15 Best Songs About Bikes & Cycling

Ever since the invention of the first bike, humans have been fascinated with these wheeled machines. We use them for exercise, sport, socialization, and exploration. So it’s only natural there would be many songs written about bikes! Read on to discover songs about pedal bikes that will delight you.

1. “Bicycle Race” by Queen

Song year: 1978

Queen’s signature theatrical-rock style gave the world this fun tune in the 70s, and it has remained an iconic bike song ever since. The chorus repeats how much the singer wants to ride his bike, then segways into an announcement of a bicycle race coming to the area. The song’s end features multiple bike bells ringing for a comedic effect.

As if the music wasn’t entertaining enough, the famous music video that accompanies this song involves 57 naked models pedaling around Wembley Stadium. A lighthearted track that somehow also feels like a real rock song, we think “Bicycle Race” stands to remain the number one most recognizable bike song for a long time.

2. “Bicycle Song” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song year: 2002

The summery, carefree vibes of Red Hot Chili Peppers is perfect for songs about cycling. Reggae, ska, and indie rock blend together for “Bicycle Song,” an ode to a beautiful girl with the feeling of getting outside and enjoying the weather.

Though the lyrics are a bit obtuse, the chorus repeats that the bike is a fantastic invention. This moment is the only mention of bikes in the lyrics, but we can’t help but feel that the moderate tempo groove is a natural soundtrack to a bike excursion. Play this song in the warm weather if you decide to pedal out for a casual ride.

3. “Tour de France” by Kraftwerk

Song year: 1984

Quintessentially 80s in its digital sound, this German tune was famously redone in 1999 for a “Re-Werked Remix.” It’s funky and interesting, with heavy textures of percussion, melody, and a low-key vocal line.

The words list various places that riders travel on the prestigious Tour de France. The song’s accompanying music video shows black-and-white footage of pro cyclists, presumably in the earliest days of the race as the footage is grainy. What’s a list of bicycle songs without mentioning the world’s most famous bike event?

4. “The Bike Song” by Mark Ronson and The Business Intl

Song year: 2010

This ultra-cool song layers vocal lines over a quick-rolling beat to mimic the pace of biking around a city. Lyrically, it’s nothing profound, sharing the narrator’s plans to ride his bike home from wherever he had been hanging out.

The music video tells a visual story of a couple of friends roaming around on their bikes until a couple of bike thieves steal them. The group meets up with some neighborhood girls, and they all bike together for a while, enjoying each other’s company.

5. “Bike” by Pink Floyd

Song year: 1967

This whimsical tune makes a great kid’s song, discussing a random assortment of topics such as gingerbread men, a torn cloak, and a mouse named Gerald. The chorus is the singer’s admission of love for a certain girl, to whom he claims he would give anything she desires.

The first verse describes his bike, complete with a bell and basket that he boasts about. He’s willing to give her the bike, but there’s one problem: it doesn’t belong to him to begin with.

6. “Broken Bicycles” by Tom Waits

Song year: 1982

Waits’ smoky-cafe voice is exactly the right sound for this song, which takes a departure from the cheery attitude of the last few on our list. Comprised of vocals and piano, it’s a ballad that laments old items left out in the bad weather to rust.

Of course, the message isn’t really about bikes. It’s a metaphor for a lost love, but one that the singer still remembers fondly. There’s also imagery of the summer season developing into fall and a reflection on the passage of time.

7. “The Pushbike Song” by The Mixtures

Song year: 1970

Quirky, carefree, and full of interesting sound effects, this song mimics the sound of a bike in motion with the forward direction of the rhythm and an upbeat acoustic combo of bass, piano, and vocals.

The music video for “Pushbike Song” shows old footage of bikers on city streets. Lyrically, the narrator explains how he was riding one day and found a pretty girl on a bike, tried to follow her, but got separated. It sounds like he found her eventually, though: Verse 4 features them together on a bicycle built for two.

