31 Best Songs About Maryland

Maryland, the Free State, is a gorgeous mid-Atlantic state with impressive waterways, historic ports, and picturesque scenery that has inspired musicians and artists for decades. In fact, Maryland is where Francis Scott Key first penned the US national anthem.

Want to hear more impressive music from the Old Line State? Discover the best songs about Maryland below.

1. “What’s New in Baltimore” by Frank Zappa

Song Year: 1981

Frank Zappa released one of the best songs about Maryland with “What’s New in Baltimore” from the album Puttin' On The Ritz (Live).

Zappa was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and pays homage to his home state with this song. The city of Baltimore honored Zappa by making September 19th “Frank Zappa Day.”

2. “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac

Song Year: 1977

The female lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, wrote the song “Silver Springs” after getting inspired by a sign on the highway for Silver Springs, Maryland.

This song showcases Nick’s vocal talent backed by Fleetwood Mac’s distinct dreamy style of instrumental. “Silver Springs” is one of the songs about Maryland that listeners will be happy to put on repeat.

3. “There She Goes” by Good Charlotte

Song Year: 2010

Joel Madden, the lead singer of the pop-rock band Good Charlotte, sings about his home state of Maryland in the song “There She Goes” from the album Cardiology.

“There She Goes” speaks about losing love now that Madden’s experienced fame and moved away from Maryland to the big city of LA. The chorus repeats how Maryland will always be considered home to Madden.

4. “Maryland” by Elephanz (feat. Eugénie)

Song Year: 2017

One of the best songs about Maryland is the song “Maryland” by Elephanz ft. Eugénie. This happy indie tune features an upbeat tempo with steel drums in the background and catchy vocals in the foreground.

“Maryland” is about bridging the distance between two people by taking a trip to the Free State to enjoy time together on the beach.

5. “Six Feet Under the Stars” by All Time Low

Song Year: 2007

The American pop-punk band All Time Low hail from the small town of Towson, MD, and represent their home state in one of the best songs about Maryland, “Six Feet Under the Stars.”

The chorus of this pop-rock song references Thames Street and South Broadway, two streets found in Baltimore, Maryland.

6. “Maryland, Massachusetts” by Nelly

Song Year: 2013

“Maryland, Massachusetts” by Nelly is a fun party song that uses the state of Maryland and Massachusetts to reference coast-to-coast partying.

Nelly mentions flying from one city to the next to please his woman and keep life interesting and exciting. The song repeats the two city names in the title to highlight that Nelly can go anywhere in the United States and have a good time. 

7. “Maryland My Maryland” by Bobby Horton

Song Year: 1985

Listeners will instantly recognize the tune of “Maryland My Maryland” by Bobby Horton because it’s the same as the popular Christmas tune, “O Tannenbaum.”

Folk singer Bobby Horton has changed the lyrics of this track to represent the state of Maryland and its history in the Civil War. 

8. “Southern Maryland Thang” by Donovan Farrell

Song Year: 2015

“Southern Maryland Thang” by Donovan Farrell is a country-rock song from his album True Heroes.

“Southern Maryland Thang” is a song about Maryland that pays tribute to the people of Southern Maryland and features Maryland natives Wes Ryce, Lindz Owen, and John Luskey on the track.

9. “Going to Maryland” by The Mountain Goats

Song Year: 1994

“Going to Maryland” by the alternative and folk band The Mountain Goats is one of the best songs about Maryland from the album Beautiful Rat Sunset.

This song features soft acoustic instrumentals and lyrics that speak about falling in love near the Chesapeake Bay, America’s largest estuary, located in Maryland.

10. “For Baltimore” by All Time Low

Song Year: 2012

Check out the catchy song “For Baltimore” by All Time Low if you enjoy pop-rock and songs about Maryland.

“For Baltimore” by All Time Low is a song about Baltimore nightlife and making memories in the Free State. The music video for this song features cartoon renditions of an old Maryland yearbook with pictures of the band in various places in Baltimore.

11. “Maryland” by Coyote Theory

Song Year: 2018

The pop band Coyote Theory sings a slow song about Maryland on their album Late Night (Live).

“Maryland” is a sad acoustic song that shares the story of a boy who’s lost someone he loves and can’t get them out of his head. To deal with the breakup, the boy goes to Maryland and tries to reunite with his lost love.

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