31 Songs About Hating Someone

12. “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry feat. Nicky Minaj

Song Year: 2017

“Swish Swish” is the fourth track from Katy Perry’s fifth studio album, Witness. It launched in the summer of 2017, featuring rapper Nicky Minaj.

Perry uses basketball imagery to detail her successes and hatred for those who oppose her. She also references past friendships and talks about how she’s better than those who hate her.

13. “I Hate Everything About You” by Three Days Grace

Song Year: 2009

“I Hate Everything About You” served as the debut track for the rock band Three Days Grace. It rose to the 55th spot on the US Billboard Chart and introduced the world to the hit band, remaining one of their most popular songs.

The track is about a former relationship and how the singer loves and hates the person. It has a classic rock sound and great guitar solos.

14. “Hate Me” by Escape The Fate

Song Year: 2015

Escape The Fate is a rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the group often sings about intense feelings. “Hate Me” is about feeling full of rage and anger and how it makes sense for another person to hate the singer.

The rock track has heavy metal influences and fierce guitar melodies.

15. “Love To Hate Me” by Blackpink, A Top Song About Hate

Song Year: 2020

The female K-pop group Blackpink released “Love To Hate Me” in the fall of 2020. It’s the seventh track from their first studio album, The Album.

“Love To Hate Me” has an electro-pop bass line, string instruments, and a fun, singable chorus. It’s about breaking up with someone because they hate you and how they’re not worth your time and effort.

16. “Last Resort” by Papa Roach

Song Year: 2000

Most hate songs are about disliking another person, but “Last Resort” is about a man who dislikes himself. The person is experiencing suicidal thoughts, and the band raised awareness for the life-saving suicide hotline number with the song.

Papa Roach released “Last Resort” in the spring of 2000, and the track stayed on the Billboard Charts for three months. It was one of the top songs in the rock genre that year.

17. “I Hate You Now” by Marcella Detroit

Song Year: 1996

“I Hate You Now” is about the intense emotions that come with the initial feelings of hate. It’s by Marcella Detroit, a pop singer from Michigan, and the track is a sad song with an organ and bass music track paired with Detroit’s spoken word and sung lyrics.

The song is about feeling anger and hatred but knowing things will get better in the future.

18. “Hate You” by Daredevils

“Hate You” by Daredevils

Song Year: 1996

“Hate You” is a hard-hitting rock track by the Daredevils. They were a punk rock band formed in 1994, and the group only released one song before disbanding.

The short-lived band included celebrities like director Gore Verbinski and drummer Josh Freese. In “Hate You,” they sing about hating someone despite the good times shared.

19. “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2017

“Look What You Made Me Do” is a diss track by pop singer Taylor Swift. She directed it at her rivals in the music and entertainment industry.

In the track, Taylor Swift sings about hating her enemies and their image of her. She talks about how as a celebrity, she has to play a caricature-like version of herself.

20. “Hate Everyone” by Say Anything

Song Year: 2009

“Hate Everyone” is a song about feeling angry. It dropped in 2009 as the second track from Say Anything, the band’s self-titled debut.

“Hate Everyone” is a rock song with alternative and indie influences. The lyrics detail hating everyone in your life and feeling uncomfortable as a member of society.

21. “Backstabber” by Kesha

Song Year: 2010

Kesha released her debut album, Animal, in 2010 and featured “Backstabber” as the top track. It’s about hating a former friend, and Kesha embodies harsh feelings of hate with an intense dance-pop song and loud vocals.

The song is about Kesha’s friend who stole her car and gossiped behind her back. Kesha worked through her feelings by writing this song about having a friend who was a traitor.

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