9 Best Online Singing Lessons 2024

Best Online Singing Lessons

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Are you new to singing?

Maybe you have some experience but you’re looking for ways improve.

Or maybe you have years of experience behind you and want to hone your craft further.

There’s no denying that it’s never been easier or more convenient to find online lessons you can take from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. And they really do work!

No doubt you’ve started doing some looking around, but maybe you’re not sure which lessons to take yet.

Well, even if you don’t know anything, you’re in the right place at the right time, because in this guide, we look at the best online singing lessons available and offer an in-depth review of each. You virtually can’t go wrong with these!

30 Day Singer – Best Overall

30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer promises to be “easy, fast, and fun,” and with their online platform, you can take lessons online, at home, and work through them at your own pace.

They promise to help you get real results in as little as 30 days, which is a bold claim (and the only lesson provider making such a claim), but if you put in the work, and follow through on the homework they give you, you should certainly see a difference in the allotted time.

In addition to online lessons, they also offer live streams, private lessons, and a forum to support you on your vocal journey. It’s always nice to see extra support in this regard.

Their pricing plans are relatively simple – you can get access to preview lessons for free, or upgrade to a reasonable monthly ($29.95 per month) or annual ($10.75 per month with four bonus gifts) membership. The only difference between the two membership plans is the gifts you get for going with the annual plan.

Although we are jumping the gun here, we strongly feel 30 Day Singer offers the best lessons of any online course. Whether you’re a new singer or someone with a bit of experience under your belt, it’s worth having a look inside 30 Day Singer to see what they have to offer.

Who Are The Instructors?

I've covered this more in-depth in my review, but here’s an overview of the 30 Day Singer instructors:

  • Camille van Niekerk. From Southern California, Niekerk is a singer and writer who started her own private vocal studio.
  • Jonathan Estabrooks. Award-winning Canadian performer and Julliard graduate Jonathan Estabrooks performs in operas, musical theatre, as well as crossover genres.
  • O&O. O&O refers to London based Israeli American duo featuring vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Obadiah James and Israeli vocalist Orian Peled.
  • Jon Statham. After living in New York and Los Angeles, singer and performer Jon Statham settled in Nashville, where he’s worked with the likes of Rod Stewart and June Carter Cash.
  • Reagan James. Reagan James is an award-winning R&B singer-songwriter.
  • Mark Mekailian. LA-based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Mark Mekailian has studied under Grammy-award winners and acclaimed vocal coaches.
  • Abram Poliakoff. Abram Poliakoff is a teacher of over eight years. He has experience as a singer, pianist, guitarist, composer, and conductor.
  • Andy Steadman. LA-based Andy Steadman is a singer, public speaker, and music producer.

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

Included in the membership are:

  • Beginner courses
  • Advanced courses
  • Singing tricks and techniques
  • Warm-ups and vocal health lessons

There are three beginner courses, which are as follows:

  • 30 Day Beginner Course with Camille
  • 30 Day Beginner Course with Jonathan Estabrooks
  • 30 Day Singer Course for Beginners with Jon Statham

Additionally, there are 18 advanced singing lessons, 14 technique lessons, and 16 vocal warmup and health lessons.

Overall, it’s a healthy body of content without going too overboard.

And let’s face it, even though warmups and vocal health might seem like it would fall under the category of “fundamentals,” it’s critical for all vocalists to have a strong understanding of their voice to keep their voice health in check, especially if you’re a touring musician.

At one point, Metallica’s James Hetfield had to take vocal lessons to get his voice back. Singers like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Freddie Mercury are known to have developed vocal nodules, and others like Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, and Keith Urban all had their nodules surgically treated!

Either way, 30 Day Singer offers ongoing support around these modules with private lessons, and even a forum.

Beginner and intermediate students alike will have a great deal to dig into inside 30 Day Singer, and there is something for more advanced learners too, especially if you’re looking to work on specific aspects of your technique.

Who Is It For?

If you’re looking to improve your singing voice, then 30 Day Singer is worth a look.

They have lessons for beginners, intermediates, and even advanced singers who want to specialize in their craft. Not to mention, their lessons are offered by a skilled and experienced team of singers, teachers, and performers who understand the ins and outs of music.

In addition to beginner and advanced lessons, as well as vocal warmup and health related lessons, you can also go to 30 Day Singer to learn to harmonize, sing in an a cappella group, and even sing and play piano, guitar, or ukulele at the same time (often considered difficult by skilled singers and instrumentalists).

