can sing along to the timeless verse, “la la la la la…” and every age group understands this is the penultimate love song. It's still a popular song played at weddings and dance parties, motivating people to join the fun.

The popular song is about free love from a bygone era and having fun under the sun. The piece embodies youth and love and is as fresh today as in 1967. The hit song put a young Van Morrison on the map and established him as a musician with immense talent.

Now get that la la la melody out of your head if you can. The song is from Moondance, Van Morrison’s second best-selling ever.

#2. Tupelo Honey

Song Year: 1971

Fans have spoken, and “Tupelo Honey” ranks near the top of this list. It’s a slow-swaying love song with a rhythm that's easy to fall into. First-time listeners might mistake Morrison's falsetto tone for another singer, but the man is a chameleon and can sing like a trumpet.

Tupelo Honey explores an impromptu chorus, and when Van Morrison reaches his point, we learn that the woman he sings about is angelic.

Tupelo Honey as a product is extremely rare honey, and the song's meaning compliments the woman he’s describing. The song gently trespasses into a country rhythm, but its offbeat reminds one of a jazz tune.

Tupelo, by the way, is the birthplace of Elvis Presley.

#3. Days Like This

Song Year: 1995

Van Morrison understands spirituality and what it means to search for the meaning of enlightenment (you know what it is). This 1995 gospel-like song, “Days Like This,” is for those who need guidance when they feel lost. The woodwind section is resplendent like an angel trumpet exalting the message within the sweet notes of the sultry saxophone trio.

The consummate perfectionist, Morrison delivers his spiritual message because he understands the subject intimately. It’s a #5 song on the UK album charts and a cut on the “Van Morrison Album.”

#4 Have I Told You Lately

Song Year: 1989

No, it's not Rod Stewart's hit song (nor Elvis Presley's). It's a prayer transposed into a piece of music by songwriter Van Morrison on his 19th album Avalon Sunset. The album is the fifth best-selling.

He sings about the morning sun and how glorious it can be. It’s a spiritual message transcending time, and Van Morrison can massage these messages and make them meaningful. This song declares love to a spouse, a lover, Big Guy in the sky, or whatever the listener needs it to be.

And he's right; we should give thanks.

#5. Into the Mystic

Song Year: 1969

It's difficult to say where Morrison gets his inspiration, but “Into the Mystic” is another masterpiece that cemented his talent as a musician and songwriter. Every single lyric is poetry in motion.

The album Moondance, “Into the Mystic,” has a classic theme. The gentle guitar strum caresses the piano, and it becomes a breathtaking expression of love overflowing with emotion. It’s for those with a penchant for life and a sense of belonging on a spiritual quest.

It's on Rolling Stone's top 500 songs of all time. Canadian Colin James does a smashing rendition.

#6. These Are the Days

Song Year: 1989

Easy to understand that this song brings meaning and joy to millions of people. The message is clear: live in the present and appreciate the beauty around you. It's possible to notice the subtle religious or spiritual undertones about some guy who turned water into wine (not sure who he could mean?), yet it also speaks to a broader audience.

While Van Morrison is a master performer and musician, his backup band and vocalists are just as outstanding.

This Celtic ballad is off the 1989 album “Avalon Sunset” and is on the soundtrack for ‘Nine Months.'

#7 Reminds Me of You

Song Year: 1999

This mellow ballad is on the album “Back on Top,” where Van Morrison belongs. The piece laments the loss of a loved one, and the lyrics cry about missing that special person still lingering in every shadow. Anyone who's lost someone dear can relate to the words.

The song is so heartfelt because Van Morrison wrote it for his lover Michelle Rocca when the couple broke off their engagement in 1996 (they reunited but split for good in 2018).

Van Morrison's “Back on Top” is his 27th album.

#8. Moondance

Song Year: 1969

It's difficult to understand why Moondance isn't the world's most significant hit ever. The album and song are more structured than his previous work, and the jazz composition could have been more subtle than it was on Astral Weeks.

Moondance is sophisticated, sultry, and ripe, with the sexiest lines ever written in a song. It’s an ode to romance, whether newly found or needing a reno.

The jazzy piano that pops up is divine, and the flute lures listeners in with its lighthearted brilliance.

It's another top 500 on the Rolling Stone list.

#9. Caravan

Song Year: 1969

As soon as you hear the opening of Caravan, you'll have an aha moment. The beauty of the lyrics is that one minute you're celebrating the era of transistor radios and the joy of music. Next, Van Morrison reminds us that music intrinsically connects us to love. The song tells a story of summer fun and exploring youth.

The song is from the Moondance album.

If you listen closely, this Van Morrison song has many hidden metaphors; many make you blush when you get their gist. The melody is infectious and a classic.

#10. Someone Like You

Song Year: 1987

Featured on Van Morrison's “Poetic Champions Compose” album, “Someone Like You” is a mature love song with a very romantic setting. The piano sets the tone, and this song is for couples celebrating milestones and appreciating each other.

Critics might find this cut too polished and over-composed, but who cares? It does a fantastic job celebrating the longevity of a relationship despite the hardships. The piano arrangement is effortless.

This smooth jazz tune made a lasting impact on those who enjoyed Bridget Jones' Diary.

#11 Sweet Thing

Song Year: 1968

Die-hard Morrison fans often rate Astral Weeks (1968) as his best and most original album, and “Sweet Thing” is a prime example to demonstrate their point. When you listen to “Sweet Thing,” you might hear a phrase that harkens to one of his other great tunes from “No Guru.”

The lyrics and music are at odds with each other, contributing to its hippy charm. It moves with a freedom that is so elemental in early Van Morrison.

Again loaded with imagery and metaphors, the song is a flagship of sexual freedom and the era.

“Astral Weeks” is the third best-selling album.

#12. And It Stoned Me

Song Year: 1969

“And It Stoned Me” is perhaps Van Morrison's most lyrically vivid, reminiscent of a Mark Twain tale and growing up. The lyrics are breathtaking and create that feeling of youth, sunshine, the youthful jubilance of friendship, and the experience of a moment's joy.

The lyrics are overwhelmingly beautiful, with or without context from the source of inspiration.

“And It Stoned Me” is the first track on Moondance.

#13. Philosopher’s Stone

Philosopher’s Stone

Song Year: 1979

Pieces like the “Philosopher's Stone” sat on the back burner until the music and lyrics had matured and his audience was ready to receive the quiet introspection. Morrison's fans understand that his eternal quest to find meaning to the big questions is rooted in mysticism. It’s a long tune on his “Back on Top” album (not the “Philosopher’s Stone” album).

The legendary myth of the Philosophers' Stone is an alchemical stone that can turn any substance into gold or is an elixir for achieving immortality.

Translation: life is hard despite all the good things, and you must keep searching and moving forward.

This song also mentions Jelly Roll Morton, a great and influential musician on Van Morrison.

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