61 Best Country Love Songs

Best Country Love Songs

Over the years, many country songs about love have been released and performed by famous country music artists. Whether you are searching for the perfect wedding song or looking to build an excellent playlist for date night, this comprehensive list of the best country love songs is a great place to start!


“Forever and Ever, Amen” by Randy Travis

Song Year: 1987

Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz wrote, “Forever and Ever, Amen.” The two songwriters have composed numerous hits throughout the years. The song is about enduring love and uses analogies to identify the deep and breadth of the feeling the man in the music is experiencing for his partner. The original version was released more than thirty years ago but saw renewed popularity in 2020 when Josh Turner recorded a new song version.

“Amazed” by Lonestar

Song Year: 1999

When the song was drafted, the two songwriters were dating. The lyrics reflect the idea of a new relationship and humans' extraordinary capacity and explore a relationship between two people. Lonestar experienced vast success in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and “Amazed” was one of their biggest hits.

“It's Your Love” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Song Year: 1997

In 1997, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were a country music power couple. The song is about the effect of powerful love and love’s addictive nature. In the late 1990s, it was commonly selected as a wedding song for couples who were getting married. Even now, the love story between McGraw and Hill remains engaging; the two have been married for more than twenty years.

“I Cross My Heart” by George Strait

Song Year: 1992

Steve Dorff and Eric Kaz wrote, “I Cross My Heart.” While it was one of George Strait’s early songs, it remains a hit. Using the adage “cross my heart” that is popular with children, the song declares a promise of lasting love by crossing your heart. The song also talks about how love and dreams about the future are intertwined, which is a lovely sentiment.

“You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1997

Shania Twain is a Canadian country music singer and songwriter. She drew inspiration from life and relationships to compose and record the song “You’re Still the One.” Many critics believed that her romantic entanglement with a famous record producer would not last, but the two were married for about a decade.

“God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Blake Shelton recorded and released this contemporary Christian song and popularized it on country radio. Shelton had said that when he first heard the song, he was inspired to take the next step in his relationship with his then-girlfriend, Miranda Lambert. The piece articulates gratitude to a higher power for partnering with compatible people. It is often played during Christian weddings and receptions.

“I Swear” by John Michael Montgomery

Song Year: 1994

John Michael Montgomery is from a musical family and saw lots of success in the mid-1990s. Indeed, his brother was half of the musical group Montgomery Gentry. His song “I Swear” is about his promise to his lover that he will be as steady as the stars shining in the nighttime sky. This song's analogies are beautiful, and it is one of the best country love songs.

“Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts

Song Year: 2004

Rascal Flatts popularized the song “Bless the Broken Road,” but many other country music artists like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Melonie Crittenden recorded and released this song. “Bless the Broken Road” is about the path to finding love and discusses the pitfalls that an individual might encounter along the way. The idea that love is a journey where a person can grow and evolve is an inspiring thought.

“To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 1998

“To Make You Feel My Love” was first written by Bob Dylan, and many artists have recorded it, like Garth Brooks and Adele. Brooks recorded the song for the soundtrack of Hope Floats–a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. about reclaimed love in a small southern town. The song is a timeless tale about a feeling of love so strong that it manifests itself as powerful forces.

“When You Say Nothing at All” by Keith Whitley

Song Year: 1988

Keith Whitley is a classic country music artist. The song “When You Say Nothing at All” describes a love that is shared and requires no formal communication to express. Simple motions like soft smiles and prolonged eye contact share all that is needed between two people that love one another. Other artists, like Allison Krause, have recorded this song as well.

“I Need You” by Tim McGraw featuring Faith Hill

Song Year: 2007

David Lee and Tony Lane wrote, “I Need You.” The song was recorded, performed, and released by the dynamic country duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The song describes a desperate love and unwavering need for a person’s partner. The song uses visceral comparisons to describe how immediate the desires in the relationship are to each other. It is a modern country love song.

“Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban

Song Year: 2004

Keith Urban is a country music superstar from Australia and is currently married to Nicole Kidman. The song “ Making Memories of Us” offered Urban Billboard success, but it was also recorded by another country music heavyweight, Vince Gill. Notably, the music video for Urban’s recording of the song was entirely in black and white to elicit the idea of memory.

“Remember When” by Alan Jackson

Song Year: 2003

One of Alan Jackson’s soulful ballads, “Remember When,” is a nostalgic song filled with wistful memories of a lifetime of sharing romantic love. When the song was released, it shot to the top of the country music charts and stayed at number one for two weeks. The song is deeply personal and asks the listener to remember when children were young, and love was new and developing. Jackson showed country music fans his softer side.

“In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young

Song Year: 2017

“In Case You Didn’t Know” was co-written and recorded by Brett Young. The other credited writers include Trent Tomlinson, Tyler Reeve, and Kyle Schlienger. One of the writers experienced a love that did not have to be explicitly articulated, but the song offers a stated reminder that one person loves another. Brett Young is a relatively new music artist.

“Speechless” by Dan + Shay

Song Year: 2018

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney are the two members of Dan + Shay. The two men were originally solo artists, but once the two met and began working together, the two individuals saw immense benefit from working and singing together. The song “Speechless” is a beautiful love song.

The music video incorporates actual footage from the two men’s weddings, showing their first look at their wives in their wedding dresses, which is aimed to demonstrate that love makes men speechless.

“Cowboy Take Me Away” by The Chicks

Song Year: 1999

The trio, The Chicks, is a famous country music group that rose to fame in the early 2000s. The song “Cowboy Take Me Away” is a feminine country song that discusses the idea that a partner could sweep you off your feet and take you away to an idealistic farm where the two of you are the only people in the area. The lyrics identify a free-spirited woman who wants a love who will respect her independence and improve her life.

“Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton

Song Year: 2015

Chris Stapleton has been in the music industry for many years. He is a successful songwriter and was the lead singer for an Americana group called The Steeldrivers. The song “Tennessee Whiskey” is a song about how the love of a woman can be as smooth as whiskey or as sweet as wine. Comparing love to an intoxicating beverage is apt since deep love can be addicting and intoxicating as well. Stapleton’s powerful voice lends itself to country love songs.

“Lady” by Kenny Rogers

Song Year: 1980

“Lady” is a song written by Lionel Richie and recorded by Kenny Rogers. The song is about a man’s love for a woman. The romantic lyrics illustrate the effect of love on an individual and how love shared between two people can make a man a better person. The song also talks about how the man searched for his love for a long time. Now that the two lovers have found one another, they will remain together forever.

“Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'” by Charley Pride

Song Year: 1971

Charley Pride is a famous country music artist, and his song “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'” is his most well-known song. It is about a husband explaining what the key to a happy marriage is, and the response is to kiss your love daily, tell them about your love, and not hold back on passion. The hit song is still popular today and is one of the best country love songs in the world.

“Little Moments” by Brad Paisley

Song Year: 2003

Brad Paisley is credited with being a co-author of the song “Little Moments.” He has publicly stated that the song is about his wife. Indeed, she appears in the video for the song. The lyrics describe how small and seemingly insignificant moments in a relationship are actually the most important and foundational instances for couples who are in love.

“Breathe” by Faith Hill

Song Year: 1999

Faith Hill’s song “Breathe” is about the passionate love between a woman and her partner. The music video is iconic; Hill is wrapped in off-white sheets singing the song. The simple idea that all a person needs when they are passionately in love with another person is to breathe together is incredibly romantic. The song is one of Hill’s most successful songs and is still currently played at weddings or anniversaries.

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 1989

Garth Brooks is one of the most successful country music artists of all time. He has many love songs in recorded collections, but “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is one of the most affectionate. The lyrics describe how a man wants to make sure that his wife knows how much he loves her in case something happens to him and he cannot return to her. The song is very relatable, as are many of Brooks’ songs, so it resonates with people of all ages who have experienced deep love.

