31 Best Songs About Marriage

Marriage songs are great for a number of moments. Maybe you're engaged and planning songs for your wedding. Or you're about to celebrate your 10th marriage anniversary and need a list of great songs about being married.

Whatever the situation, keep reading to find the absolute best songs about marriage and being married.

“Marry You” by Bruno Mars

Song year: 2010

A popular tune, “Marry You” by Bruno Mars has become a ubiquitous song to play at weddings. It’s a sweet and fun song to play at the beginning of the night to get everyone out on the dance floor.

The lyrics discuss looking at each other’s eyes and knowing how much the two of you want to get married. So, if you want a simple song to get your groove on, consider playing this fun tune.

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

Song year: 2014

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular songs about marriage ever. It talks about loving each other into old age when you may no longer move the way you used to.

Holding onto each other into old age doesn’t get much more romantic, and the song epitomizes that love. It’s perfect for an anniversary celebration.

“By Your Side” by Sade

Song year: 2000

Do you want to hear a soft and sweet song while enjoying your dinner or sipping on a drink with your sweetheart? Then play “By Your Side.” The song focuses on being there for each other through difficult times in life. The song focuses on love and protection no matter what.

“White Wedding” by Billy Idol

Song year: 1982

Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” is a popular and fun song that you can play at your wedding to get the older millennials out on the dance floor. The catchy tune will get your friends dancing and bopping their heads. Yet, you might want to save it once the party gets going. It’s a good song later on in the night.

“Love and Marriage” by Frank Sinatra

Song year: 1955

If you’re looking for a classic love song about marriage, you can’t go wrong with a Frank Sinatra melody. The song is all about marriage and starting a family. It’s a perfect one to enjoy at an anniversary party. It has a fun tune for dancing. Your older family members will have a great time dancing to “Love and Marriage” by Frank Sinatra.

“Chapel of Love” by The Dixie Cups

Song year: 1964

Are you looking for the perfect song to play right after your ceremony? Maybe during cocktail hour? Then, “Chapel of Love” by The Dixie Cups should work perfectly. It’s a sweet and simple song where female voices sing about going to a chapel to get married.

The tune is very pretty and perfect for a slow dance. If you like, you can pick the song for your first dance. As you hold each other on the dance floor, you’ll feel safe and happy.

“Wedding Song” by Tracy Chapman

Song year: 2000

Tracy Chapman’s “Wedding Song” is a calm and peaceful tune that might work perfectly during cocktail hour or when the two of you are cutting your wedding cake. Whether you’ve chosen a wedding band or DJ, the song provides an excellent backdrop when you just want to sit and chat with your loved ones or have a bite of food.

“Marry Me” by Train

Song year: 2009

Beautifully sung, “Marry Me” by Train is the quintessential love song to play at a wedding. You won’t regret dancing to the song when you have your first dance. You can even walk down the aisle to the gorgeous song.

The music is slow and romantic. You will fall in love with your spouse-to-be all over again. It’s perfect for those who have stayed married for years since he sings about staying together forever into the future.

“L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole

Song year: 1965

“L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole is one of the most famous love songs around the globe. It is an amazing song to play at an anniversary party, wedding, or just because. The song was featured as part of Nat King Cole’s last album “L.O.V.E.” In the spring of 1965, the album reached number four on the Billboard Album chart.

You’ll have a great time out on the dance floor singing along to the fun song!

“Marry Me” by Jason Derulo

Song year: 2014

A sweet yet melancholy song may work well at the end of the night when everyone is getting ready to wrap up the party. The song starts to pick up a bit as you keep listening and the young man proposes to his love. It ends on a sweet and positive note. It ends with the proposal and hope of spending the rest of their lives together.

“Let's Get Married” by Al Green

Song year: 1973

If you’re looking for an oldie but a goodie, try the Al Green song “Let’s Get Married.” The groovy song talks about settling down and getting married instead of merely dating around. It’s all about commitment and choosing your love every day for the rest of your life.

If you like 70s music, consider adding the song to your list whether you’re planning your wedding or a 10th-anniversary dinner.

“I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do” by Abba

Song year: 1975

It doesn’t get more fun than an Abba song. You can sing along while dancing with your friends and family. This one, in particular, reminds you just how much two young people in love want to get married. The song is all about choosing your spouse on your wedding day.

So, if you’re afraid you’ll forget your one line during your wedding ceremony, that Abba song will remind you.

“White Dress” by Ben Rector

Song year: 2010

If you’re looking for a fast song that focuses on weddings and marriage, then “White Dress” by Ben Rector might be the right one for you. It’s all about love and watching your bride walk down the aisle in that gorgeous white dress.

If you want that sweet love song with a fast tempo, you might enjoy “White Dress.” You can have it play during your first dance, the cocktail hour, or as one of the first songs to get everyone out on the dance floor.

“At Last” by Etta James

Song year: 1960

My first dance with my wonderful husband on our wedding day was to the famous song “At Last” by Etta James. Every time I hear the song, I’m transported back to that dance floor, where we held each other and stared lovingly into one another’s eyes.

Many couples have chosen the popular song for their first dance or during the slower, more relaxed parts of the evening.

“Better Together” by Jack Johnson

Song year: 2005

Looking for a relaxing and calm song to play at your anniversary dinner? “Better Together” by Jack Johnson is a sweet song to play. You can listen to that music during your dinner when chatting with your family and friends.

Or you can choose to dance to the song at night's end. All that matters is that you spend your time together.

