15 Sad TikTok Songs

TikTok is one of the best platforms to create videos using different songs. It features some of the best songs from different genres worldwide, and people use them to join trends.

Whereas most people use TikTok to express love and happiness, others use the platform to create sad content during the low moments in their life.

Here are our favorite sad TikTok songs.

“Surrender” by Natalie Taylor

Song Year: 2015

If you are looking for a song to build up your emotions and tap into your saddest feelings, consider listening to Surrender. In the song, the artist addresses her husband, John Howard. If you listen keenly, you may conclude that the singer and her husband may not be together.

 Although the song was released in 2015, it wasn't until 2020 that it achieved global success after many people started using it on TikTok.

Moreover, the general quality of the song is admirable, with many elegant sonic features and an emotional video.

“Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi

Song Year: 2019

Lewis wrote this song based on his own sad experience. He also released an accompanying emotional video to make his viewers resonate more with his song.

One interesting fact about the song is that Lewis was not the only one involved in the writing process. The artist did the song alongside others like Ben Kohn, Tom Barnes, Plested, and Pete Kelleher.

Most people usually relate the song to a breakup. However, Lewis revealed the song is about suicide. He talks about the aftereffects when a loved one commits suicide, like blaming yourself for their death.

Throughout the song, Lewis wonders if there is anything he could have done to prevent it. Lewis wrote this song as a memory of his aunt, who committed suicide when he was young.

“You Were Good to Me” by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

Song Year: 2019

Breakups are part of life, and you may experience one in your lifetime. Dealing with a breakup can be difficult. Sometimes you may want to sit with your feelings and cry.

The lyrics and video are calming and can help you through a hard time. Besides delving into the feelings of people who have lost a loved one, You Were Good to Me has some meaningful lessons.

You will realize that not all breakups are bitter if you watch the video. Some breakups allow you to reflect and be thankful for the experience.

“Be Alright” by Dean Lewis

Song year: 2018

Another song featuring on our saddest TikTok songs selection is Be Alright by Dean Lewis. The song can help you create a sad TikTok video if you are dealing with a painful breakup.

In this song, Dean talks about an emotional breakup with his girlfriend. He laments about having to deal with sadness after the breakup. Lewis wants his ex-girlfriend back since the relationship means a lot to him, but she is no longer interested in the relationship.

Dean goes to his friend for advice, who tells him to face reality and move on since the relationship is over. Dean reassures and tells him that he will finally be alright, as perfectly demonstrated in the video.

“To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra

Song Year: 2007

Doing things with your significant other shows love and may strengthen your relationship. However, when a relationship ends, so many things crumble down. People dealing with such issues find this song relatable.

The song talks about a person grieving when their relationship ends. Its music video is unique since it includes euthanasia themes. Andrew Griffin directed the video featuring Julia Ford and Peter Mullan.

“Dancing on My Own” by Calum Scott

Song year: 2016

Sometimes life can throw unexpected challenges at you. You may be deeply in love with someone, and one day they wake up and want to move on with another person. Such experiences are difficult to deal with, and no words can comfort you.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, Dancing on My Own can fit your situation. Swedish singer and songwriter Robyn originally wrote the song.

Dancing on my own describes how someone feels when they can't get over an ex-lover. It conjures up images of Scott in a club, watching his old lover dance with his new girlfriend, but he is in the corner, wishing to say goodbye and get closure though the video is quite different.

“Heartbreak Anniversary” by Giveon

Song Year: 2020

Giveon is a songwriter who has mastered the art of writing sad songs. His song Heartbreak Anniversary is among the songs with hundreds of million views online.

Although the song was released in 2020, it became a sleeper hit in early 2021, and its video was subsequently released.

Most people like this song because they can resonate with its lyrics. It talks about someone having difficulty getting over their ex and missing them. Although the person doesn't think about the ex-lover all the time, the feelings creep in occasionally.

“She Used To Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles

Song Year: 2015

Losing yourself is part of life's challenges. Although you may feel like your life is over, you can still rise and get back to your old self.

She Used to Be Mine music video is about a young waitress dealing with an abusive husband and an unwanted pregnancy. She is utterly lost, and her grief and desperation have made it nearly impossible for her to recall who she is on the inside. She is grieving but starts to gain confidence later on.