“She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley

Song Year: 2005

Wil Nance wrote the song for his wife, and when Brad Paisley decided to record the song, he amended a few of the lyrics to more closely relate to how he felt about his wife. The song is about the small things that make up a person and why those little things and small habits can make a person lovable. What’s more romantic than knowing that the person who loves you appreciates you for exactly who you are at your core.

“How Do I Live” by LeAnn Rimes

Song Year: 1997

LeAnn Rimes was a young breakout country music sensation in the late 1990s. The song “How Do I Live” is about a woman’s desperation to express her need for her lover. Other female artists have recorded the song. For instance, Trisha Yearwood also released the song and also experienced popular success. The song poses a simple question about how a relationship creates a dependency on others.

“Heaven” by Kane Brown

Song Year: 2016

Kane Brown is one of the most popular modern country music singers. His song, “Heaven,” describes a perfect interaction between two people. Brown sings about how when he is beside his lover, he cannot imagine that heaven could be any better. The song is a common selection for a couple's first dance song during weddings. Brown heard the song, and it reminded him of his fiancee. The songwriters are Shy Carter, Matt McGinn, and Lindsay Rimes.

“I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton

Song Year: 1974

Dolly Parton wrote and originally recorded “I Will Always Love You” about the business relationship between her and her recording partner and country music artist, Porter Wagner. However, many people know and love the version that Whitney Houston recorded for the movie, The Bodyguard. The song describes how bittersweet it is to separate yourself from the person you love. The deep nostalgia and intense love are clearly conveyed in the song.

“Carrying Your Love with Me” by George Strait

Song Year: 1997

George Strait recorded the country love ballad for long-distance relationships. He sings about thinking about his lover every minute that he has to be away from her. It is certainly a relationship goal. In the song, the man who must travel is assumed to work on the road, so he must travel from Tennessee to West Virginia and back. He is assuring his partner that not only will he remain faithful to his partner but also that he will think about her constantly.

“Made For You” by Jake Owen

Song Year: 2019

Jake Owen performed the song before it was released on the radio at Michael Ray and Carly Pearce’s wedding. The two are fellow country music singers. Shortly after, he perfected the song and released it. He also performed “Made for You” on the popular television show, The Bachelorette. The music video includes Owen’s girlfriend and his two children.

“She's In Love With The Boy” by Trisha Yearwood

Song Year: 1991

“She's In Love With The Boy” is about young love where the girl and her boyfriend are determined to be together forever, even if they have to break away from their parents and set out on their own. However, in a generational love story, the girl’s mother reminds the girl’s father that they two began their relationship in the throes of young love and that as her parents, they should support each other.

“Valentine” by Martina McBride

Song Year: 1997

“Valentine” was written and performed by American recording artist Jim Brickman. Then in 1997, Martina McBride included the song on her Evolution album. The song is about how a deep connection with another person can transcend traditional communication. The two people are so in tune with one another that a simple glance can demonstrate the depth and passion of the shared love.

“Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

“Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

Song Year: 2012

“Wanted” performed by Hunter Hayes was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Hunter Hayes is a popular modern country singer; he holds the record for being the youngest male country music singer to top the hot country songs chart. The song is about treating a romantic partner well with the hopes that the man in the song can make the woman feel desired.

“You Look So Good in Love” by George Strait

Song Year: 1983

“You Look So Good in Love” by George Strait is a beautiful song filled with love and nostalgia. He wishes the best for his former love now that she has found someone new. She looks healthy and happy in her new relationship, and the man in the song is happy for her but wistful about a relationship he might have had with her.

“Forever After All” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2019

Luke Combs hit the country music scene by force and has grown in popularity over the past few years. In his song “Forever After All,” Combs talks about how some things–even things he is very excited about–lose excitement and interest. However, in this country love song, he shares that his love will never grow dull since it is renewed daily and will last forever.