In summary, there isn’t anything to lose, especially given how the 30 Day Singer program is priced!



Singorama promises to help you sing like a pro, extend your vocal range, increase your vocal strength, improve your pitch, and more. Even if you don’t have any experience, time, or a dedicated (and sometimes costly) coach, Singorama claims to be able to help you become a better vocalist.

Singorama has multiple product offers built around vocals and songwriting, including Singorama 2.0, Superior Songwriting, and their Platinum Inner Circle, which includes eight new interactive audio vocal coaching lessons. Our focus here, of course, will be on the vocal lessons.

Signorama 2.0 is available for $67 along with multiple bonuses, Superior Songwriting costs $49.95, and the Platinum Inner Circle subscription is available for $3 for the first month, then $27 per month (although Platinum Inner Circle can be added on as a bonus for Singorama 2.0).

Singorama was created by Australian singer and songwriter Melanie Alexander, though this fact isn’t emphasized on their website, and you would need to do a little bit of digging to learn more about her. That’s either a pro or a con depending on how you look at things, but there are still plenty of satisfied members of Singorama, and personality, in this case, is secondary to that.

If you wish, you can also opt in for their free mini singing course in exchange for your name and email address. That gives you an opportunity to try before you buy, and makes it a good 30 Day Singer alternative.

Who Are The Instructors?

There isn’t a strong emphasis on Singorama instructor Melanie Alexander, but they are nevertheless a popular solution for those looking to improve their vocals, and plenty of satisfied customers have offered their feedback and testimonials publicly. Check out the reviews for yourself if in doubt!

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

Singorama 2.0 comes with 28 audio lessons, along with several bonuses – Singorama’s own “mini” recording studio software, Singorama advancement app with over 120 tracks of vocal warmups and technique lessons, audio vocal warmups, audio vocal strengthening exercises, audio range extension exercises, and audio interval training for singers.

You can add Platinum Inner Circle to your order if you want ongoing support and additional homework to develop your voice.

Who Is It For?

Singorama is the very essence of a “home study” program. It relies more on audio than on video content. And given that singing requires you to train your ear, this is not a bad thing by any means. But if you’d prefer to work through video content and work better with visual cues, there is the chance that Singorama won’t be for you.

In terms of skill level, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced vocalist. There is something here for everyone, with plenty of content to keep you engaged. Plus, you can opt to have new content delivered to your doorstep ongoingly (Platinum Inner Circle).

As with any program, there are no quick fixes. You should expect to put the work in if you want to improve as a singer, and that’s going to take discipline and persistence. Beware of over-practicing, though, as it is possible to overuse your vocals and even damage your vocal cords. Short, consistent, daily practice is key.

Regardless, if you want to study from home and take things at your own pace, this is a great program to have ready at your fingertips.

Roger Love Singing Academy

Roger Love Singing Academy

Roger Love claims to be the top vocal coach in America, and for good reason. He’s helped the likes of John Mayer, EMINEM, Jonas Brothers, Maroon 5, The Killers, The Beach Boys, and many other luminaries.

Just because you’ve worked with celebrity singers doesn’t automatically make you the best, of course. But Roger Love Singing Academy has served over 130,000 satisfied customers. So, that adds credence to their claim.

Upon visiting the website, you will be prompted to download four free training videos in exchange for your name and email. And if you want to check things out before diving in with both feet, that may well be a solid option for you.

Of course, there is more information on instructor Roger Love (as well as his method) on the website in case you want to learn about him. We will be offering a summary of his experience and credentials below.

Love claims his program is worth over $10,000 of value. We’ll leave that claim up to you to decide.

As with many providers, he offers a three-tier program depending on where you’re starting, and what you’d like to accomplish:

  • Level 1: $197 for 35 video lessons. Intro to chest, middle, and head voices, eliminating pitch problems, singing vibrato, playing instruments, overcoming stage fright (no sight-reading required).
  • Level 1 & 2: $297 for 70 video lessons. All the above plus intermediate breathing techniques, mouth positioning tips and tricks, advanced vibrato, singing rock, pop, and country, how to audition, and how to choose the right songs.
  • Level 1, 2 & 3: $497 for over 100 video lessons. All the above plus developing stage presence, microphone techniques, connecting with an audience, and developing originality.

Who Are The Instructors?

As a vocal producer, Roger Love has helped create over 100 million CD sales globally. He has also penned three top selling books, created various online and video programs, and has even appeared on four major network TV shows. He’s the vocal coach behind the hit TV show Glee.

