23 Country Songs About Rain

Rain is a common subject in country music, particularly in the form of rain-related metaphors. It's used to convey everything from sadness and loneliness to defiance and uplifting messages about life on the farm. Every country music lover has a few rainy day favorites.

This list of country songs about rain is sure to make you pull out your boots, turn the radio up, and drive on through those country roads. Enjoy these songs about rain!

“Kentucky Rain” by Elvis Presley

Song Year: 1969

In the song “Kentucky Rain,” Elvis Presley sings about traveling through Kentucky and asking anyone he meets if they have seen his lover. He walks through the rain with a heavy heart. The song was written by Eddie Rabbitt and Dick Heard. It reached #16 on the Billboard charts in 1970.

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” by Willie Nelson

Song Year: 1975

Willie Nelson's “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” is a song about love lost. The narrator and his lover are parting ways, and he looks back on all the good times they had together. The lyrics suggest that they'll see each other again in heaven, where they'll be able to spend forever in each other's arms.

“I Love a Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbitt

Song Year: 1980

In the song “I Love a Rainy Night,” Eddie Rabbitt sings about the transformative power of a rainy night. He starts by describing how he enjoys being outside in the rain and moonlight and then explains how that feeling can carry over into other areas of life.

“Smoky Mountain Rain” by Ronnie Milsap

Song Year: 1980

Ronnie Milsap's “Smoky Mountain Rain” is about a man who travels to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams but comes home to find that his girlfriend has left him. Although he is hurt by her decision to leave, he doesn't blame her for it—he knows how hard it must have been for her to stay while he was gone.

“Naked in the Rain” by Loretta Lynn

Song Year: 1980

Loretta Lynn's “Naked in the Rain” is a song about the singer's desire to be released from the pain in her life. She says if rain showers worked to remove bad memories, then she'd take off her clothes and let the rain do its work. The nakedness describes her desperation to be rid of heartache.

“Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain” by The Judds

Song Year: 1985

The Judds' song “Rockin' with the Rhythm of the Rain” is a love song about two people who are enjoying being together on a porch swing, listening to the rain. It's a very sweet song, and it's easy to imagine yourself sitting on your porch listening to the rain with someone you care about.

“I'm No Stranger to the Rain” by Keith Whitley

Song Year: 1989

This song describes how the artist endured a lot in his life and lost many people. But he's still here, and he's not letting the pain get him down. He’ll keep living the best way he can, even if it means going through rain and thunder.

“Rainy Night in Georgia” by Conway Twitty and Sam Moore

Song Year: 1994

The song “Rainy Night in Georgia” was written by Tony Joe White and Brook Benton, but most people know it from Conway Twitty and Sam Moore's country-fried cover. The song is about a lonely man who's looking for a place to sleep after his lover has broken up with him. There's no one else on his mind as he searches around town for somewhere to stay.

“The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 1995

The song “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks is about an unfaithful husband. The woman in the song is worried about her husband because of a rainstorm, but then she realizes that he has perfume on him. She keeps the emotional storm inside herself rather than confronting him about his infidelity and ruining their relationship.

“Like the Rain” by Clint Black

Song Year: 1996

The song “Like the Rain” by Clint Black is a hopeful, positive song about enduring life's hardships with his partner. The singer compares falling rain to falling in love and says that the world would be empty without the two of them.

“Steady as the Rain” by Dolly Parton

Song Year: 1999

The narrator of this song is a woman who has recently been left by her significant other. She compares the tears she cries to an unrelenting rainfall. She appears to be struggling with letting go of him.

“Bring On the Rain” by Jo Dee Messina and Tim McGraw

Song Year: 2000

“Bring On the Rain” by Jo Dee Messina and Tim McGraw is a song about how hard life can be, but it is also hopeful and passionate about the future. The singer compares the difficulty to rain, saying that she is thirsty for more life.

“She's My Kind of Rain” by Tim McGraw

"She's My Kind of Rain" by Tim McGraw

Song Year: 2002

The song “She's My Kind of Rain” was written by Tommy Lee James and Robin Lerner. It was recorded for McGraw's album Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors. The song is about a man comparing his wife, Faith Hill, to rain. While the song doesn't have a literal meaning, it does use strong imagery to convey what it means to be in love with someone.

“Raining on Sunday” by Keith Urban

Song Year: 2002

“Raining on Sunday” is a song about a difficult life and how it never lets up except when the singer and his love are together. The chorus talks about how they take shelter together from the rain that falls every day.

“I Wish I Were the Rain” by SHeDAISY

Song Year: 2002

The song opens with the singer describing a relationship with a lover that is not working out. She wishes she were the rain because she has the freedom to move and act in authentic ways, unlike herself.

“Songs About Rain” by Gary Allan

Song Year: 2003

The singer is heartbroken over the fact that his ex, whom he still loves, got married recently. He says he's been listening to sad country songs about rain (including several from this list) and being alone to help him through the pain.

“Georgia Rain” by Trisha Yearwood

Song Year: 2005

“Georgia Rain” by Trisha Yearwood is a song about falling in love during a rainstorm. It's set in rural Georgia and features quintessential dirt roads, trucks, fields, and old houses. The narrator reminisces about being young and falling in love with her boyfriend during a rainstorm.

“When It Rains” by Eli Young Band

Song Year: 2005

“When It Rains” by the Eli Young Band is a song about being sad and lonely whenever rain comes down. The singer embraces being depressed and doesn't try to find any metaphorical meaning in the rain. He just wants to be alone as he embraces his sadness.

“Rain Is a Good Thing” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2010

This song starts by talking about farmers and how they're constantly concerned about the weather forecast for their crops. He mentions that rain and farming make whiskey possible before suggesting that men hunt down women and ply them with alcohol before sexual experiences.

“Let It Rain” by David Nail

Song Year: 2011

This song was played in the last scene of the film, The Last Kiss. It's about Zach Braff cheating on his fiancée and getting thrown out into the rain, where he realizes that he ruined everything. Rain is a metaphor for guilt in this song—Zach has it coming down on him like rain.

“Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)” by Gary Allan

Song Year: 2013

Gary Allan’s “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)” compares a rainstorm to difficult situations in life but offers hope because eventually, rainstorms stop, so it'll get better. This song parallels “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison, which also contains these themes. He says that things may seem hopeless, and you might want to give up—but the pain is just temporary.

“Save It for a Rainy Day” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 2014

The singer experiences the heartbreak of his significant other leaving him. He rallies and continues with life despite his sadness, but he misses all the good times they had. He drinks and spends time with friends, finds a new girl, and decides to be sad about it later.

“When It Rains It Pours” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2017

This song by Luke Combs tells the tale of a man who discovers that his significant other has left him because he behaved like an adolescent. After she leaves, he fully indulges in immature behavior. He wins a prize on the radio, money on scratch-off tickets, golf, and a 4×4. He feels like the universe has blessed him with all this opportunity because she left.

Country Songs About Rain, Final Thoughts

Rain is one of the most used metaphors in country music. It's both a natural phenomenon and an emotion-filled metaphor for a wide array of stories. Rain shows up across several song topics, including love, heartbreak, spirituality, transformation, and even longing for a Southern home.

If you're looking for some great country songs about rain to listen to during your next shower (with or without an umbrella), this list is sure to assist you!

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