47 Best 2020s Hip Hop Songs

Best 2020s Hip Hop Songs

The 2020s are just getting started, but the number of incredible hip hop and rap songs for us to enjoy has grown exponentially. Every week, popular artists drop mind-blowing music, from female empowerment anthems to poignant calls for political and social justice reform. No topic is off-limits, and we are here for it.

Read below for our take on the best 2020s rap songs and hip hop songs so far.


“Muwop” by Mulatto feat. Gucci Mane

Song Year: 2020

One of the best 2020s hip hop songs came from relative newcomer Mulatto. Her song “Muwop” features the reigning king of hip hop Gucci Mane. It is a fun, upbeat, and slightly raunchy reimagining of Gucci Mane’s famous 2006 song “Freaky Gurl.”

At its core, the song is a girl-power anthem. Mulatto sings about knowing your worth, self-confidence, and believing in the gifts and talents you were born with.

“That Way” by Lil Uzi Vert

Song Year: 2020

Lil Uzi Vert’s highly-anticipated take on the iconic Backstreet Boy’s song “I Want It That Way” is easily one of the best hip hop songs of the 2020s.

Despite the melody and throwback to early 2000s boy band pop, the song has a melancholy feel to it. It talks about the sexual exploits of the narrator, not all of which end positively. There are also mentions of the narrator’s high-risk, high-reward lifestyle, which seem to bring him joy.

“Deep Reverence” by Big Sean feat. Nipsey Hussle

Song Year: 2020

“Deep Reverence” marks the second collaboration between Big Sean and the late Nipsey Hussle. It peaked at #82 on the Billboard 100 list in 2020 and earned Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle a Grammy nod.

The song is a heavy and poignant look at gang violence and the pressures of the rap game. Both Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle talk about personal struggles throughout the song in a way that reads like a raw and honest diary entry.

“Scottie Beam” by Freddie Gibbs, Rick Ross, and The Alchemist

Song Year: 2020

“Scottie Beam” is an introspective and honest look at life, police brutality, and mortality. The heavy, desperate, and often angry lyrics are set over a plucky, lighthearted piano melody, giving it a disorienting contrast that somehow works perfectly.

The song’s title is a nod to professional media personality Deanii Scott, who goes by the name Scottie Beam.

“Walking in the Snow” by Run the Jewels

Song Year: 2020

Run the Jewels’ rap song “Walking in the Snow” tells the story of a man who is murdered by police. The song, written in response to the 2014 murder of Eric Garner, was released in the late spring of 2020 after the murder of George Floyd.

The song’s most heartbreaking lyrics were written before George Floyd’s televised murder but echo his final words, “I can’t breathe.” It is a chilling reminder that this is a common occurrence in the United States and one that cannot be overlooked.

Run the Jewels points to the way poor people, regardless of skin color, are purposefully kept vulnerable and powerless. They are kept in the cold, devoid of common comfort or basic human rights.

“Laugh Now Cry Later” by Drake feat. Lil Durk

Song Year: 2020

In typical Drake fashion, his 2020 song “Laugh Now Cry Later” is an ode to living life one moment at a time. A common theme throughout the song is to deal with one’s problems later. Some speculate the song title is also a nod to the late rapper 2Pac’s tattoo, which read “smile now, cry later.”

“Life Is Good” by Future feat. Drake

Song Year: 2020

“Life Is Good” is a powerful collaboration between two of the best hip-hop artists of the decade. The song was an instant success, debuting at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Drake and Future go back and forth throughout the song, detailing their failures and successes in various aspects of their lives. They address their failing romantic lives but also talk about their wealth, material gains, and influence in the hip-hop world.

“Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce (Remix)

Song Year: 2020

Megan Thee Stallion is a boss lady, and she wants everyone to know it. In her song “Savage,” she touts the idea that her body, her infamous temper, and her love life are all under her complete control. She is a savage, and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about that.

However, the song is also honest. Megan Thee Stallion talks about the less positive aspects of her personality, such as being “moody” or “nasty,” in addition to her better attributes.

“WAP” by Cardi B. feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Song Year: 2020

One of the best rap songs of the 2020s is also one of the most controversial. Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B.’s collaboration “WAP” is a sexually explicit and polarizing romp that discusses female empowerment, female sexuality, and body positivity.

Many find the song to be an empowering anthem for women who want to take back the idea they can enjoy sex. Others find the lyrics and messaging degrading. Despite the lively debates the song has inspired, it debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

“pride.is.the.devil” by J. Cole feat. Lil Baby

Song Year: 2021

J. Cole and Lil Baby came together to release “pride.is.the.devil,” a melodic rap song about the deadliest of the seven sins. J. Cole finds pride to be the root of all evil in the world and the cause of many people’s problems.