His work includes the films Walk the Line and Crazy Heart, and he has also worked with celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Of course, his impact in the music industry is also considerable, with clients like Nicole Scherzinger, Selena Gomez, Rob Thomas, Def Leppard, Toto, Chicago, Mandy Moore, Hanson, Billy Idol, Phish, and others.

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

The Level 1 program features 35 video lessons.

The Level 1 & 2 program comes with 70 video lessons.

The Level 1, 2 & 3 program comes with over 100 video lessons.

Overall, Roger Love’s offer is comparable and competitive with others reviewed here.

Who Is It For?

With an impressive list of clients in the entertainment industry, the Roger Love method has obviously worked for superstar musicians and celebrity singers alike. It has even gained attention from singers at all levels.

If you were looking for a way to whip your voice into shape fast, I would trust this man to lead you there, because he has no doubt had to work with untrained vocalists on tight deadlines in the past to ensure they were ready for those critical career moments.

His program is reportedly best suited to beginners, but of course, his more advanced courses do cover more sophisticated and complex techniques as well.

Beginners would be well-advised to check out Roger Love Singing Academy.

ArtistWorks Online Singing Lessons – Learn How To Sing

ArtistWorks Online Singing Lessons – Learn How To Sing

ArtistWorks offers courses for a variety of instruments, including guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, piano, as well as various strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments, and even hip-hop scratch. Of course, their voice program has also come into its own.

At ArtistWorks, you can gain access to veteran instructors, warmups, ensemble singing lessons, as well as bluegrass and country specific vocal lessons.

ArtistWorks offers three plans:

  • 3 Month Plan: $35 per month.
  • 6 Month Plan: $30 per month.
  • 12 Month Plan: $23.25 per month.

You get unlimited access to lessons at every level, but the 6 Month Plan also gives you 25 backing tracks (for instruments), and the 12 Month Plan gives you VIP Bonus Content.

Though, if you only want to access the vocal lessons, they do appear to have separate plans (price points noted below).

Who Are The Instructors?

The short answer is that it depends on which program you engage in. The longer answer is as follows:

Bluegrass Vocals

Michael Daves heads up Bluegrass Vocals. He has collaborated with the likes of Steve Martin, Chris Thille, Rosanne Cash, and Tony Trischka among others.

Daves is also known for his adept guitar playing and is a sought-after vocal teacher, who’s been teaching with ArtistWorks since 2016.

You can get access to Bluegrass Vocals with the three-month plan at $105, the six-month plan at $179, and the 12-month plan at $279.

Country Vocals

Grammy-winning recording artist Lari White teaches country vocals for ArtistWorks. She established The Holler recording studio in Nashville, which has become a go-to creative environment for musicians and songwriters across all genres.

The late and great White started teaching with ArtistWorks from 2016, until she passed in January 2018.

You can get access to Country Vocals with the $29 one-month plan.

Singing Lessons

ArtistWorks’ own Singing Lessons archive features hundreds of online video lessons. The initiative is headed up by Jeannie Deva, who has helped thousands of students across the world improve their vocals.

Deva’s clients include multi-platinum record artists, Grammy Award winners, and leads in Broadway shows. Deva taught with ArtistWorks until her passing in 2016.

You can get access to Singing Lessons with the $29 one-month plan.

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

As you’re about to see, ArtistWorks offers a large library of lessons for the aspiring singer.

Bluegrass Vocals

The Bluegrass Vocals course features beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. Here is a breakdown of how many lessons are available in each category:

  • Beginner: 40 lessons
  • Intermediate: 46 lessons
  • Advanced: 29 lessons

Country Vocals

The Country Vocals lesson plan is as follows:

  • Level 1: 62 lessons
  • Level 2: 38 lessons
  • Level 3: 16 lessons
  • Level 4: 6 lessons

Singing Lessons

Here are the various categories available in Singing Lessons:

  • Getting Started: 7 lessons
  • Vocal Warm-Ups & Cool Downs: 17 lessons
  • Quick Fix Exercises: 8 lessons
  • Singing Songs Better: 24 lessons
  • Keeping Your Voice Healthy: 7 lessons
  • The Secrets to Natural Breath Control: 9 lessons
  • Singing Secrets: 4 lessons
  • Freeing Your Voice: 6 lessons
  • Expanding Your Range: 3 lessons
  • Building Your Voice: 2 lessons
  • Working With Style: 6 lessons
  • Singing Embellishments: 3 lessons
  • Song Performance & Development: 6 lessons
  • Auditions: 10 lessons
  • Working With Your Mic and Sound Equipment: 4 lessons
  • Harmony & Group Singing: 13 lessons

Who Is It For?

