31 Top Songs About Dogs That Only True Dog Lovers Will Appreciate

Songs About Dogs

Dogs are some of the most extraordinary creatures on the planet. They are there for you when you need them and can be better friends than some humans. Just like us, they are lovable, and people often write songs about their dogs. What are some songs about dogs that only dog lovers will appreciate?

Knowing a few great tunes to crank for your pup makes you realize that most songs are about love and breakups. That’s ok! Love for animals has been subtly placed into music as long as there has been music. Read on and learn some great songs that only true dog lovers will appreciate.

1. B-I-N-G-O (Traditional)

Bingo is a song that most American children hear when they are in playschool or elementary. The song is about the dog Bingo and the other animals that reside on the farm. The song’s chorus, B-I-N-G-O, is so catchy that several other pieces mimic the tune’s repetition and cadence.

What makes the song take off is the clapping sections. As the song progresses, the letters of the dog’s name are dropped, and claps are inserted. Learning the rhythm and cadence will make it stick in your memory forever.

2. Hound Dog (1952)

Most people are more familiar with the Elvis Presly version of Hound Dog, but it was initially recorded by Big Mama Thornton in 1952. The 12-bar blues song is quite catchy and is about a dog who never catches anything and isn’t that great of an animal. The Elvis version has been played in just about every form of media out there, with lukewarm results.

Before dogs became service animals and carry-on pets, they had jobs and purposes just like tools. This is a tough-love song that extolls the destructive tendencies of a dog who just can’t seem to get things going.

3. Ol’ Red (2002)

Most people know the Blake Shelton version that was released in 2002. The song has been released several times, with the most popular version being the Shelton version. It is about a hunting dog that never lets felons escape their service to the state. When prisoners escape, the dog is never going to let them get away. If that isn’t a good dog, what is?

Like most dogs, Ol Red can be fooled. The protagonist in the song comes up with a scheme that will allow him to escape, while the dog spends his time trying to woo another coon hound. The song is an excellent example of dogs and their instinct and how it makes them react to different situations.

4. Who Let the Dogs Out? (2000)

Possibly one of the most aggravating and repetitious songs ever recorded, Who Let the Dogs Out? is a must-have for any song list about dogs. It was released in 2000 by the Baha Men but had its roots in the club scene of the Caribbean. The song is surrounded by controversy, and the original writer is still in debate to this day.

While it is an earworm, Who Let the Dogs Out is also an excellent song for sporting events. If your team name is some form of dog, the crowd can let loose with all their hoops and hollers during the barks. It makes for great crowd noise and intimidates opposing teams.

5. I Love My Dog (1966)

Cat Stevens is known for writing some of the most moving and emotional pieces of music in the game. I Love My Dog is about how no matter what is happening around the singer, his dog will always be there for him.

This song is incredibly emotional for those of us who have a service dog or an older dog. These dogs go above and beyond to make sure that their master makes it through rough patches in life, and when they are sick or leave us, there is a profound hole in their lives.

6. Old King (1992)

Sometimes the best songs about dogs are tributes. Old King is a Neil Young track from his famous Harvest Moon album. The song details his relationship with an old dog and how they went on adventures and enjoyed life together.

Most would think that songs about dogs are confined to the country realm, but his recording proves otherwise. Always having a bit of a country swag to his music, Young produced the song complete with bluegrass instruments on a rock album.

7. (How Much Is That) Doggie In The Window (1953)

A great novelty song released back in 1953 by Patti Page, How Much is a song that most people have heard and know the words. It is a catchy tune that was used in several cartoons from the same time frame.

While the song is campy and aggravating, it is a poignant example of how people can fall in love with a dog at first glance. Pet stores around the country lean hard into this song to this day and swear that it increases sales.

8. Atomic Dog (1982)

The brilliant and twisted mind of George Clinton released this song back in 1982. While the song is a tongue-in-cheek stab at male culture, the music is quite catchy and made its round to all the discos and skating rinks scattered across the country.

What connects this song even further to canines is that almost every dog-centered movie in the last twenty years has a scene featuring Atomic Dog. It is a catchy tune that has been sampled into some of the most iconic hip hop songs ever recorded.

9. Gonna Buy Me a Dog (1966)

One of the things people say to do after a breakup is to get a good dog. The Monkees took it a step further in 1966 with the release of Gonna Buy Me a Dog. The song started as an homage to Mickey Dolenz’s favorite pet but became a goof in the studio when Mike Nesmith began to throw in the one-liners.

The song is funny but speaks to a more significant problem. When you are down, being around a dog can improve mood and provide calm to the dog owner. When relationships go south, you can always count on your dog to be there for you.

10. The Puppy Song (1969)

Harry Nilsson released The Puppy Song in 1969 on his album Harry. It is an upbeat song about a boy who only wants a puppy. He exclaims how happy it would make him just to get a puppy and all the neat and wonderful things they can do together.

A child getting a puppy is a magical thing. The ability to have a friend who grows with you and is also your protector is a powerful relationship. It also teaches a child responsibility and could spark a lifelong love of animals.

11. Martha, My Dear (1968)

Martha, My Dear was written by Paul McCartney and released on the monumental The Beatles White album. While it sounds like a tune about Paul and his love for a young maid, it is, in fact, about a sheepdog he had as a pet.

Martha, My Dear is also one of the only songs recorded by The Beatles where Paul plays every instrument on the recording. It also shows that when McCartney saw his band crumbling, one of his comforting thoughts was of his dog, Martha.

12. The Dog Song (2004)

Nellie McKay released this catchy tune back in 2004 on her album Get Away From Me. In the song, she exalts the joys of walking her dog. How just getting out there and concentrating on one thing can take your mind off all the other things, and you can just be glad to be with your pet. The Dog Song also has its own TED talk.

