13 Best Songs That Mention Mia Khalifa

Thanks to iLOVEFRiDAY and other musicians, it’s become increasingly common for them to use Mia Khalifa’s name in their lyrics. Some tracks dedicate the whole song to the former model and actress, while others only give a glancing mention. Here are the best songs that mention Mia Khalifa.


Song Year: 2018

We cannot talk about songs that mention Mia Khalifa without iLOVEFRiDAY's hit track, “MiA KHALiFA.” The musical duo consists of SmokeHijabi (also known as Xeno Carr) and Creepa (also known as Donny Fontaine). Most likely, the pair could never have imagined the success their diss track would have on Tik Tok and other social networks.

The song explicitly references Mia Khalifa and her past career in the adult entertainment industry. The lyrics touch on the superstar’s notoriety and tackle themes related to social media, internet fame, and pop culture. The song is meant to be playful, but also uses her name to diss fame and attention.

iLOVEFRiDAY has expressed regret in the lyrics and said the decision to do the song could’ve been better handled. The duo is known for their catchy hits, with “MiA KHALiFA” being one of their biggest successes.


“Mia Khalifa” by Bennyy

Song Year: 2023

“Mia Khalifa ” by Bennyy continues the trend of songs titled after the adult film star. The lyrics of this hip-hop track explore are playful and full of pop culture references. Bennyy, as many British hip-hop artists do, incorporates U.K. slang and combines it with interesting phrases to form catchy lyrics.

The song isn’t focused on the person behind the title and her career, nor does it try to provide heavy or relatable political messages about her decision and life. The song falls more in line with comparing girls to the actress and how some chicks think of themselves as superstars as if they were Mia Khalifa.

“WTF I Want” by Megan Thee Stallion

Song Year: 2018

Megan Thee Stallion's “WTF I Want” is a blazing declaration of self-assuredness and empowerment. Known for her fiery lyrics and confident persona, Megan delivers each verse with an infectious energy that's impossible to resist.

This track stands out with its catchy hooks and a beat that demands to be played on repeat. Through her verses, Megan paints a picture of her unapologetic approach to life, exuding the confidence that has solidified her as one of the leading voices in the modern hip-hop scene.

Mia Khalifa appears in the track when mentioning her huge breasts, something the protagonist of the song claims that she has.

“Mia Khalifa” by Nightstep Skan & M.I.M.E.

Song Year: 2017

This popular SoundCloud hit comes from the American hip-hop duo Skan and M.I.M.E. Renowned for its darkly psychedelic rhythm, this song showcases an edgier side of indie rock that many music fans appreciate.

The song is characterized by its energetic and bass-heavy production, incorporating elements of trap and dubstep genres.

“Mia Khalifa” has received more than 2.2 million listens on SoundCloud and displays the talents of these two artists. Lyrics penned down by M.I.M.E have attracted over 65.4K views on Genius, affirming their lyrical prowess among audiences worldwide.

“Mia Khalifa” by Timeflies

“Bring It Back” by Kidd Pooh

Song Year: 2022

Kidd Pooh's “Bring It Back” pulsates with upbeat rhythms, and steady flow rapping from Kidd Pooh. The song is about his days as an adolescent and all the people he hung out with, more specifically, the girls she had. She talks about all the girlfriends she had sex with and mentions how he fantasized about having sex with Mia Khalifa as well.

“Mia Khalifa” by Timeflies

Song Year: 2015

Timesflies designed this song as a theme for the then-number-one adult star sensation – a move that got people talking!

“Mia Khalifa” by Timeflies is available for free streaming on SoundCloud and has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from listeners. Its lyrics are cleverly woven to create an intriguing narrative around Mia Khalifa’s life in adult entertainment, reflecting her fame at her peak.

The lyrics play on the idea of an iconic star being a symbol of seduction. The song does not delve into explicit content but rather uses the name as a metaphor for a captivating and irresistible woman.

“Mia Khalifa” by Timeflies

“Mia Antifa” by Goodbye

Song Year: 2023

“Mia Antifa” could very well be the best-crafted song that mentions Mia Khalifa. The song, performed by hip-hop artist Goodbye, explores themes of gratitude and closure. The track showcases the journey of moving on from past experiences, shedding baggage, and saying goodbye to negative influences.