“Need You Now” by Lady A

Song Year: 2009

Lady A is a great country music trio. The song was included on the group’s second studio album. The song “Need You Now” is about the end of a night out and the feeling of needing to go home to someone. The song was very popular with college students because it resonated with a common occurrence of love. Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley are the songwriters.

“The Keeper of the Stars” by Tracy Byrd

Song Year: 1994

One of the best country love songs, “The Keeper of the Stars” by Tracy Byrd, is a beautiful song. It is from the album, No Ordinary Man. The song is about a love destined to occur because of a higher being. Byrd sings about how the person who controls the moon, stars, and the sun is also the person who decides that he and his partner should be together.

“Me & You” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 1995

“Me & You” by Kenny Chesney is a love song that describes an extraordinary love destined to happen. The title of the song is also the title of Chesney’s third album. Chesney was young and it was early in his career when the hit “Me and You” took over country radio. Currently, Chesney is still releasing music with a distinctly coastal sound.

“When I Said I Do” by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

Song Year: 1999

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black are a married couple. Clint Black is a popular solo artist, but for this song, he chose to record it with his wife. “When I Said I Do” is about reiterating the promises the two made on their wedding day to commit to being together forever. Lisa Hartman Black only recorded two songs, and this one with her husband was her most successful. It is considered to be a crossover hit.

“Bring On The Rain” by Jo Dee Messina featuring Tim McGraw

Song Year: 2002

Billy Montana and Helen Darling wrote the song “Bring On The Rain,” and it was recorded by country music star Jo Dee Messina. Tim McGraw sang background vocals, adding depth and soulfulness to the music. The song is about loving yourself and being able to pick yourself back up.

“The Good Stuff” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 2002

Kenny Chesney is from the album No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems. A reference to “the good stuff” usually refers to top-shelf, high-end alcohol, or some other delicacy that is usually rare or particularly expensive. However, in the context of Chesney’s song, “the good stuff” is actually the love between him and his partner. The narrative of the song is cleverly centered around the dynamic definitions of “the good stuff.”

“Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” by Billy Currington

Song Year: 2005

Billy Currington has released various country music hits. In the love song, “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right,” the narrator describes how he must be doing something right because of how well his relationship with his partner is progressing. It was his first song to hit number one on the country music charts.

“We Danced” by Brad Paisley

Song Year: 2000

“We Danced” by Brad Paisley is about an incidental meeting between two strangers that sparked a relationship that lasted a lifetime. A key component of the song is dancing; it was the way that the man initially communicated with the woman, and it was also how he proposed marriage.

“Would You Go With Me” by Josh Turner

Song Year: 2006

Shawn Camp and John Scott Sherrill wrote the song “Would You Go With Me.” Josh Turner's remarkably deep voice allowed him to achieve massive success. The question posed in the song is a romantic notion of a man asking for a woman’s hand. It is a popular engagement song.

“Livin’ On Love” by Alan Jackson

Song Year: 1994

“Livin’ On Love” by Alan Jackson is one of the sweetest country love songs. The lyrics share a story about a devoted couple that does not have much materially or monetarily, but they feel like they have the world because they have one another.

“I Love The Way You Love Me” by John Michael Montgomery

Song Year: 1992

John Michael Montgomery first appeared on the country music scene with his hit “Sold” and then followed it up with a sting of country love songs like “I Love The Way You Love Me.” It is a song about a fulfilling love that makes the man feel complete.

“I Run to You” by Lady A

Song Year: 2009

“I Run to You” by Lady A is about a love that has an intense passion and dependance on one another. The trio has a lovely, blended sound that makes their song strike a chord with many music lovers.

“Love Can’t Ever Get Better Than This” by Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White

Song Year: 2014

Ricky Skaggs and his wife Sharon White have been together for forty years. The song reached number ten on Hot Country Songs in 1987.

