29 Best Songs With Pink In The Title

Colors often feature in songs, and the color pink is no exception. Many associate pink with femininity or romance, so it's no wonder you can find many songs about pink things.

Check out our top picks for the best songs with pink in the title, perfect for your playlists.

“Pink” by Aerosmith

Song Year: 1997

First up on this list is Aerosmith's “Pink.” Its slower tempo, accompanied by a guitar and harmonica in its opening, resonates with many music fans who love rock music.

The song's lyrics describe the narrator's feelings toward the color pink, associating it with his desire for a woman's passion. It ranked 27th on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart and won a Grammy in 1999.

“Pink Cadillac” by Bruce Springsteen

Song Year: 1984

If you're looking for an uplifting rock song to listen to and love the color pink, you can't go wrong with Bruce Springsteen's “Pink Cadillac.” Although the lyrics describe a woman's car, some listeners might interpret the titular vehicle as a sexual metaphor. Springsteen's rough vocals and guitar accompaniment give the song an iconic edge.

This song remained on Billboard’s Top Tracks Chart for 14 weeks. Other notable versions include Natalie Cole’s 1988 cover.

“Pink Triangle” by Weezer

Song Year: 1997

Can't find any songs with pink in the title with a bittersweet vibe? “Pink Triangle” by Weezer tells the story of a man seeking love he can't find. The song's somber tone stems from the narrator spotting a pink triangle on the sleeve of a girl he's interested in, believing her to be a lesbian.

Rivers Cuomo's vocals and guitar accompaniment emphasize the narrator's feelings of heartbreak, giving the song an extra late-1990s edge.

“Pink Venom” by BLACKPINK

Song Year: 2022

K-pop group BLACKPINK's “Pink Venom” has a title that embraces the imagery of something beautiful yet deadly and emphasizes the group's confident side. The song's instrumentation incorporates elements of EDM and hip-hop to give it a distinct sound.

Some of the song’s lyrics reference other popular songs, including Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay.” It topped several international music charts and got nominated for several awards, including the MAMA Awards' “Song of the Year.”

“Pretty in Pink” by The Psychedelic Furs

Song Year: 1981

The Psychedelic Furs' “Pretty in Pink” is a song about a young woman looking for a relationship, getting together with any man she sees. Although people talk about her behind her back for her behavior, she feels confident. The song's title references the woman's nudity.

Besides ranking 18th on the UK Singles Chart and 41st on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, the song was featured on the soundtrack of the 1986 film Pretty in Pink.

“Pink Moon” by Nick Drake

Song Year: 1972

Initially released on his final album of the same name, Nick Drake's “Pink Moon” has a solemn yet immersive sound. The song's acoustic guitar accompaniment and forest ambiance at its beginning and end give it a down-to-earth touch.

The lyrics describe how the titular pink moon will come for us all. Some might interpret it as a metaphor for emotional and mental struggles. It's the perfect song to listen to on a quiet night if you feel down.

“Pink Shoe Laces” by Dodie Stevens

Song Year: 1959

“Pink Shoe Laces” is an upbeat song about a woman talking about a man who loves wearing colorful clothing. Unlike many songs about pink accessories, the lyrics focus on a man instead of something feminine.

Fans of late 1950s music will enjoy this song's vintage vibe. It ranked third on Billboard's Hot 100 and sold over a million copies. Many regard this track as Dodie Stevens' one-hit-wonder.

“Lily the Pink” by The Scaffold

Song Year: 1968

Based on the folksong “The Ballad of Lydia Pinkham,” The Scaffold's “Lily the Pink” is a song about how a medicinal compound can fix anybody's problems. The lyrics describe the compound's side effects when taken, such as silencing someone with a stutter. The vocal harmonies make it as uplifting as a drinking song.

This song ranked within the Top Ten of several international charts, including peaking at the top position of the UK Singles Chart.

“Pink Cashmere” by Prince

Song Year: 1993

“Pink Cashmere” has a relaxing, mid-tempo sound that sounds pleasing to any listener's ears. The song's about a man in love with a woman, stating how he always wants to be with her. He makes her a pink cashmere coat, symbolizing his love for her. Prince’s vocals on this track are as soft and smooth as cashmere.

It's the perfect song to dedicate to a person you care about. It peaked at the 50th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.

“Pink Lemonade” by James Bay

Song Year: 2018

Despite its upbeat pop-rock sound, James Bay's “Pink Lemonade” is a song about a man escaping the pressures of a relationship. He tells his lover not to fall in love with him, stating how he'll break her heart if she stays too long.

It was a featured track on his second album Electric Light, which ranked second on the UK Albums Chart.

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