9 Top Songs About Being 33 Years Old

Being 33 is seemingly a random age with no major milestones associated with it. But, there are a surprising number of songs about this specific age. Whether you're turning 33 or just curious, here are some top songs about being 33 years old.

“33” by Viva La Burns

Song Year: 2018

“33” isn't about being 33 years old at the moment, but it does mention the thought of being 33 at some point. Viva La Burns wrote this song, and it's a great song, but the lyrics are a little on the sad side. Anyone who's ever felt that they met the right person at the wrong time will likely be able to relate to this song.

Viva La Burns' song has lyrics about how the person they're in love with is always off on another adventure and not with them. While it's not impossible, it's hard to love someone from a distance, so they sing about how maybe they’ll be ready to get together when they’re 33.

“33 (Sinking In)” by Roderick

Song Year: 2022

It's no secret that a lot of people start to have a little bit of a crisis in their 30s, and that's what Roderick's song “33 (Sinking In)” is all about. For those who've been 33 or any age close to it and thought that it's sort of a miserable age (debatable considering the other songs on this list), you'll appreciate this song.

Roderick's lyrics are all about how being 33 years old is exactly what they thought it would be like. They sing about how it's “existential misery” and how it's finally sinking in that this is how this age will be for them. Despite the lyrics being a downer, it's a beautifully crafted song with lyrics that hit deep.

“33” by Dean Barrett

Song Year: 2022

Dean Barrett's song “33” mentions the age several times throughout. You'll notice two possible meanings behind the lyrics when you listen to the song. While the singer hasn't clarified before, most people believe there are two meanings, so you can be the judge when you listen to it.

The lyrics mention how they want 33 to stay near them. 33 could be a metaphor for a person or the fact that they don't want to get older and stay 33 for a little bit longer. Without more lyrics, it's hard to grasp the meaning, but it's still a great song about 33.

“Be My Life's Companion” by Rosemary Clooney

Song Year: 1951

“Be My Life's Companion” has been recorded by several artists throughout history, and Rosemary Clooney's version from 1951 is popular. The song is a little old-fashioned, but that's to be expected, considering the time Rosemary Clooney recorded the song. The song has an old-timey beat that makes you want to get up and use dance moves from the 1950s.

As you listen to the lyrics, she sings about wanting someone to be her life companion. She doesn't want to be lonely at 33 years old, so she's trying to find her companion. The song insinuates that if you don't have someone by 33, you'll be lonely, which some people might agree with, but not everyone will.

“Dreading Thirty-Three” by Pasdu

Song Year: 2022

Despite the title mentioning being 33 years old, the age is only mentioned briefly in the songs. Even though it's briefly mentioned, the theme around the song relates to the singer turning 33 years old on their next birthday.

Pas du sings about how 32 was nothing like what people said it would be, and it wasn't a great year for them. The lyrics go on to tell the story about how if he had this experience at 32 and all people do is talk up 33, he's afraid to see what turning 33 will bring for them. Anyone who's heard great things about a specific age only to be disappointed will understand this song.

“100 Years” by Five for Fighting

"100 Years" by Five for Fighting

Song Year: 2004

Probably one of the most famous songs that mention being 33 years old is “100 Years” by Five for Fighting. The song is beautifully created with a stunning piano melody that is immediately recognizable to most people. The one thing about this song is that they only mention 33 briefly.

The song is about how someone has plenty of time to achieve everything they want and not to let age dictate what they can and can't do. The line about being 33 comes later and says that he'll be the same person, just older, and not worry about these changes because he only wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman he's singing about.

“Sixteen” by Elisha

Song Year: 2020

Don't be fooled by Elisha's song, “Sixteen,” just because of the title. This song brings up being 33 years old. This song is a fun one to listen to and a little more light-hearted than the other songs we've added to this list.

Elisha's lyrics talk about how she's only 16 years old, but she's “balling” like she's 33 years old. It's a great song to hype yourself up when you're driving, working out, or whenever. Even though it only mentions being 33 a few times in the chorus, it's still one of the better songs about being 33 years old.

“Stevie Nix” by The Hold Steady

Song Year: 2005

While it's unclear whether The Hold Steady's song, “Stevie Nix,” is actually about Stevie Nix, based on the lyrics, it's like they're telling a story about someone who embodies many of her qualities, if it's not her.

The lyrics mention being 33 years old several times. The rest of the lyrics are about partying, drinking, and other reckless behavior. The Hold Steady sings about how great it would be to stay 33 years old forever while participating in these activities. Despite the somewhat cryptic nature of the lyrics, this song is a great option you need to listen to at least once.

“Janey Blue” by Rob Harris

Song Year: 2018

Rob Harris wrote “Janey Blue” about a girl he calls Janey Blue. Whether that's her real name isn't the point. The song is essentially dedicated to her and the fact that she passed away too soon in life, at 33 years old. He doesn't touch on what made the woman pass away at this age.

The lyrics are sad, mentioning how she was born with a tragic streak, met the wrong man, and didn't get to live the life she should have before passing. If you've ever lost someone too soon, you'll understand the emotions Rob Harris is trying to convey through this song.

Best Songs About Being 33 Years Old, Final Thoughts

Whether the song is all about being 33 years old or they briefly touch on the age in a versus, these songs all incorporate being 33 in some way or another. Be sure to give them a listen next time you're in the mood to listen to some new music.

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