“I Love You” by Martina McBride

Song Year: 1999

Martina McBride describes what it means to be in love in a unique, cute, and quirky way in “I Love You.” Originally recorded for the movie Runaway Bride, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, the song charted for five weeks in the fall of 1999.

“Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1963

It is commonly known that the initial love affair between Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash was a bit scandalous since Johnny Cash was still married to his first wife. “Ring of Fire ” is about the anger and excitement of falling in love, sung by a man who understood the consequences of being burned.

“Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2019

Luke Combs describes a relativistic relationship in his song “Beautiful Crazy.” The lyrics highlight that sometimes individuals in a relationship can act irrationally but that despite some of these habits, love makes a person still see the beauty in another.

“You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” by Toby Keith

Song Year: 2000

Early in his career, Toby Keith belted out this wistful love ballad. “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” is a song about temptation and passion that resonated with a new generation of country music fans.

“Young Love” by The Judds

Song Year: 1989

The mother and daughter duo brought unique and memorable vocals to this tale of young love. From the moment the two star-crossed lovers see one another, it is love at first sight. After many years of singing together, Wynonna Judd branched off to have a successful solo career in country music.

“Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves

Song Year: 2018

“Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves is a modern country love song. The song is about an independent woman who did not have luck or direction in love until she met her partner, and now she has butterflies of excitement to see where their life will lead.

“Meet in the Middle” by Diamond Rio

Song Year: 1991

The 1990s was a popular time for country music, and one of the lasting hits from that decade is “Meet in the Middle” by Diamond Rio. It is a love story with the important moral that meeting on common ground when things might be difficult is the best way to maintain a lasting and loving relationship.

“Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” by Thompson Square

Song Year: 2011

“Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” by Thompson Square is a sassy little song about one person challenging the other to make a move. It saw lots of success in the 2010s, and the group benefited from the relatable lyrics.

“Feels so Right” by Alabama

Song Year: 1981

“Feels so Right” by Alabama is a song to set the mood. It is sultry and inviting with the man asking his love to stay the night. Alabama is more well known for upbeat hits like “Louisiana Saturday Night,” but the group excelled at this country love song!

“Tequila” by Dan+Shay

Song Year: 2018

Dan+Shay remain a powerful creative partnership with their song “Tequila.” It is a fun song about how the taste and smell of tequila elicit strong memories of a time when he and his lover were younger, carefree, and in love.

“Come a Little Closer” by Dierks Bentley

Song Year: 2005

Dierks Bentley is singing an enticing pick-up line with “Come a Little Closer.” He is singing to a romantic partner expressing a desire for the two of them to be together physically and emotionally.

“Gentle on My Mind” by Glen Campbell

Song Year: 1967

“Gentle on My Mind” was originally written and recorded by John Hartford. Then a few years later, Glen Campbell also recorded the song and saw lots of success on the country music charts. The song was inspired by a romantic movie and Hartford said that he came home from the theater and composed the lyrics in about thirty minutes!

“Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson

Song Year: 1982

Willie Nelson is perhaps not known for his love songs, but “Always On My Mind” is without a doubt one of the greatest country music love ballads of all time. The song describes how his love was always with him in his thoughts.

“Gettin’ You Home” by Chris Young

Song Year: 2009

“Gettin’ You Home” by Chris Young is a fun and exciting song about a date night that might lead to more. The inuiendu in the title is outlined by the lyrics; a man is overtaken by the way his date looks during dinner that he simply cannot wait to get back home and have some fun!

“I’d Love to Lay You Down” by Conway Twitty

Song Year: 1982

Conway Twitty has a sultry voice that made women swoon for generations. In his song “I’d Love to Lay You Down” he sings passionately about how he would like to treat and to be with a woman. It is a country love song that is filled with desire.

Top Country Love Songs, Final Thoughts

Country love songs are perfect for playing on date nights or during wedding receptions. For as long as country music has been a genre, there have been beautiful love songs composed and sung by various recording artists. The narrative quality of country songs describes romantic and passionate love.

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