37 Best Songs About Men, Being A Man & All Things Masculinity

“Hot Boyz” by Missy Elliot ft. Q-Tip, Nas, Eve

Song Year: 1999

For a blast from the past, play Missy Elliot’s “Hot Boyz,” a 90s song about attractive men. Missy Elliot and Eve say that the hottest boys are the ones that have the best rides and are most attractive.

This track highlights all that most women admire in guys. It blends in for a late-night playlist with your significant other.

“Boys in the Better Land” by Fontaines D.C.

Song Year: 2021

On this track, Fontaines D.C. talks about everything toxic masculinity. Their lead singer goes into a path where he talks about the constant comparison of somebody to others.

The lyrics highlight the importance of not minding other people’s opinions about you and staying in your element.

“Real Men” by Joe Jackson

Song Year: 1982

“Real Men” by Joe Jackson is undeniably one, if not the best, song ever recorded concerning the experiences of being a man. This song was truly visionary, considering the timing of its release.

Jackson talks about the shifting role of men in modern society and how finding and knowing yourself can be challenging. It is a calm song with smooth vocals, perfect for a late-evening playlist.

“Father and Son” by Cat Stevens

Song Year: 2006

Son-father relationships aren’t always the best. Often, these relationships are filled with an odd mix of jealousy, pride, competition, and tough love. “Father And Son” embodies these masculinity elements perfectly.

In the song, Father counsels his son on how to go about life. On the other hand, the son is sick of all his father’s advice and wants to break free from his cocoon.

“My Guy” by Mary Wells

Song Year: 1964

“My Guy” by Mary Wells is an excellent song about men. Here, Mary Wells outlines the qualities she adores about her suitor. The singer pours her hearty lyrics to this tune with a lovely melody.

Wells states that nothing anybody ever tells her that’s negative about her guy will convince her to end the relationship. She holds such high regard for her man, and that’s unconditional.

“It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls

Song Year: 1983

“It’s Raining Men” depicts that men are everywhere but that girls need to know what qualities (moral and physical) to look for in a good man.

Different men have varying personalities, and this is something the Weather Girls clearly outline on the track. This song is an appreciation for all men and has a feel-good vibe.

“Waiting for Superman” By Daughtry

Song Year: 2013

Daughtry takes us deep into the fantasies women have about meeting their Superheros. The lyrics talk about a lady finally having an encounter with her “perfect man” at the perfect moment.

Smooth vocals and some excellent instruments make this one of the best songs about men. The video also demonstrates this “superman” concept well.

“The Man” by Taylor Swift

Best Songs About Being A Man

Song Year: 2019

Unlike most other songs about men on this list that glorify or appreciate men, “The Man” by Taylor Swift is a feminist hymn about the differing views of women and men. Characteristic of Taylor, you should expect some nice pop sound and exciting lyrics.

In the song, Taylor talks about how stupid some men could be and how society still embraces them surprisingly.

“Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Taylor

Song Year: 1996

Bonnie Taylor embodies a Hercules-like figure with her street savvy, brute might, and speed on “Holding Out For A Hero.” She anticipates that this guy will enter her life and transform it.

This song is for confident alpha males. Men who feel they can take on even the toughest obstacle or challenge to prove their worth will find this tune a good one to jam to.

“I’m a Man” by Pulp

Song Year: 1998

If you’re a fan of Oldschool rock, you’ll fall for “I’m A Man” by Pulp. This is one of the best songs about masculinity ever written by a rock artist.

Lead vocalist Jarvis Cocker challenges the ludicrous conception of masculinity that he’s anticipated to comply with. However, the song takes a huge twist towards the end as Cocker recognizes that while he isn’t impressed by “toxic masculinity,” he’s still a man.

“The Man Song” by Sean Morey

Song Year: 2011

There’s nothing more artistic than talking about a sensitive topic humorously. For this classic relationship and gender, humor prevails, thanks to Morey’s comedy side.

“The Man Song” is about being a man and everything society feels men are entitled to. This song was so popular that Tom Griswold of the “Bob And Tom Show” described it as the most requested track ever.

“Man in Black” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1971

Johnny Cash is among the 20th century’s most influential and accomplished artists. He’s well-known for his music depicting redemption, sorrow, and moral tribulation, particularly in the later recordings.

In “Man In Black,” Cash talks about the troubles or difficulties men face, their sacrifices, and how some of these efforts go unnoticed.

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