At ArtistWorks, you’ll have the opportunity to get personalized feedback from experienced vocal coaches. That’s quite the benefit!

The courses are full of rich, detailed content that’s sure to give you an in-depth look into all areas of singing. With the sheer number of lessons available, you aren’t likely to run out of things to work on any time soon.

As usual, there is a bit of a gap between beginner-oriented material and advanced material. As you might expect, the rudiments won’t be of much interest to more experienced vocalists.

Additionally, while there is plenty of material to keep you engaged and improving your vocals, much of ArtistWorks’ content is reportedly beginner oriented.  

So, while we can’t wholeheartedly recommend it to singers with more experience, beginners should certainly have a look at what ArtistWorks has to offer.

The Deva Method

The Deva Method

One of the vocal pillars of ArtistWorks, Jeannie Deva, created her own voice studio in the form of The Deva Method, another amazing source of lessons for aspiring and growing vocalists. A lifetime of knowledge and experience went into creating the many resources found on the website, making it another essential pick.

The Deva Method promises to be able to help you increase your range and volume, improve tone and control, eliminate register break, help you overcome confusion and frustration, and help you gain the confidence you need to sing freely and confidently, even if you don't have tonsils.

Thousands of singers and voice teachers across the world have taken advantage of The Deva Method, which is based on the body’s natural sound production system.

If you’d like to see how the Deva Method works or get a taste before diving into any of the programs, you can download the free warmups eBook.

Who Are The Instructors?

Jeannie Deva utilizes a proven, scientific system to help students produce results with their voice. Some of her celebrity client list includes Pink, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Shania Twain, among others.

Deva has over five decades of experience in singing, working with a broad range of clients whose names you’re sure to know (in addition to the ones already mentioned). Deva is a Berklee College of Music graduate, has made TV appearances, and is a noted clinician too.

As noted earlier, Deva passed in 2016, but her staff continues to maintain and support her website and products, and her method is still widely utilized.

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

The Deva Method website is packed with various tools and resources to help vocalists unlock their full potential – books and CDs, digital downloads, and voice consultation services.

All resources are priced quite reasonably, as they are in the $10.95 to $104.85 range.

The best bang for buck, as we see it, is the Contemporary Vocalist 1&2 plus Warm-up CD bundle for $104.85. This is a complete program that will help you develop your range, control, and confidence as a vocalist. It includes a 175-page illustrated book along with eight audio CDs containing instruction and exercises.

Who Is It For?

The Deva Method is a comprehensive technique that gives you a strong understanding of how your body and voice naturally work together. When you gain these core fundamentals, you’ll be more skilled and adept at working with your body to produce the best results possible.

Thousands of people respect, and have gotten results with, the Deva Method. Students were able to improve their voice by making simple adjustments, and some customers even said Deva’s method was the best they’d ever tried.

In addition to the home study programs, you can find additional support with the previously mentioned voice consultation services, as well as personal lessons with qualified Deva Method teachers, including Jennifer Truesdale, Tricia Kelly-Orlando, as well as at the Jeannie Deva Voice Studios in Los Angeles and Australia.

If you want to learn how the voice works relative to the body, find your voice, and cut through the noise (dispel commonly held singing myths), this is an excellent method to try.

From beginner to advanced, there’s something here for everyone, but as with anything, you will need to put the work in to get results!

The Vocalist Studio

The Vocalist Studio

The Vocalist Studio claims to train “vocal athletes.” They offer science-backed lessons to help you train your voice, gain vocal freedom, increase your range, and develop your personal artistic expression.

Their promise is to help you bridge and connect your voice (from chest to head), win auditions, master your head voice, find “the key position,” and more.

The copy on their website focuses aggressively on the common challenges and pains experienced by vocalists as they seek to land gigs and carve out a space for themselves in the world. We’re not going to say one way or another whether that’s a good or bad thing, but we thought it might be worth mentioning.

Who Are The Instructors?

Vocal coach, clinician, author, and singer Robert Lunte is the founder of The Vocalist Studio. Lunte studied with Maestro David P. Kyle, Professor Dr. David Alt, Peter Egan, and Steven Fraser. He’s the author and producer of The Four Pillars of Singing. His method, the TVS Method is being utilized across 175 countries.

Master TVS Instructor Draven Grey also teaches multiple courses. He’s a musician, voice coach, author, and music career coach.

