29 Best Songs About October

Looking for songs with October in the title? Or songs about October in general? Well, we’ve got them! 🙂

Whether you're looking for songs for Halloween, an autumn themed song, or one for a special occasion, here are some of the best songs about October.

“We Fell in Love in October” by Girl in Red

Song Year: 2018

A happy song about October is the piece “We Fell in Love in October” by Girl in Red. The indie-pop artist describes how she loves the fall and October for reminding her of falling in love with her girlfriend.

One interesting fact about this song is that the solo artist behind Girl in Red wrote, sang, and produced it alone in her bedroom.

“October Song” by Amy Winehouse

Song Year: 2003

Next, Amy Winehouse's piece “October Song” is a song with October in the title, but it doesn't discuss the month in the lyrics. Instead, it focuses on the metaphor of a bird flying away to be in paradise.

This song was part of Winehouse's debut album, where she shows off her voice with rhythmic R&B and soul songs.

“October Sky” by Javier Colon

Song Year: 2003

For a softer sound, listen to “October Sky” by Javier Colon. It’s a melancholic acoustic track about a partner who becomes uninterested or unfaithful. He compares their behavior and his feelings to the emptiness, deepness, and coldness of the October skies.

“One Night in October” by Little Comets

Song Year: 2011

Next, “One Night in October” by Little Comets is an upbeat tune with surprisingly dark lyrics. The indie rock band weaves the positive beat into a story that explores relationship fights and lies.

The track was the band’s debut single, and was well-received by the music community in the UK.

“Secret Oktober” by Duran Duran

Song Year: 1983

Here’s another song about October from an international band, Duran Duran. The pop rock band is from England.

“Secret Oktober” is an early single from Duran Duran, and the singer and songwriter of the band, Simon Colley, has said he likes this piece because his birthday is in October.

“Waiting for October” by Polaris

Song Year: 1999

90s kids may feel surprisingly nostalgic about this song about October, which featured in the Nickelodeon show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.” Interestingly, Polaris started as a band solely to create music for the show.

“Waiting for October” is open to interpretation but seems to be about waiting for an apocalypse. It references dates like 1999 and other events historically associated with the end of times.

“Forest of October” by Opeth

Song Year: 1995

Opeth's heavy and death metal sound is for you if you're looking for an October song that falls into heavier music genres. The Swedish progressive band formed in 1990, and achieved success thanks to the powerful themes of their music.

“Forest of October” describes a desolate landscape and the desire to leave it in an epic song that lasts over 13 minutes.

“October to May” by Dave Cousins

Song Year: 1972

Another acoustic song, “October to May” by Dave Cousins is a somber reflection on the changing seasons. It briefly describes the time of year when summer fades to winter and back to spring.

Cousins was a founding member of the bluegrass band Strawbs before moving on to solo projects.

“October” by U2

Song Year: 1981

U2 is a famous rock band from Ireland, but their song “October” differs from many of their classics. It has few lyrics and is primarily a soft instrumental with piano.

The piece was a hidden track in their The Best of 1980-1990 collection. It focuses on the barren landscape of October and how the seasons always continue their cycle.

“October Rust” by Tears of Magdalena

Song Year: 2008

Here's a song about October by a smaller band, Tears of Magdalena, a Finnish group that mixed symphony elements with metal.

The song “October Rust” references the dying color of leaves in the fall and reflects on this reminder of mortality.

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