The lyrics touch upon various elements related to Mia Khalifa's figure in popular culture and her involvement in the adult film industry. The song also delves into how greed and refugees played a big role in Mia’s stardom, drawing attention to broader societal issues.

With its catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics, this track offers a unique perspective on the adult film star sensation.

“Mia Khalifa Got Me Fired from My Job” by MC Cone

Song Year: 2018

MC Cone's song “Mia Khalifa Got Me Fired from My Job” is a captivating addition to the best songs that mention Mia Khalifa. Released on November 19, 2018, this hip-hop track delves into the regret and consequences of the protagonist quitting their job because of Mia Khalifa.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the emotions and impact that this decision had on their career. Part of MC Cone's album “The Cone Zone,” this song showcases his ability to express raw emotions through music.

“No Caliphates” by Sons of Yusuf ft. Talib Kweli

Song Year: 2020

In a soul-stirring collaboration between the Kuwaiti hip-hop duo Sons of Yusuf and the legendary Talib Kweli, the song melds Eastern and Western sounds, marrying Arab instruments with modern hip-hop beats.

The lyrics poignantly discuss geopolitical issues, challenging radical ideologies, and highlighting the richness of Arab culture. They mention Mia Khalifa to allude that even though she may be part of the Arab culture, the caliphs and the caliphate no longer exist.

With the rhythmic flow of Sons of Yusuf and Kweli's incisive verses, this song serves as an anthem for bridging cultures and spreading peace.

“For my Bruddas” by CPZ

Song Year: 2020

CPZ's “For my Bruddas” is an anthem of loyalty, brotherhood, and unwavering bonds. The track thrives on its powerful beats, resonating with the pulse of the streets and the heartbeats of comrades. CPZ delivers each line with passion, emphasizing the depth of connections forged in the fire of shared experiences.

Celebrating the ties that bind and the promises made to brethren, “For my Bruddas” is a raw and honest portrayal of unwavering loyalty.

CPZ’s verse about Mia Khalifa has to do with his relationship with women. CPZ is all about brotherhood but doesn’t care much for female partners. He says he only invites her home, has sex with her like she’s Mia Khalifa, and then sends her out the door.

“4eva Robinn’” by LRN NOLA

Song Year: 2021

With “4eva Robinn’”, LRN NOLA offers listeners a gritty and gripping tale of survival, hustle, and the quest for success. The track is a raw reflection of life on the streets, with LRN NOLA's authentic voice narrating tales of challenges, aspirations, and the drive to rise above.

The pulsating beats mirror the heartbeat of a city that never sleeps, and the relentless spirit of those determined to claim their place. LRN NOLA's “4eva Robinn’' is a powerful track that remains etched in the minds of listeners long after the final note.

In the song, LRN NOLA is talking to his girl and telling her that nobody has topped him when it comes to displaying love, but also in the sexual realm. The protagonist tells his girlfriend he has had as many sexual partners as Mia Khalifa.

“4eva Robinn’” by LRN NOLA

“Hennything Possible” by Will Killagain

Song Year: 2023

Will Killagain's “Hennything Possible” is an intoxicating blend of playful lyrics, infectious beats, and a dose of audacity. The song's title is a clever play on words, with “Henny” referencing the popular cognac, Hennessy, suggesting that with the right spirit, anything is achievable.

Will Killagain's flow is smooth, seamlessly transitioning from verse to chorus, making it impossible not to groove along.

The song compares the partner of the protagonist to Mia Khalifa, alluding to how her body is as fine as hers. He also mentions that her partner has made a lot of money, like the former adult film star.

“Memory” Lane by Taron Puri

Song Year: 2020

A melodious stroll down nostalgia's path, “Memory Lane” by Taron Puri stands as an evocative tribute to days gone by. The beauty of Puri's vocals combined with the soulful instrumentals transports listeners to a bygone era of cherished memories and youthful innocence.

The lyrics mention the protagonist remembering his days playing FIFA (the video game), where he played dirty on the field, just like Mia Khalifa.

“Memory” Lane by Taron Puri

Top Songs That Mention Mia Khalifa, Final Thoughts

Mia Khalifa's name has been featured in various hip-hop and rap songs, which is hardly a surprise given her status as an icon and internet sensation. The song by iLOVEFRiDAY and has gained popularity for their lyrics mentioning the controversial figure.

While these songs may be catchy and popular, it is important to consider the impact of cultural references on the individuals involved.

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