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

The Vocalist Studio offers multiple resources for singers. Here’s the rundown:

  • The Four Pillars of Singing. This is TVS’ flagship course that teaches you healthy vocal techniques. It costs $199.
  • Belting in the Head Voice. Just as it sounds – a course that teaches you how to belt it in your head voice. This course costs $149.
  • The Vocal Athlete Package. The Four Pillars of Singing and Belting in the Head Voice in one convenient package. $329 value.
  • The Four Pillars of Singing Hardcopy & eBook. The book that started it all. Available for $179.
  • Rock Singing Complete. Taught by Draven Grey, this course focuses on power, range, and confidence. $149 value.
  • Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming: Vocal distortion, rasp, rattle, grit, screaming, and even growling. Taught by Draven Grey, and available for $149.
  • The Extreme Vocalist Package: Course bundle including Rock Singing Complete and Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming by Draven Grey. $249 value.

The Vocalist Studio also offers vocal consultations for those looking for some extra help:

  • 1 Hour –$300
  • 3 Hours – $800
  • 6 Hours – $1,500
  • 3 Hours – $2,500

Who Is It For?

The Vocal Studio offers an in-depth curriculum, covering all aspects of singing, as well as tips and tricks to help you on your journey.

In his program, Lunte addresses common singing myths before getting to the core fundamentals and vocal exercises.

From there, you get to connect your head voice to your chest voice, and more.

Singers with some experience are most likely to get something out of The Vocal Studio’s program. This isn’t to suggest beginners won’t benefit from it, but the concepts being taught can be a little confusing and complex for newbies.

The program is focused around helping singers with some skill and experience find breakthroughs with their voice and take their vocal ability to the next level of mastery.

$149 for a hardcover and eBook bundle seems a tad exorbitant, though Lunte certainly wouldn’t be the first in the music business to price his book higher than most.

Honorary Mention: Yousician

Honorary Mention: Yousician

If you frequently browse music related content and watch singing lessons on YouTube, chances are the name Yousician has crossed your path once or twice. Though they are best known for serving guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele, they also offer singing lessons on their platform.

This app features fun, interactive singing lessons for those who are interested in learning on the go.

With Yousician, you can learn at your own pace, get instant feedback (the app tracks the accuracy of your singing), and it doesn’t t require any additional equipment or complicated dongles to use.

Who Are The Instructors?

The Yousician staff.

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

Yousician has 1,000s of lessons, exercises, and videos, in addition to a full library of popular songs you can learn to play.

The app is free to try, but the cost of subscription is also quite affordable, at $9.99 for a yearly subscription, or $19.99 for a monthly subscription.

Who Is It For?

The Yousician app is cross platform compatible (iOS, Android, and PC). You don’t need any extra equipment to use it on your smart devices, laptop, desktop, or otherwise.

The lessons are fun, engaging, and overall, easy to follow. That makes Yousician a fun choice for beginners.

Yousician effectively gamifies the learning experience, which means it could be appealing to children too.

Their lessons cover quite a bit more than you might expect – melody, harmony, pitch control, ear training, and more. They also have warmups and exercises, and you can learn the fundamentals of music with their app too.

When working on specific songs, you can transpose them to a comfortable key, even slow them down if you so desire. This customizability is great.

Overall, it’s a solid app for beginner and intermediate vocalists alike, though it’s clearly best for beginners.

Other Singing Lessons To Check Out

There are plenty of other online singing lessons and memberships out there, and I haven’t yet tried them all. But this section is for such lesson that I plan on trying out in future, but just haven’t yet.

Feel free to check them out, as you may find one perfectly suits your needs:

Make Singing Click by Singwell

Singwell Online Singing Lessons

Make Singing Click is a singing-related course by opera singer Linor Oren. In it she aims to offer a more personalized service than most, focusing on helping you specifically with what you need to learn. As you can see, Linor really knows how to sing:

You can check out her YouTube channel for the kind of lessons she offers, and if you like what you see, you may want to check out her course.

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing MasterClass – Expert Tuition

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing MasterClass

In this MasterClass, you get complete, unrestricted access to the illustrious Christina Aguilera, who offers her best tips on expressing yourself through singing – and this course is so much more than just warmups and lessons!

Say what you will about her body of work (which you might not be a fan of), her reputation (from clean to “Dirrty”) or otherwise. Aguilera is one of those rare singers who doesn’t rely on lip syncing, has a great range, can really belt out a note, is creatively expressive, and gives it her all at every performance.

