37 Best Songs About Fashion

Fashion and music, two of the most popular passions in the world. Of course, when you combine the two, the results are going to be spectacular! Here are the best songs about fashion ever.


1. “Freakum Dress” by Beyoncé

Song Year: 2006

Beyoncé sings about getting dolled up and fashionable to make heads turn in the R&B song “Freakum Dress.”

In this song, Queen B showcases her vocal range as she sings about a type of dress that people wear to get the attention they deserve. This upbeat song will get you dancing, digging through your closet, and trying on your “Freakum Dress.”

2. “Style” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2014

Taylor Swift has one of the best songs about fashion trends with her hit song “Style” from her album 1989. Taylor uses James Dean's image and fashion choices to share how she envisions the man of her dreams.

“Style” speaks about how quickly fashion trends change from season to season. In contrast, this love song states that she and her love interest’s romantic connection isn’t fickle and will stay in “Style” forever.

3. “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey

Song Year: 2012

Lana Del Rey is known for her poetic lyrics, and the song “Blue Jeans” highlights her talent for painting a scene with words.

This song speaks about how fashion can influence first attractions. “Blue Jeans” begins by describing the clothes her lover wore when they met. Later, she describes their blossoming connection as a comfy sweater.

4. “Vogue” by Madonna

Song Year: 1990

“Vogue” by Madonna is an exceptional pop song on her album, I’m Breathless, about the fusion between the fashion industry and the dance scene.

In this iconic song, Madonna sings about turning the dancefloor into a fashion show. The final verse of “Vogue” lists the names of prominent figures in fashion, including Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, and many more.

5. “Fashion” by David Bowie

Song Year: 1980

David Bowie used his stage presence as an English rock singer to showcase his unique style that inspired the New Romanticism fashion movement in the 70s. However, when he released the song “Fashion,” his thoughts on the style had changed.

“Fashion” is a critique of the fashion industry that playfully comments on how once something is in mainstream fashion, it’s no longer unique.

6. “These Boots Are Made for Walkin” by Nancy Sinatra

Song Year: 1966

Nancy Sinatra, daughter of singer Frank Sinatra, released one of the best classic songs about fashion pieces that empower the wearer.

“These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” is a country-pop song about two lovers in an unhealthy relationship. Sinatra tells her lover that he needs to act better because if he doesn’t learn to meet her needs, she can walk out of his life and look good.

7. “Fashion Killa” by A$AP Rocky

Song Year: 2013

“Fashion Killa” by A$AP Rocky is one of the best rap songs about fashion that name-drops countless designers and fashion icons.

A$AP Rocky raps about his dream woman and all the clothes she would have in her closet. This song features a shopping list of brand names, from Dolce and Gabbana to Vena Cava, and is a great song to listen to if you’re in the mood for a shopping spree.

8. “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley

Song Year: 1956

“Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley is one of the best blues and country songs about fashion trends of the 50s. In this song, Presley sings about dancing with someone who can keep up with his fast footwork without stepping on his shoes.

“Blue Suede Shoes” was originally written and performed by Carl Perkins, but Presley’s rendition skyrocketed the song and the fashion trend to the mainstream.

9. “Dedicated Follower of Fashion” by The Kinks

Song Year: 1965

“Dedicated Follower of Fashion” by The Kinks is an amazing song about following fashion trends from the album The Kink Kontroversy.

This song tells the story of a well-dressed man who considers himself someone who follows fads and trends and always looks presentable. The lyrics describe a man with changing styles who never wears the same outfit twice. 

10. “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z

Song Year: 2013

After a six-year break from music, Justin Timberlake released one of the best songs about fashion with the song “Suit & Tie” featuring rapper Jay-Z.

“Suit & Tie” is a song with upbeat instrumentals and Timberlake’s iconic voice that pays homage to men’s fashion. The song exemplifies the confidence one feels when getting fancy in a suit and tie and shares what’ll happen when the clothes come off.

11. “My Adidas” by Run-D.M.C.

Song Year: 1986

“My Adidas” by Run-D.M.C. is one of the most iconic songs about sneakers that made waves in the fashion world and skyrocketed Adidas’ sales.

The inspiration behind this hit rap song came from a doctor and community activist who made pamphlets about typical clothes thugs wore at the time, including Adidas shoes. Run-D.M.C. decided to paint Adidas shoes in a new light with their song “My Adidas.”

In this song, the rap group shares various scenes of wearing their shoes on coliseum floors and Live Aid stages to show that you can’t judge a person’s character by their shoes alone.

12. “She’s in Fashion” by Suede

Song Year: 1999

Alternative and indie band Suede pays tribute to women who love fashion with their song “She’s in Fashion” from their album Head Music.

This easy-to-listen-to song features poetic lyrics that describe a woman who works in the fashion industry. However, it’s unclear if the song is criticizing her lifestyle or admiring it.

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