“I Know What Love Is,” by Celine Dion

Song year: 2000

Celine Dion has tons of beautiful songs full of love and heartache. The “I Know What Love Is” song isn’t much different. It goes over the struggles and challenges that relationships and love present and how the right person can guide you back into the light. She sings about how the one you fall in love with and commit to can bring you true happiness.

It’s a lovely song to play at an anniversary party for your friends and family.

“Marriage” by The Descendants

Song year: 1982

Are you ready for a rock song to rock out to? Then play “Marriage” by The Descendants. While it’s a fun song to dance to and get your body shaking, it’s also focused on love and marriage. The lyrics focus on choosing each other to marry and spend your lives together.

As such, it’s a fun song to play at a wedding. You’ll get every young person out on the dance floor with the rock song.

“Marriage Ain’t the End of Being Lonely” by Emily Scott Robinson

“Marriage Ain’t the End of Being Lonely” by Emily Scott Robinson

Song year: 2016

Are you in love with country music, and you aren’t so sure about the beauty of marriage? Have you found marriage more difficult than you ever expected? If you don’t want to paint your marriage as all roses and butterflies, then the two of you might want to listen to “Marriage Ain’t the End of Being Lonely” by Emily Scott Robinson.

“The Secret Marriage” by Sting

Song year: 1987

If you have an anniversary coming up, but you have never actually tied the knot, then consider listening to “The Secret Marriage” by Sting. If you are a common-law wife and husband in which you’ve never gotten a marriage certificate, you may find the song rather humorous.

Whether you acknowledge each other as married or not, the song does acknowledge that marriage goes beyond merely having a wedding.

“Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga

Song year: 2011

Lady Gaga goes beyond the need to find a man to marry and sings about marrying the night instead. The song may not work for a wedding day, but it’s a lovely song to listen to whenever someone is down on his or her luck. It’s about pulling yourself up and soldiering on despite the obstacles in your way.

“Wedding Song” by Bob Dylan

Song year: 1974

If you like Bob Dylan, pick the song to enjoy at your anniversary party. The song is all about loving your spouse more than money, the stars, the sea, and everything in between.

The song mentions how your loved one can bring all the true richness of life to your days. Enjoy singing along or dancing to the lovely tune.

“January Wedding” by The Avett Brothers

Song year: 2009

If you like folk music, consider playing “January Wedding” by The Avett Brothers on your wedding day. It’s a nice song to listen to and enjoy a slow dance. The lyrics show how young love could be simple and true.

Essentially, the song is all about looking forward to getting married. Also, if you’re planning for a January wedding, you can’t pass up the lyrics from that song.

“Marry Me a Little” by Stephen Sondheim

Song year: 1978

If you’re looking for a song that doesn’t fall too far into love and looks at marriage more realistically, then “Marry Me a Little” might be the right pick for your first dance. The song asks us to expect things from each other that each of us can fulfill. It focuses on giving eachother space and freedom while providing love and respect.

“Marry Me” by No Doubt

Song year: 2000

Do you like the faster tempo of No Doubt? If so, consider playing “Marry Me” on your wedding day. It could make a fun song to cut the cake to or just dance the night away.

The song focuses on the old-fashioned and traditional stereotypes of marriage while emphasizing that some women become tempted into that world. If you’re going to have a more modern marriage, you might play this song as a fun joke on your wedding day.

“(Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” by Darlene Love

Song year: 1963

If you love the oldies, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful song like “Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry.” The singer has a glowing voice that sings about the beauty of marriage to the one you love. It talks about falling in love from that first kiss with your sweetheart.

If you want to emphasize the sweetness of love and marriage on your wedding day, make sure to dance to that song.

“I Wanna Marry You” by Bruce Springsteen

Song year: 1980

Once again, if you want a song that focuses on the realities of life and marriage, then pick “I Wanna Marry You” by Bruce Springstein. It’s a nice tune. The lyrics focus on a single mother who may just have a man interested in making her his wife while mentioning that true love is not a fairytale.

“When I'm Sixty-Four” by The Beatles

Song year: 1967

Do you like a nice classic song played by The Beatles? Everyone enjoys the love songs from The Beatles. However, one of their songs that truly focuses on marriage is “When I’m Sixty-Four.” If you’re celebrating a 30th or even a 40th wedding anniversary, make sure to play the song.

“Let's Stay Together” by Al Green

Song year: 1972

“Let’s Stay Together” is another popular song that will get your older family members out on the dance floor. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or Valentine’s Day, the song will make you feel closer to your love. It’s all about staying together through the good and bad times.

If you have committed to your partner, then enjoy the song about staying together for the rest of your life.

“I Found You” by Alabama Shakes

Song year: 2012

If you’re interested in a heartfelt love song, then consider dancing to “I Found You” with your significant other. The song focuses on finding the love of your life and making a home together. You’ll enjoy the slow and romantic tune with a passionate voice.

“Make You Feel My Love” by Adele

Song year: 2008

Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” is all about showing your sweetheart how much love you have for him or her. It’s about letting nothing stop you from getting to your loved one and showing your true feelings. You will enjoy listening to the song when you have a nice Valentine’s day dinner with your significant other.

“And I Love Her” by The Beatles

Song year: 1964

For a final love song to round out the list of great marriage songs, you may want to listen to the sweet sounds of “And I Love Her” by The Beatles. After all, marriage is only worth it when you have true love.

Top Songs About Marriage, Final Thoughts

Those are the best songs about being married ever. When looking for songs with being married lyrics, the list above should meet all your expectations whether you’re planning a wedding or a big anniversary party. Pick the right song about marriage to truly enjoy your first dance.

Marriage is about love and commitment, so you want the music to reflect that. On your wedding day, have the time of your life. On the dance floor, celebrate finding your love.

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