And in this program, you get an inside view into her unique singing style, techniques, and performance philosophy (which includes “throwing out the rulebook,” a rather refreshing take on singing).

To get access to this program, you will need to sign up with MasterClass.

MasterClass offers three plans – Standard at $20 per month, Plus for $27 per month, and Premium for $30 per month. Note that these prices are seasonal and may not represent standard pricing for MasterClass membership (which has been known to change periodically).

That said, their subscription program gives you access to all their masterclasses across a variety of categories, like business, writing, and food. So, if you’re interested in what they have on offer, the cost of membership is easily worthwhile.

Summarily, Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing is one of the best online programs available for singers of every skill level and we highly recommend it.

Who Are The Instructors?

Christina Aguilera is an American singer-songwriter who is sometimes referred to as the “Voice of a Generation” (I think we can come up with a better name than that!).

She was born in New York City and raised in Pennsylvania. After signing with RCA Records, her self-titled debut album earned three Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles.

With roughly 75 million records sold, Aguilera is one of the top selling artists across the globe. She has won five Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, two MTV Video Music Awards, a Billboard Music Awards, a Guinness World Record, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has even been recognized as a Disney Legend. And that’s essentially the CliffsNotes version. Here achievements don’t stop there.

Aguilera’s relatively small body of work has earned her all these distinctions and more. Her discography includes:

  • Christina Aguilera (1999)
  • Mi Reflejo (2000)
  • My Kind of Christmas (2000)
  • Stripped (2002)
  • Back to Basics (2006)
  • Bionic (2010)
  • Lotus (2012)
  • Liberation (2018)

How Many Modules / Lessons Are There?

The Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing MasterClass lessons include:

  • Introduction (02:52)
  • Christina’s Inspiration (13:08)
  • Warming Up (09:02)
  • Protecting Your Voice (11:27)
  • Range (10:02)
  • Student Sessions: Pop Style (12:32)
  • Student Sessions: Simplify (09:07)
  • Student Sessions: Rock Style (06:42)
  • Diction (08:05)
  • Mastering Vocal Techniques (12:33)
  • Playing With Textures and Tones (15:24)
  • Duets Part 1: Rehearsal Prep (09:14)
  • Duets Part 2: Perfecting the Performance (13:02)
  • The Beat (07:06)
  • Studio Microphones (11:55)
  • Performance Anxiety (08:25)
  • Singing It Live (15:55)
  • Overcoming Mistakes (09:01)
  • Advice for Artists (10:32)
  • Self-Expression (06:42)
  • Christina’s Journey (11:37)
  • Closing (02:08)

That’s roughly three and a half hours of video content.

Who Is It For?

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing is an exceptional program for singers who take their craft seriously.

After all, to a professional, singing isn’t just about singing. It’s about microphone technique, performance, emphasizing certain notes or certain phrases, drawing the emotion out of the melody, creating texture and color, developing an inner sense of rhythm, and other more nuanced, finer skills that take years, if not a lifetime to master. And Aguilera gets into all of this and more.

In this MasterClass, you will discover for yourself that even a master like Aguilera still does her warmups faithfully and diligently, takes care of her voice, and even bumps up against performance anxiety from time to time.

The course offers even more, in terms of advice for artists, self-expression, and a look into Aguilera’s career journey.

Singers at any level will benefit from this exceptional program.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that if you don’t take singing that seriously, or have no intention of going that deep, this MasterClass will give you more than asked for. Not a bad thing by any means, but you should know what to expect going in. Three and a half hours is quite a bit of time to dedicate to the craft of singing.

Conclusion: What Are The Best Online Singing Lessons?

While there are a lot of choices, the best online singing lessons for most people will be 30 Day Singer. They offer high-quality vocal lessons from respected singing teachers, and they help you to learn to sing from home.

The fundamentals of good signing technique basically never change. And that’s why learning the fundamentals of proper procedure is so essential to your success as a vocalist. It’s also where an outside perspective can make a big difference.

Each teacher has their own unique approach. Or, they have a different way of explaining the same concepts. Thus, different people resonate with their work.

Ultimately, we can’t tell you which online singing lessons are right for you. 30 Day Singer and Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing are our top picks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for everybody, or that the other courses and programs reviewed here aren’t also worthwhile. At least most programs give you a way of dipping your toes in without buying a thing.

The great news today is good vocal lessons don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. You don’t need to commute to and from a vocal studio to work on your voice. And you can go at your own pace and at your own convenience. No one pushing you to do the work unless you ask for it (with consultations and coaching).

We wish you all the best on your singing journey.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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