8. “Happy Cycling” by Boards of Canada

Best Songs About Bikes

Song year: 1996

Though there are no lyrics to this song, the illustration of riding bikes is obvious: a circular pattern of percussive beats suggests the rotation of tires. There’s speculation that this ambient jam’s title is a reference to a famous scientist’s LSD trip and bike ride home afterward. Trippy and fun, “Happy Cycling” is enjoyable regardless of sobriety.

Although this trippy song is almost eight minutes long, it’s layered with interesting sounds and changing tempos.

9. “Nine Million Bicycles” by Katie Melua

Song year: 2005

This tune’s title is a nod to the city of Beijing, where most citizens use bikes as a regular form of transportation. Katie Melua uses this and other numerical figures to explain the magnanimity of the world and her small place in it.

Melua’s gentle vocals pair perfectly with the reflective lyrics. Calming guitar rhythm layered under a pan flute, strings, harp, and other exotic instruments provide a folksy track just right for a peaceful morning ride.

10. “Apology Song” by The Decemberists

Song year: 2004

This silly and lighthearted bit of indie rock music belies its regretful title. The narrator apologizes to his friend for using his bike, named Madeline, while the friend is away visiting England. The bike was stolen, and the narrator writes this song to make peace and receive forgiveness for his neglect.

The strong vocals and flowing guitar riffs in “Apology Song” are reminiscent of early 2000s rock sounds. And the hazy, low-saturation imagery in the music video fits the aesthetic just right.

11. “Biking” by Frank Ocean

Song year: 2017

Like much of Ocean’s material, this track is an appealing blend of jazz, R&B, and contemporary styles for a unique sound. Piano riffs and soft vocals create multiple textures, a sonic blanket to lay under the rapping when it begins.

The entire song is one big parallel of how life moves in a cyclical pattern. Mentions of handlebars and brakes build the image of a bike and allow the groove to flow inside it. Both Jay-Z and Tyler the Creator collaborated on “Biking,” producing a sensory treat.

12. “Riding On My Bike” by Sia , A Song About Cycling

Song year: 2020

Sia departs from her pop and club-music style to give us this kid’s song, a delightful little piece of joy. The singer speaks of biking around the block, barking at the neighborhood dogs, and encountering an ice cream truck before finally riding home.

Musically, “Riding On My Bike” sounds like a carnival tune you’d hear on the boardwalk of Atlantic City. Backup vocals, dogs, bells, and funny horn sound effects combine for a song full of personality and reminiscent of summer days spent cycling through the town.

13. “See That My Bike’s Kept Clean” by Half Man Half Biscuit

Song year: 1997

The singer asks “one last favor” in these lyrics, pleading with the listener to ensure that his bike doesn’t get dirty after, presumably, he dies.

Repetitive and bluesy, the guitar and percussion combo is more akin to red dirt bluegrass or country rock than a pop or rock style. The chords are simple and the lyrics repeatable, adding to the folksy feel of this tune.

This eclectic song is fast-paced yet reflective, making it one of the best songs about pedal bikes.

14. “The Kickstand Song” by Darron Hanlon

Song year: 2002

Like many songs about cycling, the motion in this song suggests that of bike wheels. The instrumentation is sparse, using a guitar strumming pattern to provide momentum and a piano that joins eventually, letting the voice float over top.

The lyrics are amusing and semi-historical, seeming to describe what went through the mind of the kickstand’s inventor. He visualizes his fame and fortune once everyone uses them on their bikes, and anticipates the joy of his work coming to fruition.

15. “Yellow Bike” by Pedro The Lion

Song year: 2019

Another throwback to youth, this relaxed tune by Pedro The Lion tells of a Christmas morning decades ago. The singer receives a bike for his birthday, and after a brief learning curve, gets to experience all the joy and excitement of pedaling out on his own.

A steady flow and moderate tempo provide a fitting atmosphere for the warm, calm memories in this song. The accompanying music video is bursting with bright colors and nostalgic imagery.

Top Songs About Bikes, Final Thoughts

Whether choosing a playlist for your summer riding or just curious, these are the best songs about pedal bikes and cycling.

Various genres pay their respects to the much-loved pedal bike, with quirky, cute tunes and upbeat music to match. Enjoy these tunes as you engage in any activity – especially your adventures on wheels!

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