Does BTS Use Autotune?

BTS is a popular K-pop and hip-hop boy band from Korea that has mass appeal worldwide due to the band's catchy, trendy hits.

But some people wonder, does BTS use autotune? Yes, BTS uses autotune, and we'll take a closer look at why BTS uses autotune, as well as give some examples of their autotuned songs. So read of for those and more

Does BTS Use Autotune?

Does BTS Use Autotune 2

BTS is a K-Pop group of seven young men named Suga, V, J-Hope, Jin, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook.

They started their band in 2010, debuted in 2013, and have grown in massive popularity over the years with hits like “Blood Sweat & Tears,” “No More Dreams,” and “Save Me.”

Because the vocals in their songs always sound flawless, listeners may wonder whether they are using autotune for their music.

The answer is yes. BTS takes advantage of pitch correction and audio enhancement to achieve a certain sound in most of their songs. Some songs incorporate this technique more than others.

Why Does BTS Use Autotune?

Why Does BTS Use Autotune

BTS and their producers are the only ones who know exactly why they made the artistic choice to autotune.

However, based on why other artists use autotune, one can make assumptions as to why.

Hiding Imperfect Vocal Technique

One key reason for using autotune is to hide imperfections in a singer's vocal technique.

Perhaps they have everything you'd want in a pop star – good looks, dancing, and energy – but their singing is simply not up to par.

Instead of spending time and money on further vocal training, sometimes it's easier and faster to autotune to correct intonation mishaps and make someone's voice sound more “perfect,” clearer, and consistent.

Blending Vocals

Bands with multiple singers might use autotune to blend their vocals in a way that's smoother, more consistent, and ultimately more enjoyable to listen to. With multiple singers, it's easy for one person to sound out of tune with the others.

Autotune can help make sure everyone is singing on the same note and that voices that might sound odd together sound better when combined on the same track.

Giving a Song a Certain Feel

Sometimes autotune isn't used to correct intonation or to blend vocals but rather to give a song a certain feel.

For example, the very robotic sound of autotune can work well for certain genres like techno, rap, and EDM.

Creating a Unique Sound

Autotune is a creative endeavor, and you can use it to create more unique sounds with vocals and instrumentals.

The use of autotune can make a new song stand out from the rest, which is helpful to artists who want to shine in a very competitive industry.

BTS Autotune Song Examples

BTS Autotune Song Examples

It's clear that BTS uses autotune just by listening to a lot of their music, but not all of their songs incorporate it as heavily as others.

One of the most explicit examples of autotune in a BTS song is “Black Swan.” Every note sung in this song sounds like it’s coming from a robot or AI device.

Similarly, you can hear the autotune effect in “Fake Love” for both the vocals and instrumentals.

Again, this is not to say that sound is bad or wrong, but it's an artistic choice that some people enjoy while others do not.

Does BTS Lip-Sync?

No. Autotune and lip-syncing are often a part of the same conversations but using one does not mean you have to use the other. Members of BTS can sing, and they don't lip-sync.

What Is Autotune?

What Is Autotune

Autotune is commonly used in the music industry but maybe you’re not quite sure what it is or how it works.

Autotune is a type of pitch-correction and audio processor software that producers use to adjust the pitch of recorded vocals or instruments.

It works by changing the sound of the recorded vocal line or instrument to match the desired note. A common problem that singers have is problems with intonation, or in other words, hitting all the correct notes. Autotune helps singers sound more “in tune.”

Singers and producers autotune for various reasons, whether they want to make a vocal sound more “perfect” or try to create a sound that matches the mood, energy, tone, meaning, style, or genre of the song.

Why Is Autotune Controversial?

Music quality is subjective, so there's no right or wrong regarding autotune, and anyone can decide to use it for any reason. However, autotune is undoubtedly a controversial topic in the music world.

Because of its assistance with singing and its relatively unnatural sound, many people dislike it when artists use autotune. They feel like the artist is somehow “cheating” and that the music does not represent their abilities.

Since autotune sounds different from what we're used to hearing in live, unprocessed music, some people view it as an artificial enhancement that takes away the authenticity of a song.

Additionally, some find that they don't like the sound of autotune. The notes are right but sound artificial, non-human, and even robotic.

Does BTS Use Autotune? Final Thoughts

The members of BTS use autotune, likely for various reasons, but it does not mean they are bad singers or fake artists.

Plus, they are not the only artists who take advantage of autotune. Autotune is used in various genres and with a wide range of artists for different reasons.

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