21 Best Songs About Newark

Newark is a major city in New Jersey, with large concert venues, an international airport, and much more to offer visitors. While artists don’t write or sing about Newark nearly as much as they do New York City, Newark still gets some shoutouts.

Check out the best songs about Newark below!

“Last Call” by Kanye West

Song Year: 2004

In this song, the infamous Yeezy raps about moving to Newark as a young adult, talking about the hardships and being young and broke and trying to make it. This track features some of his most relatable and real lyrics as he talks about unloading his IKEA furniture.

“I Was Made to Love Him” by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1998

The lovely Whitney Houston begins this sweet ballad by saying she was born in Newark, where she and the love of her life both grew up together, so their love story begins in Newark. It’s one of the only love songs about Newark.

“Where the Shit Goes Down” by Ice-T

Song Year: 1996

Newark, NJ gets a shoutout in this Ice-T song, calling it a down-ass town that he respects. He mentions a bunch of major cities in this song, like Miami and LA, along with the New Jersey town.

“Bomb First (My Second Reply)” by 2Pac

Song Year: 1996

In 2Pac’s second reply to the haters, he mentions Newark Bricks, a small and rough neighborhood where he has friends and people he cares about. It’s a quick shoutout, but it’s in one of the most iconic rap songs of all time, so it’s kind of a big deal.

“Friends” by Diddy

Song Year: 1999

This song by Diddy mentions Newark in some versions, while in other versions he mentions New York, so there’s a divide on what the original lyrics were. Either way, both cities are important spots to Diddy, who has lived in both states.

“Roller Derby” by Lana Del Rey

Song Year: 2007

This unreleased song by Lana Del Rey is one of her hidden gems, also called Pin-Up Galore by some fans. In it, she sings about wanting to go down to Newark where the girls spin around the roller derby.

“Cowboys” by Fugees

Song Year:1996

Newark gets a quick shoutout in this fun song by the Fugees, where they say that their toughest friends are always ready to ride for them, from Ontario to Newark, New Jersey

“S.I.N. (feat. Boogs)” by Flee

Song Year: 2019

This song has a surprisingly positive tone and Flee raps and sings about hanging out with his girlfriend on a beautiful Saturday in Newark, shouting out the city in the song lyrics more than once.

“Break It Down” by Artifacts

Song Year: 2012

Artifacts mention Newark twice in the intro to this song, rapping that he will one day be famous from Newark to Milltown. Milltown is another New Jersey town in East Orange, showing how the rapper cares about his home state and what they think of his music.

“I Am Newark” by Bandmanrill

Song Year: 2021

This rap song is all about Newark! The lyrics start by saying the city’s name three times, and the track is about how no one respects the city of Newark or the state of New Jersey the way they should. In the lyrics, Bandmanrill raps about he is the embodiment of his hometown.

“Road to Newark” by The Spinto Band

“Road to Newark” by The Spinto Band

Song Year: 2003

Another song that is 100% about Newark, the entire track is about a road trip to this New Jersey town. In the song, the narrator talks about how excited they are to get to Newark and don’t want to be anywhere else.

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