He offers several personal anecdotes about times in his life when pride almost ruined him. J. Cole also observes the way pride can damage families and ruin lives.

“Family Ties” by Baby Keem feat. Kendrick Lamar

Song Year: 2021

Newcomer Baby Keem surprised everyone in the 2021 rap game with his powerful song “Family Ties.” This track, featuring the incomparable Kendrick Lamar, talks about Baby Keem’s struggle to find recognition for his talent in the music industry. It has a raw, gritty sound that complements the honesty of the lyrics.

Both Lamar and Keem, who are cousins in real life, rap about the way they see themselves as artists and how competition and politics make it difficult to stay on top.

“WusYaName” by Tyler, The Creator

Song Year: 2021

Tyler, The Creator is well known for his genre-fluid music and producing skills, with several award-winning albums under his belt. His 2021 song “WusYaName” is a testament to his talents as an artist.

“WusYaName” is a song about love at first sight. The narrator meets a struggling woman and sweeps her off her feet, taking her overseas to explore France. It is also a song about the narrator’s extreme wealth and the fact that he wants to use it to shower love and attention on the woman of his dreams.

“Every Chance I Get” by DJ Khaled

Song Year: 2021

With its rhythmic melodies and catchy, cocky lyrics, DJ Khaled’s “Every Chance I Get” is a song about his glamorous life. DJ Khaled and his collaborators, Lil Durk and Lil Baby, take turns describing their rough upbringings on the streets and how their career successes motivate them to continue.

“Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat feat. SZA

Song Year: 2021

“Kiss Me More” is an NSFW song about sex from a woman’s perspective. Queens of the hip hop scene, Doja Cat and SZA, take turns throughout the song encouraging the object of their affection to “kiss them” with the implication that the heavy kissing will turn into something more.

“Best Friend” by Saweetie feat. Doja Cat

Song Year: 2020

“Best Friend” is a bouncy, upbeat girl power anthem for boss ladies. It celebrates the autonomy and independence of women, who don’t need men to take care of them or provide for them.

It is also a lovely testament to the support you get from your best friend. Both Saweetie and Doja Cat hype each other up throughout the song, complimenting each other’s talents, bodies, and wealth.

“Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow

Song Year: 2021

Lil Nas X claps back at his haters for his previous successes with the Grammy-nominated song “Industry Baby.”

Across the board, his work is subversive and challenges the status quo. It also consistently highlights the struggles Lil Nas X went through as an LGBTQ+ youth and challenges the bigotry and cultural biases he continues to face as an adult.

His song “Industry Baby” includes these themes, but it also celebrates his successes as an artist.

“I Like Dat” by T-Pain, Kehlani, and BIA

Song Year: 2021

T-Pain’s beloved 2007 hit “Buy You a Drank” gets a 2020s remix with “I Like Dat.” His signature harmonies, melodic lyrics, and autotune accents pair well with Kehlani’s low, musical voice. Together, they sing about women who don’t need men to pay their way.

The days of T-Pain being able to win a woman over with a single drink are through. Now, the women he encounters are financially stable and looking for someone to partner with.

“Straightenin” by Migos

Song Year: 2021

Migos released “Straightenin” as the first single on their fourth studio album, Culture III. The song is unbelievably catchy, with an infectious hook. Although the actual meaning of the song and the term “straightenin” is still up for debate, the band and their fans generally agree it is about the Migos addressing their critics.

“Escape Plan” by Travis Scott

Song Year: 2021

Travis Scott’s “Escape Plan” is a lyrical masterpiece, full of metaphor and symbolism. Themes of wealth, achievement, overcoming poverty, and struggles abound. This indicates that the escape plan he references is the one that got him out of the hood and into his current state of wealth.

“Late at Night” by Roddy Ricch

Song Year: 2021

Roddy Ricch’s conventional love song “Late at Night” is about showering the woman you love with affection. Whether in the form of material goods or strength and support, Roddy Ricch’s summertime anthem encourages men to treat their women right.

“Calling My Phone” by Lil Tjay feat. 6lack

Song Year: 2021

“Calling My Phone” is a classic tale of moving on, even when you don’t particularly want to. It also describes the feeling when you have someone new, and you want to rub that fact in the face of the person who hurt you in the first place.

“What You Need” by Don Toliver

Song Year: 2021

“What You Need” is a quiet, melodic rap song from a man to his girl. He promises to share all of the wealth and luxury he has with her. Anything she wants or needs will be hers. All he wants in return is a good time, implying that a good time translates to sex.

