31 Best Guitar Hero Songs

There’s no greater way to spend an evening with friends than busting out the game system and competing amongst each other with a Guitar Hero song or two. The million-dollar question is, and always has been, what are the best Guitar Hero songs?

Higher Ground by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Higher Ground by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song Year: 1989

Red Hot Chili Peppers have had many hits throughout the years. 1989 was especially good for them with the release of their album Mother’s Milk. One of the top songs from this album, Higher Ground, later made its way to Guitar Hero fam.

This song is a remake of a Stevie Wonder original. The overarching theme of this tune is to continuously work towards being a better person. With a great beat and fun guitar breaks, it was an excellent choice for the Guitar Hero series.

Dead by My Chemical Romance

Song Year: 2006

The album The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance saw a lot of hit songs that are still popular many years later. One of them to make it onto the Guitar Hero franchise was Dead from that same album.

The entire The Black Parade album was one long story of a specific character. This song, in particular, referenced the death of that individual. Among all of the songs available on Guitar Hero, this one is often on repeat.

Helicopter by Bloc Party

Song Year: 2005

Another top contributor to Guitar Hero jams was this hit song off the Silent Alarm album by Bloc Party. You can find this gem on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The song details the lead singer's struggle with Westernized culture and how he used to idolize it as a young boy.

The lyrics continue to talk about how he realizes now that it isn’t as great as he once thought. However, being that it is the life he wanted, where does he go from here?

One by Metallica

Song Year: 1988

Every big franchise needs at least one Metallica hit, and Guitar Hero is no exception. On Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, you will find this song from the band's album …..And Justice For All. This tune has won many awards since its release, including a Grammy.

One has lyrics that talk about being against the war. In it, a soldier who is fighting during World War I loses his limbs and jaw and is unable to speak or walk.

Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce

Song Year: 2005

When gaming fans found out that this song by Dragonforce was set to be part of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, there was much excitement to be had. That was until they discovered the intense level of difficulty associated with it and saw how hard it was to beat.

The song talks about the importance of overcoming the obstacles that are put in front of you. Even when times can feel tough, it’s imperative to push forward.

The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars

Song Year: 2005

The Guitar Hero World Tour game featured this song from the band's A Beautiful Lie album. Its inclusion in the game quickly sparked the band's popularity even higher than it already was.

When you listen to the lyrics, it can be easy to resonate with what the song says. As the artist breaks down their personal struggles, it’s challenging not to put yourself in the same position.

In My Place by Coldplay

Song Year: 2002

From the Guitar Hero 5 game comes this song from the Coldplay album A Rush of Blood to the Head. All of the band members came together to write this song, which is one of the most popular options in the famous game.

In this song, the lead singer talks about being in love with a girl who doesn’t have the same feelings in return. The emotions connected to that are confusing and sad, as portrayed in the song.

Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

Song Year: 2011

When this song made it onto Guitar Hero Live, fans of the gaming franchise were stoked. While the song differs from the other music comprising the game, it’s a welcome addition that fans adore.

As a song that depicts the ultimate emotions of love, Feel So Close talks about the physical and emotional level of closeness that a couple attains over time.

The Wire by Haim

Song Year: 2013

As one of the most challenging songs on Guitar Hero Live, this song from Haim’s album Days Are Gone can be incredibly frustrating but also wonderful to listen to repeatedly as you work to conquer the notes.

This hit song has influence from many different genres of music and speaks to the complicated aspects of relationships and how to navigate them in the right way.

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

Song Year: 2004

This hit song took the world by storm and won several awards, including a Grammy for Best Music Video. Due to its success, you can find it on the original Guitar Hero game. The resurgence of the hit on the game sent the song back up in popularity.

The lyrics bring together the premise of love in a relationship and that of being taken out by a sniper. At times, you just want things to end to stop the anguish, or someone pulls the plug for you.

Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns N Roses

Song Year: 1987

Although this song was released in the 80s, it was a no-brainer when it came time to pick songs for the Guitar Hero game. Featured in the version of Guitar Hero II, this song gets everyone in the room pumped and ready to play.

Lead singer Axl Rose wrote this song about his wife and the problems they had in their relationship. While the marriage was ultimately annulled, the song went on to see very high levels of success.

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