31 Rock Songs With Girl Names

Rock songs have had a significant impact on the music industry for decades. The popularity of rock songs with girl names has made young women swoon as musicians played guitars, drums, and piano at concert halls worldwide.

Do you want to listen to some fantastic rock music? Check out what we put together below. Here are the best rock songs with girl names to enjoy.

“Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1966

The Beatles are one of the most famous rock bands worldwide. Eleanor Rigby is a beautiful song with violins and a strong sound. Even though the song lyrics may sound strange, it truly hits the emotions. The song has a sad connotation related to the loneliness that all people feel at one time or another.

“Julia” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1968

The song Julia is all about love. It's about the affection a young man has for his lady. The song has a slow sound with a nice guitar flow. The voice sounds lovely as well. The lyrics have a nature-based feel, mentioning the sky, sun, and ocean. The lyrics provide a vivid appearance of the beauty The Beatles are singing.

“Michelle” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1965

The Beatles continue their streak of singing about love and passion with the song Michelle. They even incorporate a phrase from the language of love, otherwise known as French.

The song has a fun melody you can dance to with your loved one. You will love the backup vocals and the nice tune on the guitar. The song speaks to anyone listening.

“Lady Madonna” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1968

The song Lady Madonna includes lyrics that outline the busy life of a typical mother. In particular, the song discusses the difficulties a single mother may have with keeping a roof over her kids' heads.

While the topic may sound serious, the song has a catchy tune. You will find yourself dancing along. The sounds from the drums, guitars, and voices all blend to make a wonderful song.

“Polly” by Nirvana

Song Year: 1991

The lyrics from Polly by Nirvana involve possibly taking care of a bird named Polly, including providing water, seeds, and crackers or clipping her wings. However, you can also apply the lyrics to a suffering woman who may need help.

The song has a bit of a sad tune, but the music blends well. You'll enjoy listening to it at any gathering of your close friends.

“Angie” by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1973

The lyrics of Angie by The Rolling Stones have a sad premise related to a break-up between two people who love each other. It's about breaking the dreams and promises that a couple made to each other.

The song moves slowly with a nice and calm sound from the guitars, while the vocals have a sad feeling that tugs at the heartstrings.

“Ruby Tuesday” by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1967

The lyrics of Ruby Tuesday discuss saying goodbye to a loved one and letting her know how you will miss her. It also goes over the importance of following your dreams before time runs out. The song sounds very pretty, with various instruments making it stand out.

You can hear the piano, flute, and vocals flow. It makes a perfect song to slow dance to with your partner.

“Roxanne” by The Police

Song Year: 1978

Roxanne is a song where a young man asks a prostitute to quit her nights walking the streets and settle down with him instead. The song has a great beat, and the drums hold the entire song together. Roxanne is a great piece of music to play at a party.

The song comes together when the backup vocals join in for the chorus.

“Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC

Song Year: 1977

The song Whole Lotta Rosie is about how one woman named Rosie is not conventionally pretty, but her man still finds her very attractive. Of course, when looking for rock music, you can't go wrong with AC/DC, as they have a strong rock sound.

The music has an intense and loud sound, which makes for a great rock concert. If you want to dance and move your whole body for five minutes straight, check out Whole Lotta Rosie.

“Beth” by Kiss

Song Year: 1976

The song Beth by Kiss is about a phone call that a man makes to his lady Beth and how he will spend the evening playing music with his friends instead of coming home to her. He mentions how he knows she's lonely, so the song has a misfortunate tone where Beth is left alone at home. The music has a slow tune, with the piano and vocals standing out.

“Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts” by Bob Dylan

Song Year: 1975

The Bob Dylan song here is all about gambling and playing cards. It talks about a card game played among several women, including Lily and Rosemary. 

The song has those expected sounds from Bob Dylan, including a harmonica and a good drum beat. If you're planning to throw together a game of poker with your friends, play this song in the background for a better ambiance.

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