“Seeing Green” by Nicki Minaj feat. Drake and Lil Wayne (Remix)

Song Year: 2021

The central theme of Nicki Minaj’s collaborative song “Seeing Green” is wealth. Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne take turns boasting about their successes and subsequent wealth, frequently mentioning brand names and big designers.

The trio also all alludes and off to their sexual prowess, violence, guns, and the drama that comes with having unlimited money at their disposal.

“Ski” by Young Thug and Gunna

Song Year: 2021

Young Thug and Gunna’s “Ski” is another popular rap song of the 2020s. The narrators take turns boasting about their wealth, drugs, and romantic conquests. For these men, life is a well-deserved wild ride.

The song inspired a TikTok dance challenge where participants would do ski-like motions to the song’s heavy beat.

“Twerkulator” by City Girls

“Twerkulator” by City Girls

Song Year: 2021

City Girls' song “Twerkulator” was the soundtrack of summer 2021. It has an awesome beat and a nostalgic melody that makes you want to get up and dance.

The song is about knowing your worth as a woman and never settling for less. It is also a call to surround yourself with people who treat you right.

“Love All” by Drake feat. Jay-Z

Song Year: 2021

Drake’s highly anticipated studio album features “Love All,” a collaborative melodic rap song featuring the incomparable Jay-Z.

The song is a thoughtful observation about the way we don’t appreciate or respect people until they’re dead and gone. There are mentions of burning bridges with people who help you achieve your goals, as well as the price of fame and the value of a close circle of friends and family.

“City of Gods” by Fivio Foreign fest. Kanye West and Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2022

Alicia Key’s haunting chorus melody contrasts beautifully with Fivio Foreign and Kanye West’s rapid-fire delivery in “City of Gods.” This masterful collaboration is an ode to New York City, Brooklyn, and the struggles the magnificent city endures.

“Sunshine” by Latto feat. Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino

Song Year: 2022

“Sunshine” is an infectiously catchy track by a powerhouse trio. Latto, Lil Wayne, and Childish Gambino come together to perform a powerful “hood gospel” anthem.

The artists take turns throughout the song sharing their woes as artists and people. The chorus, sung by Latto, connects the different narratives. She sings about praying for her enemies, showing them the empathy they will not reveal to her, and moving on from the negativity and hateful comments of people who don’t matter.

“First Class” by Jack Harlow

Song Year: 2022

Jack Harlow’s “First Class” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It features snippets of Fergie’s 2006 song “Glamorous,” where the song’s title gets its name.

Harlow raps about his newfound stardom throughout the song, positioning himself as an inspiration to those that want to pursue a career as a rap artist. It is braggy and boastful but supremely catchy.

“Cash In Cash Out” by Pharrell feat. Tyler, The Creator, and 21 Savage

Song Year: 2022

“Cash In Cash Out” combines rapid, deadpan deliveries and catchy, melodic choruses.

At its core, the song is a boastful anthem about the artists’ wealth. They receive large sums of money regularly (cash in) and continually spend it (cash out). Additional themes of gun violence and sexual acts are present throughout.

“Count Me Out” by Kendrick Lamar

Song Year: 2022

Kendrick Lamar proves he can do no wrong with his breakthrough single, “Count Me Out.” The song combines angelic harmonies with Lamar’s powerfully raw and honest lyrics about self-love and forgiveness. The result is a highly emotional ballad that resonates long after the final note plays.

“Denial” by Rae Sremmurd

Song Year: 2022

“Denial” is a song about what happens when love isn’t enough to keep two people together. Maybe one person loves the other more, or someone is struggling to commit. It is a thoughtful look at how difficult it is to be in a relationship and how much of yourself is required to make love last.

“Wraith” by Chance the Rapper feat. Vic Mensa

Song Year: 2022

Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa come together for a second collaboration on the 2022 rap song “Wraith.” The pair’s undeniable chemistry and report shine in this song, which Chance the Rapper dubs a “writing exercise.”

The song is playful, carefree, and well-written. You’ll be singing these lyrics all summer long.

“Blick Blick” by Coi Leray feat. Nicki Minaj

Song Year: 2022

Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj, two of the world’s top female rap artists, come together in their groundbreaking song “Blick Blick.” The song is an ode to their career success and subsequent wealth. It is equal parts braggy and gangsta, with a lightheartedness throughout. These ladies know their worth, and they want the rest of us to know it too.

