9 Best Professional Karaoke Hosting Software

Want to add a karaoke feature to your venue? As well as the mics, stage and normal physical equipment associated with it, you’ll need professional karaoke hosting software.

But which to choose? And what does this software even do? This is what we look at today.

1. Singa

Singa is an all-in-one resource for bowling alleys, pubs, and even eateries. It’s perfect for any establishment seeking to improve its patrons’ overall experience with adaptable karaoke software.

The software removes the worries of uncomfortable silences with access to countless karaoke tracks and background music. Choose songs from multiple genres to create the vibe you want for your event.

Singa has a user-friendly interface. Whether you cater to millennials or an older client base, you can benefit from the software’s intuitive features. All your clients must do is make song requests via discovery stations or a smartphone application, relax, and enjoy the show.

Karaoke DJs will appreciate the software’s smooth operation. With Singa, you can easily create custom playlists, sync lyrics to the music, and control the entire show with a single click. You can also access exclusive features like digital scoring and audience voting.

Singa Business Pro even permits you to run adverts in-between tracks. You can also integrate a mixer and access tools to manage the session, among other personalization features.

Singa has an onboarding and technical support team to guarantee that your karaoke night continues without any hitches. The software is a reasonably priced option for such capabilities and features.

Nevertheless, the Singa Business Lite package only offers a partial Singa experience since it lacks many pre-installed features. So you should get the pro version for the whole experience.

2. PCDJ Karaoki Professional

PCDJ Karaoki Professional is an advanced karaoke hosting software for Windows and macOS. It’s one of the most popular options with many powerful features ideal for karaoke hosting.

The software offers a drag-and-drop songbook, a news ticker, an integrated music store, a jukebox background music player, and search options.

You can use the software with a remote touchscreen terminal via a wireless or wired network. It also supports MP3+G and WAV+G formats, so you can choose the best option.

You must utilize the File Naming Convention or a scanner to extract songs from MP3-tagged karaoke tracks. It’s a simple software, so pubs and venues should have all the equipment necessary to provide their clients with the best experience possible.

The software also has a built-in playlist editor and an auto-play feature to set up a fully automated karaoke show. Since it saves all your files on the hard drive, searching, loading, and playing songs is easy. It automatically loads all your selected songs into a rotational list.

It also allows you to delete a singer from rotation after twenty minutes of singing. It’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking cost-effective and reliable software to test their karaoke establishment before investing.

The software offers a trial period to experiment with and includes additional features like a new sticker and multimedia support.

The only downside is that the customer base might be challenging to read, and you won’t have access to technical support to help with troubleshooting.

3. KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player is among the best karaoke software available today. It offers an extensive library of over 68,000 songs, ideal for entertainment joints and DJs. They’ve been in business for over 16 years and always look for better ways to serve their customers.

The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can organize songs by artist, album, genre, and mood and save and sort your favorite tracks. With offline sync, you can use the software even when you don’t have an online connection.

It also allows you to adjust vocal settings and switch between lead and backing vocals, creating a unique karaoke experience. In addition, you can personalize the singer’s name displayed on the screen before the karaoke’s kick-off.

Besides the extensive library, KaraFun Player lets you personalize the scrolling banner with whatever message you like, offering your customers a unique experience. It has a history feature displaying the songs you’ve played and when.

Their service isn’t accessible via mobile software. Instead, they generate a link people can view on their phones before getting on stage.

To improve your karaoke session management, you may get a permanent URL to print your QR codes and keep them on display at your joint. With over 400+ new tracks added daily, your customers can’t run out of options.

KaraFun Player offers a free and paid version, allowing users to access the features and capabilities that best suit their needs. Playing multiple audio formats and enabling the dual-screen display with a button click is also possible.

The software is dependable and provides excellent technical support. Furthermore, it doesn’t display adverts, so you can enjoy zero-interruptions karaoke.

4. LYRX Karaoke Player

LYRX Karaoke Player offers an up-to-date user interface to satisfy the needs of contemporary karaoke DJs. The software is compatible with multiple formats, including MP3+G and iTunes.

If you don't want to upload files, subscribe to their Party Time Karaoke and access a music library with more than 13,500 songs permissible for commercial use.

With its advanced track search feature, you can quickly find the right song to sing. Furthermore, the software has an inbuilt karaoke song store, an auto-fill music player, and background and personalization options.

It also supports multiple monitor configurations, so you can have one monitor for the singers and another for the lyrics.

LYRX shows the following three people in the singers' list on both the primary display and secondary singers' preview screen. This informs your customers who's up next, eliminating confusion about who should be singing.

The software supports karaoke songbook internet hosting (with up to 100,000 tracks). This gives your customers access to your entire catalog and allows them to forward requests, which you can accept directly in the singer rotation list.

Since it’s a web application, customers can access it through their laptops or smartphones over a wireless or wired network.

LYRX automatically detects your karaoke track’s key or makes critical adjustments to all songs in the singer’s rotational list. This guarantees you can sing along to your favorite tunes regardless of their musical key.

Moreover, adjusting the playing track’s pace is possible without interfering with the original recording’s key or pitch.

The software's browser lets you easily import and manage over one million files. You have the option of importing folders from your hard drive to sort as favorites, adding them to a master database list, or creating your playlists.

Best of all, LYRX is compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

5. Siglos Karaoke Professional

Siglos Karaoke Professional

Siglos Karaoke Professional offers all the features to host a professional karaoke show. Its user-friendly interface is easy to set up. It’s also the first software to allow users to play karaoke videos from YouTube in real time.