The song's lyrics remind you that everyone has something good, but imperfections may prevent you from realizing how good you are.

“Let Somebody Go” by Coldplay & Selena Gomez

“Let Somebody Go” by Coldplay & Selena Gomez

Song Year: 2021

Let Somebody Go is also among a great sad TikTok song to help you get through a breakup.

Chris Martin sings about how two people can share some of life's most treasured moments and still not end up together just because it wasn't meant to be.

Selena Gomez acts as the female voice in the music video. She remembers the problems they have gone through as a couple and how strong they have grown together. However, when the time comes to let go, there is not much they can do.

“The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry

Song Year: 2011

Your first love is one of the most beautiful experiences. Although you may want the love to last, some things may force you to end the relationship. At some point, you may wonder how life could have been if the love didn't end.

The One That Got Away is a song that perfectly describes this situation. In the music< video, Perry remembers how she and her boyfriend got matching tattoos on their 18th birthday and even stole their parents' liquor.

However, the two are no longer together. The boyfriend seems to have broken up with her and removed the tattoo.

Katy Perry wishes they could continue with their love and promises they could have spent their lives together if they did things differently.

“Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

Song Year: 2018

Completely forgetting about your ex-lover is impossible since you once shared a special part of your life with this person. Therefore, as expressed in the song's video, you may find yourself missing them.

Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi perfectly describes this situation, and you can use it to create a sad TikTok video after a breakup.

Although the song is about a breakup, it doesn't reveal much about the relationship or how it ended. Lewis says how much he misses his ex-lover and the benefits he used to enjoy in the relationship. He seems to be in a dark place and needs emotional support. However, no one can assist him.

As opposed to popular belief, Lewis said the song was about his grandmother in his speech at the 2020 BRIT awards.

“This City” by Sam Fischer

Song Year: 2018

Although moving to a new city can be an exciting experience, it also comes with various challenges, including feeling lonely.

Sam wrote this song when he was having a hard time. In the song, he talks about how he was lonely in LA and was slowly losing himself.

At first, the song was not a hit. Only his loyal fans loved the song despite famous artists like Meghan Trainor and Lewis Capaldi sharing it. However, the song became popular in 2020 when it was featured on TikTok. That same year, Sam released a video for the song.

“Left and Right” by Charlie Puth

Song Year: 2022

If you have recently gone through a breakup, Left and Right should not miss out on your playlist. The song is addressed to a girl that broke up with the protagonist.

Despite the relationship ending, Charlie and Jungkook find themselves wrapped up in the memories of the previous relationship.

Although the song is about a breakup, the two artists don't sing with too much sadness. The video shows Jungkook and Charlie visiting a therapist to help them deal with their lovesickness.

This song was received with a lot of hype since it was released after BTS announced that they had broken up indefinitely to concentrate on their solo projects.

“Say Something by A Great Big World” & Christina Aguilera

Song Year: 2013

If you are a pop fan, you have probably come across Say Something. Although A Great Big World was the original writer, the song was not well known until Christina Aguilera performed it on The Voice.

After that, the duo collaborated with Christina and recorded the song with a video later on. It became popular and won the Grammy award in 2015.

Say Something is a song that depicts the challenges of someone who has lost hope in a relationship. In the song, the person tries to persuade their significant other to say something and save the relationship.

This song displays raw emotions and many timeless features that improve its replay value. Many people use it in relatable TikTok videos to convey a heartfelt message about relationship struggles.

“Walls Talking” by Kevin Gates

Song Year: 2019

The main message of this song is mental health issues. The artist talks about some of the mental problems that he dealt with and how music helped him cope with the situation.

In the music video, Kevin emphasizes the theme of the song. He reimages some of the darkest memories of his life that shaped his life. The video begins with Kevin in a tiny room with shape-shifting walls, echoing the song's chorus.

As the song progresses, Kevin walks out of the room and into a desolate desert landscape. His thoughts return to those significant events despite being free from the walls.

Popular Sad TikTok Songs, Final Words

Sad songs continue trending, particularly when people face challenging situations, which is evident in TikTok. Sad songs on TikTok can evoke positive emotions, such as the desire to continue pushing on in life.

The lyrics in such songs speak to your daily experiences validating how you feel. TikTok users know how to use these songs in the background of their videos, making it easy for them to deliver their intended message.

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