13. Cracker Jack (1974)

Dolly Parton released this love song to a dog she had growing up in 1974. It was featured on the album Jolene which featured the smash hit I Will Always Love You. In the tune, she speaks about how the dog wasn’t much to look at, but she loved it just the same. Dolly has a long history of recording songs of dogs she has loved.

14. Like My Dog (2011)

Billy Currington recorded this song on his album Enjoy Yourself in 2011. There are some great analogies in the song about relationships and how people would be much better off to love as dogs do. Human relationships are much more complicated, and while there are differences, people could learn a big lesson from their canine companions.

15. Feed Jake (1991)

The Pirates of the Mississippi were a country band back in the 1990s that found some success with the song called Feed Jake.  It is a ballad that talks about what happens to the singer when he dies. He wants you to feed his dog, Jake. Written in a different time, the song could be hard for some listeners.

16. Man of the Hour (2009)

Songs About Dogs

Norah Jones is one of the great American singers of the last 30 years. She recorded the song Man of the Hour on her album The Fall in 2009. The song is about her St. Bernard, who is also featured on the cover. Jones sings a funny and sweet song about the one man in her life that matters the most.

17. Planet Dog (2004)

Planet Dog is an incredibly funny song about how the planet populated with dogs would operate. Boothby Graffoe, at the time a stand-up comedian, released the song back in 2004 and has some pretty funny lyrics about how awesome and lovable the planet of dogs would be.

18. I Love My Dog (1996)

Sublime was a great band that tragically lost their lead singer to an overdose just as their fame was beginning to rise. On the 10th Anniversary Reissue of their epic self-titled album, Bradley Nowell howls out a quick ballad about how much he loves his dog. Nowell was an extremely gifted songwriter who never left the house without his dog.

19. Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (1973)

Lobo released this ballad about how his life was more straightforward with his woman and a dog named Boo. The song strikes a chord with some people and takes them back to a simpler time in life or their relationship.

20. The More Boys I Meet (2007)

The More Boys I Meet by Carrie Underwood was released in 2007 on her album Carnival Ride. In the song, she talks about all her failed relationships and how she would be much better off just staying home with her dog. It speaks to the ups and downs of dating and how a dog is often a more faithful and trustworthy companion.

21. Gypsy, Joe, and Me (1969)

Gypsy, Joe, and Me is another song about dogs sang by the angel Dolly Parton. It was released in 1969 and has many poignant memories from her childhood, and a dog named Gypsy that was run over by a car. The song is the epitome of country music. Dolly Parton has a deep devotion to dogs and several have been immortalized in her music.

22. Tennessee Hound Dog (1969)

When it comes to knowing how hound dogs work, you should ask someone from Tennessee. The Osborne Brothers recorded this bluegrass knee slapper back in 1969. It talks about a good hound dog and how well it obeys its commands. Bluegrass and dogs go together like red beans and rice and Tennessee Hound Dog is just a saucy.

23. My Dog and Me (2003)

It is amazing how many songs about heartbreak think back to better times when they were alone and had their dog. John Hiatt recorded this song about a relationship off the rails back in 2003. Dogs are excellent healers, and songs like this speak to their nature of caring and being there for their human.

24. Little Boys Grow Up, and Dogs Get Old (2015)

In this country tune, Luke Bryan talks about the hard relationships between a young child and an old dog. As kids grow with their pets, they must come to understand that dogs don’t live forever, and that’s a massive lesson about dealing with loss.

25. It’s Just a Dog (2016)

Sometimes we think that we are saving dogs when they could be the ones taking care of us. Mo Pitney released this song in 2016 about a stray that he picked up and how much it means to him despite the old saying, It’s Just a Dog.

26. Everything Reminds Me of My Dog (1989)

You know you have it bad for a dog when everything you see reminds you of it. Jane Siberry released this jam back in 1989, where everything that she sees reminds her of her dog, even the person she sees on the subway.

27. The Dog Song (2019)

The Dog Song is one of the only songs out there that comes from the dog’s point of view. The view isn’t always great, but the dog continues to go about their day like it is the best one ever made. Another testament to how great dogs are for the human soul.

28. Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog (1966)

Johnny Cash recorded this song about a dog that wouldn’t stay out of his chicken house. His eggs are eaten all the time despite his attempts to shoot at the dog and even some attempts to kick the canine away.

29. Rain Dogs (1985)

No one has a more recognizable sound than Tom Waits. This song is catchy and has a weird groove that is nicely accented by the xylophone notes. Rain Dogs was an experimental album that defined Waits sound and created cult followers around the world.

30. King of the Dogs (2009)

Iggy Pop is known as a punk generation wild man who lacerates himself on stage and has a fantastic stage show. In 2009, he released the song King of the Dogs. It is an off-kilter tune about what Iggy would do if he were king of the dogs, which wasn’t much different from what he does as a regular person. 

31. Shannon (1976)

Shannon is a song recorded by Henry Gross in 1976. The song is about the death of a dog and how they will tell everyone that the dog has passed on. As it turns out, Gross decided the best way to tell them was with a high falsetto that almost makes you forget about the death of a family pet.

Best Songs About Dogs, Conclusion

Dogs are a comfort and companion for many people around the globe. Good songs connect with people because they feel some part of themselves in the lyrics or music. Something deep down in our reptile brains connects with dogs in the same way a good song does. It can make you smile and be there for you when times get rough. Just like a dog.

Songs about dogs speak to empathy and joy in people’s hearts that the animals bring into their lives. A good dog is as good as any faithful friend you can have. Why shouldn’t there be songs about something that great?

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