“Lemonade” by Vince Staples and Ty Dolla $ign

Song Year: 2022

“Lemonade” is a lyrically-stunning song by Long Beach rap icon Vince Staples. The song is a dreary, melancholy examination of the rapper’s hometown, set to a sweet and sour melody.

In his signature laid-back, matter-of-face delivery, he talks about street violence, anger, resentment, and danger. The result is a heartbreaking commentary on trauma, growing up in the hood, and how deep hometown roots grow.

“God Don’t Make Mistakes” by Conway the Machine

Song Year: 2022

“God Don’t Make Mistakes” is a chills-inducing, thoughtful song about Conway the Machine’s journey. The song discusses the night the rapper got shot while out with some friends. It is an honest, highly transparent look at his trauma and the emotions he has surrounding the incident.

“Whole Lotta” by Marr Grey

Song Year: 2022

“Whole Lotta” is a soft, melodic rap song with a hummable chorus and a quiet message. Grey sings about how he heard a woman he normally ignores and messes around with has been talking about him. He tries to get a hold of her, but she decides to ignore him back finally.

“D.M.B.” by ASAP Rocky

Song Year: 2022

ASAP Rocky’s song “D.M.B.” is a love song written for the mother of his child, world-renowned singer Rihanna. He praises her throughout the song, talking about how important and valuable she is to him. His pride to have her on his arm is clear, both in the song and the music video, in which they both star.

“Vaderz” by Rico Nasty feat. Bktharula

Song Year: 2022

“Vaderz” is a song full of chaos, commotion, and aggression, but in a way that is delightfully fun to listen to. The women sing with passion and fervor about their ability to keep haters in check and seduce men. They make it clear throughout the song that they are a duo not to be messed with.

“X-Wing” by Denzel Curry

Song Year: 2022

Denzel Curry tackles rampant consumerism, materialism, and the jealousy that comes with success in his rap song “X-Wing.” He talks about how growing up, he didn’t have much, and because of that, he’s never satisfied with the wealth and things he does have now.

“WiFi” by DaBaby & YoungBoy

Song Year: 2022

The heavy bass notes and plucky piano of “WiFi” are a perfect contrast with DaBaby and YoungBoy’s low, rapid-fire delivery. The song is about the way people feel comfortable posting and recording their opinions on the internet and social media platforms, but how doing so doesn’t keep them protected from people who want to hurt them.

“Elon Musk” by DDG feat. Gunna

Song Year: 2022

DDG and Gunna explore space travel and success in their song “Elon Musk.” Throughout the song, they compare themselves to billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, creator of the private spaceflight company SpaceX.

“Diet Coke” by Pusha T

Song Year: 2022

Pusha T often raps about cocaine distribution, and his newest song “Diet Coke” is no different. This lyrically playful song alludes to the sale of street coke. Pusha T brags throughout the song about his ability to move coke from his former days in the drug trade. He also comments on the effect the drug trade had on his community, expressing gratitude for his luck in surviving it.

“Switching Sides” by Midwxst

Song Year: 2022

“Switching Sides” is one of the best 2020s hip hop songs. Midwxst laments to the person on the other end of the phone that they are fake and unreliable. They constantly change their mind, blowing up his phone one moment and ignoring him the next.

The song’s melody is contagious and danceable, with lyrics relatable to anyone who’s ever found themselves struggling to understand the motives of another person.

“It’s Yours, Pt. 2” by The Cool Kids

Song Year: 2022

The Cool Kids introduce an early-2000s nostalgic track with “It’s Yours, Pt. 2.” The duo sings about growing up in the streets of Chicago and going to college to escape the fates of their parents, only to find themselves in the same place they started.

The song encourages listeners to “be” and aspire to more than they thought possible when they were young.

“Tabula Rasa” by Earl Sweatshirt feat. Armand Hammer

Song Year: 2022

“Tabula Rasa” is a mellow, well-crafted song by Earl Sweatshirt and Armand Hammer. Despite the gentle, instrumental melody, the artists hold back nothing. They rap about current issues and politics with thoughtful attention to nuance.

“Silly Achilles” by TisaKorean

Song Year: 2022

TisaKorean is known for his absurdity and excellent sense of humor. “Silly Achilles” continues this trend. The song is simply about a man who hurts his legs. He asks for a woman to call him an Uber, and she offers him sex to make him feel better.

Top 2020s Hip Hop Songs, Final Thoughts

So far, the 2020s have proven to be an amazing time for rap and hip-hop music. Emerging artists like Baby Keem have shown us their musical chops, while veterans like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Run the Jewels continue to pump out melodic and thoughtfully produced songs.

What is your favorite 2020s rap or hip-hop song? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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