With its impressive audio and video players, the software can handle any type of karaoke media file, including MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G, MID, MCG, KMA, KAR, and AVI.

Siglos permits you to search your karaoke tracks by catalog number (if present in the file’s name), title, or artist and add them to a singer’s song request list.

The singer history lists all singers who've performed and the songs they performed. It's also possible to manage singers by venue. Using the singer rotation function, you can track and sort your customers' requests.

Siglos’s singer announcement feature automatically introduces the singer and their track selection. It also displays a customizable scrolling reminder bearing the next performer’s name before every session.

Furthermore, the software allows you to play standard tunes in-between low-volume karaoke tracks. You'll need to choose these tunes to include in the list.

The software has a unique feature to support CD+G discs. This is helpful when customers want to play a song that the karaoke host doesn’t have. All you need is to enter the disc track’s number to the customer’s requests, and it’ll remind you to play the disc when it’s their turn.

Adding and editing voiceovers, themes, and notes and getting real-time lyrics are possible with the inbuilt voice recognition feature. The software also permits you to export track information from the database for use in spreadsheet applications or songbooks.

Other notable features include remote control, instant search capabilities, dual displays, and inbuilt microphone recording.

6. Karaoke Builder

Karaoke Builder is an excellent option for creating professional-quality karaoke performances. It’s easy to use and comes with a range of advanced features.

The software lets you easily add lyrics or audio files and then sync them to create custom karaoke versions of your favorite songs. You can adjust a song’s key and add effects like echo and reverb.

You can select the track you want to play and transfer it to the system using your computer. The software supports multiple file formats, including KAR, CD+G, MP3+G, MID, and TXT. You can easily create CUE files and export lyrics to a plain text document.

Additional features like hit counters and animated backdrops will add spice to your karaoke show. To make your karaoke performance more admirable, you can create your session’s video presentations.

It supports a dual-screen display, quick song search, and non-karaoke audio files. You can immediately skip to a particular song section using the track slider.

The software has a subscription plan that offers unlimited, high-quality karaoke tracks without buying each separately. Thus, try Karaoke Builder if you want feature-rich software to host professional karaoke events.

7. Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke is a powerful and intuitive karaoke hosting software for Windows and Mac. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily add songs to your playlist and customize them to match the party’s mood.

The software works with most standard formats, such as KAR and MP3, but is also compatible with video formats. Moreover, you’ll get access to a high-quality microphone’s input and output configurations, allowing you to use your personal computer as a professional singing system.

You can view your chosen track’s lyrics on full screen or set the software on live performance mode to access countless karaoke tracks. It also has multiple vocal and audio effects, allowing you to create captivating karaoke performances.

Other essential features include song search, automated singer rotation, and quality playback.

The software also includes the Kanto Karaoke Video Creator tool, which allows you to create a lyric video synced with music from scratch. You can also convert existing karaoke audio into a video format.

This gives you control over the background images, fonts, and resolution of the lyric videos you display for your customers.

Finally, you can list the customers who’ve signed up to perform and enable background music and effects, like clapping and jeering, to recreate the atmosphere of a live concert.

8. KaraokeMedia

KaraokeMedia has various features to enhance your karaoke experience, including a user-friendly interface, a song library, and real-time vocal effects. With over 20 years since its inception, the software will benefit amateur and expert users.

When using KaraokeMedia, you only need to pick the location of the media files, and it’ll go through the directory you specify and present the results.

In addition, you can upload your songs, utilize an inbuilt equalizer, customize your show with sound effects or graphics, and create a custom playlist for your guests.

The software supports switching into a full display mode, viewing information about a chosen track, and creating file associations (including AVI, WMA, MP3, CDG, and KM3).

You can alter the audio file’s tone, integrate effects (like laughter or clapping), add your own sounds, search for tracks online, and add them to the cart list directly from the database.

KaraokeMedia Pro offers a downloadable program containing over 30,000 legally-permitted karaoke tracks. A microphone and level control are available for use during recording sessions. You can also capture the whole screen or just a specific area.

If your establishment runs the KaraokeMedia Pro software, customers can download the application or scan the QR code to access the song list.

9. Karaoke One

Karaoke One is a perfect tool for hosting a professional karaoke event. The software has a user-friendly interface and lets you quickly search through an extensive song library to choose the ones you want to add to your playlist.

It offers a vast library of karaoke songs in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

You can also choose different sound effects and background images and set up lyrics displays. It supports files in many formats, including WMV, MP3, WMA, and AVI. You may integrate the software with wireless and wired devices such as keyboards and mics. It’s possible to adjust each track’s sound settings, like tempo, pitch, and EQ.

The built-in speakers create high-quality sound when you sing into the microphone, allowing the audience to hear your singing more clearly and better appreciate it. Besides supporting remote control, you can use the software offline and online.

It also has an interactive display showing the song’s lyrics, notes, and tempo as you perform. You can view a track’s lyrics on one screen while the audience watches the performance video on another.

The software lists the singers who've already performed and what songs they did. It provides regular song updates, so customers who want to sing the latest releases can find their favorite tracks easily.

The developers offer a user handbook containing step-by-step configuration instructions.

Top Professional Karaoke Hosting Software, Final Thoughts

With several available options, having professional karaoke software that works for you and your needs is essential. Depending on your budget and requirements, any software on this list can help you create a fantastic experience.

With the right professional karaoke software, your events will run smoothly without any hitches. So, take the time to find the best karaoke software for you and give your customers the time of their lives.

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