21 Best Songs About Stepdaughters

Even though not connected by blood, raising a stepdaughter creates a special bond that lasts a lifetime between a child and a parent. We have composed a list of the best songs about stepdaughters to add to your playlist that is perfect for the first dance songs at a wedding.

“Step by Step” by Brandon Davis

Song Year: 2021

This sentimental song by Brandon Davis is about stepfathers taking on the responsibilities of raising children, even when they didn’t father the children themselves.

Even if a step-child is not blood-related to you, they are still important, and you can’t help but fall in love with them as you watch them grow and make fresh memories.

The song also says that even though the child did not come from you, it doesn't mean that they aren’t a big part of your life and that you do not love them like your own. A devoted stepparent will love a child even if they are not their own flesh and blood.

“Dads and Daughters” by MaRynn Taylor

Song Year: 2020

MaRynn Taylor’s beautiful song is about the love shared between a daughter and a father. Biological daughter or not, this song is an ideal choice for your stepdaughter’s wedding playlist.

The lyrics reminisce about a daughter growing up through the eyes of her loving father, watching and cherishing every moment together.

The ending centers on the father giving away his daughter to the man she loves, making this a great first dance or father-daughter song at a wedding reception.

“I’ll Be There” by Josh Turner

Song Year: 2010

“I’ll Be There” by Josh Turner is a beautiful song well-suited for a wedding playlist for a stepdaughter.

The lyrics to this sentimental song remind a child that their dad is always there to lean on, no matter the circumstance. That doesn’t change if the father happens to be a stepdad. After all, love binds two people together, not blood.

This inspirational song would make a perfect addition to any wedding playlist, especially that of a stepdaughter.

“Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright lll

Song Year: 2007

Loudon Wainwright’s track is ideal for a wedding playlist looking to honor a stepdaughter and offer a powerful message about love.

The beat ranges from fast to slow and is suitable at the wedding reception as a dance song commemorating the love of a daughter.

Its lyrics boast about a father being proud of his daughter and how he taught her everything she knows, such as swimming, her sensitive personality, and falling and getting back up again.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” by Colton James

Song Year: 2015

Another song selection for a stepdaughter wedding playlist, “Daddy’s Little Girl” by Colton James, hits the mark for the best emotional wedding songs.

It reminisces about memories of fishing, hunting, and being wrapped around daddy’s little finger. This emotional song would make a charming slow dance at a wedding reception for the stepdaughter of an outdoor type of father, such as a hunter or a fisher.

“My Girl” by Elvie Shane

Song Year: 2020

This incredible song is the ultimate stepdaughter song for any wedding playlist by a proud father to honor his stepdaughter.

The lyrics in “My Girl” don’t hold back in celebrating the love of a daughter. Even though she is not his biological child, he loves her and is proud to call her his girl. Its lovely lyrics make “My Girl” a terrific father-daughter song for a dance at a wedding reception.

This sentimental song also has a version for a boy, giving all families the chance to show how much they love one another.

“Prettiest Girl in the World” by Logan Mize

Song Year: 2021

Logan Mize gave the world a perfect wedding song when he released “Prettiest Girl in the World” in 2021.

The record is sure to touch everyone’s hearts. It’s about a father bragging about his daughter and how he thinks she is the prettiest person in the entire world.

“Prettiest Girl in the World” is suitable to honor a stepdaughter and is the perfect addition to your wedding song playlist.

“The Daddy Song” by Ryan St. Louis

Song Year: 2022“

“The Daddy Song” is another gem for a wedding playlist, sure to tug at the heartstrings of anyone attending the wedding of a stepdaughter.

The lyrics are about a dad telling his daughter that he is not her real dad. But he loves her like a daughter, and now they are a family.

With incredible vocals, St. Louis poured his heart into the lyrics, which revolve around breaking the news to his daughter that he is actually her stepfather.

“For My Daughter” by Kane Brown

Song Year: 2018

Kane Brown grew up without having a father around and wrote this song for his new daughter, Kingsley. Its lyrics are deeply moving and well-suited for a wedding playlist.

The touching song’s lyrics are sentimental and promise his daughter that he never would leave her alone as his father did.

Although this song honors a biological daughter, its lyrics capture the joy of being a parent to a stepdaughter. The powerful song would also make an excellent father-daughter song at the wedding reception.

“Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson

Song Year: 2015

This upbeat song is about a father walking out on a family and a daughter trying to win back his love, to no avail.

Despite her attempts to reunite the family at six years old, her biological father never came back.

The song goes on about a new stepfather who enters the picture and sticks around to help put the pieces of a broken family back together without looking for anything in return but love. “Piece by Piece” is a unique song selection for a stepdaughter's playlist.

“He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley

“He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley

Song Year: 1999

Although “He Didn’t Have To Be” is about a stepson, it makes for a poignant tribute to a wonderful stepfather who rose to the challenge of caring for a child as his own.

Even though the song is toward a stepson, rather than a stepdaughter, it still is a great addition to a wedding playlist offering a sentimental feeling for a stepchild.

This song is a real tear-jerker with a great beat that would make a slow song for your wedding reception in honor of a great stepfather an ideal selection.

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