25 Best Songs About the Night Sky

The night sky is an awe-inspiring entity to gaze upon. Whether you’re into star gazing, like the dark, or other, here are the best songs about the night sky.

“All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar featuring SZA

“All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar featuring SZA

Year: 2018

Kendrick Lamar’s “All the Stars” focuses on a person searching for the meaning of fame, fortune, and love. Lamar explores the sacrifices they make to pursue their dreams and love in the face of uncertainty.

He pushes back against fake people who take advantage of him and asks whether love is worthwhile and everything the person imagined. SZA’s contribution is much more hopeful, as she sings of realizing her dreams and reaching for the stars in the night sky.

“A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay

Year: 2014

One of the most moving songs about the night sky, Coldplay's “A Sky Full of Stars” features Avicii on piano. Reflecting that collaboration, the song has a noticeably more dancy beat than is typical of Coldplay’s sound.

The song seems to revolve around new love and the powerful feelings that come with it. It focuses on someone who has fallen in love with a person he compares to a sky filled with stars. Unfortunately, despite those hopeful lyrics, the narrator seems to recognize that his love may not last. Even then, he wants to give her his heart no matter whether she ends up breaking it as she lightens up the dark in his life.         

“Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus

Year: 2020

Miley Cyrus highlights how she coped during her divorce from Liam Hemsworth in “Midnight Sky.” Her deeply personal lyrics explore their tumultuous relationship and how the media vilified her following the announcement they were separating.

The lyrics explore the singer’s longing to break free from a claustrophobic relationship. She likens her journey toward independence and singlehood to reaching for the clouds in the midnight sky.

“Look Up At the Stars” by Shawn Mendes

Year: 2020

“Look Up At the Stars” is about two lovers on a date at the end of a Friday night. Mendes paints a beautiful picture of a man who feels lucky to have fallen in love.

The ethereal lyrics describe their date night filled with light, from the streetlights they walk under to the stars shining in the sky. Despite the vulnerability of the lyrics, Mendes later confirmed the lyrics were a tribute to his many fans.

“There’s a Star” by Ash

Year: 2001

In “There’s a Star,” Northern Irish rock group Ash offers up cryptic lyrics that may touch on a bad breakup to knowing that someone’s always there for you. The narrator appears to be waiting on a woman and dreaming of a future where his heart no longer feels like it’s as cold as the north winds.

Her role is ambiguous but the lyrics seem to suggest they have (or had) an intimate relationship. The song ends with a bittersweet chorus, as he sees a star shining in the night sky – the kind they both dreamed of.

“Light Up the Sky” by Yellow Card

“Light Up the Sky” by Yellow Card

Year: 2007

“Light Up the Sky” by Yellow Card revolves around the narrator professing his love for a girl who was previously broken-hearted. The singer recognizes the pain she feels but wants to help her heal from the wounds that broke her. He reassures her of his devotion, promising to light up the sky and even readily die for her.

The band’s frontman, Ryan Key, later revealed the song was inspired by his unsuccessful romancing of a celebrity. 

“Clear Night Sky” by La Luz

Year: 2012

“Clear Night Sky” is a four-line psychedelic tune with uncertain lyrics that are possibly about passing on. The song starts with the narrator bluntly revealing they’ve been told they are going to die.

While heaven isn’t explicitly mentioned, they see a bright light and find themselves walking through an otherworldly night sky.

“Last Night” by Michelle Branch

Year: 2017

Michelle Branch’s “Last Night” revolves around wanting to give a lover solace and support through their pain. She wants their love to be as bright as the light from the moon and stars in the night sky.

Branch sings about how far she’d go to prove her love and pleads with them to return her feelings with the same passion. While she feels incomplete without him, the lyrics suggest he is closed off and unwilling to open up to her.

“Same Night Sky” by 2AM Club

Year: 2010

LA-based band 2AM Club sings about a man who seemingly leaves his love behind as he pursues his dreams in another city. He’s determined to succeed no matter what and finds comfort in the knowledge that he has someone waiting for him back home.

Rather than say goodbye, he reminds his lover that all they have to do is look at the night sky. As long as they both do so, they will be together in some way even when they are miles apart.

“Night Sky” by Faime

Year: 2019

With “Night Sky,” Detroit-based singer-songwriter Faime serves up movingly sentimental lyrics that capture the endless possibilities couples face in life. The poignant song is open to interpretation but the lyrics suggest that the narrator is looking back on a romantic, drunken evening spent underneath the night sky. Faime sings of the hope they shared in that moment underneath the moonlit sky for a future filled with love.

The song takes a somewhat darker turn as the narrator touches on their mortality and what might happen to them as a couple when they pass on. They promise to always love them until that day, even as their memories fade. While they don’t know what’s in store for them, they’re certain the pair will end up shining brightly together in the night sky.

“Airplanes” by B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams

Year: 2010

B.o.B and Hayley Williams from Paramore highlight the challenges of celebrity life. The rapper misses his once simple life, which was free of pressures as a celebrity. Now, B.o.B has everything he could’ve hoped for but all too often feels alone and ignored. Even his music is no longer driven by passion or ambition but to simply stay relevant.

The chorus, sung by B.o.B and Hayley Williams, movingly expresses his longing to wish on a shooting star. Unfortunately, he only sees airplane lights in the night sky instead.

“Underneath the Night Sky” by Young Love

“Underneath the Night Sky” by Young Love

Year: 2007

Young Love highlights the cycle of toxic relationships in “Underneath the Night Sky.” Its lyrics open with a woman telling her man to leave and never return after an argument.

While looking up at the night sky, she reflects on their relationship and reminisces about how it all began. Those memories leave her feeling conflicted, and the tug at her heart suggests all could be forgiven. Unfortunately, the song ends on a bitterly tragic note when the man is seemingly murdered by a mugger. The lyrics suggest he had been on his way home to apologize but took a wrong turn.

“The Big Sky” by Kate Bush

Year: 1986

“The Big Sky” is all about appreciating things adults often overlook, like gazing up at the beautiful night sky and imagining different cloud shapes. Bush reflects on the simple pleasures that came during childhood but which adults may feel silly for enjoying.

The iconic 80s singer vividly captures the wonder of a day innocently spent gazing upwards. She sees one cloud that resembles Ireland and pauses her search for shapes to watch jets fly overhead.

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