How To Get Your Music On Spotify Using TuneCore

Tunecore spotify Want to know how to get your music on Spotify quickly and easily?

Well in today’s guest post by digital distributors TuneCore you’ll learn how to do just that!

Spotify’s popular playlists, user base, ease of use, and regular introduction of new features makes it a great place to put your music up for streaming as an independent artist – but how do you get it up there?

We’ll run down a quick step-by-step process to follow to make sure your next single or album is accessible on one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world.

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Sign Up With TuneCore

Once you’ve got your music recorded, mastered, and ready to sell, you’re good to sign up for a free TuneCore account.

Once you login, navigate around your dashboard and learn more about what TuneCore has to offer.

Our distribution process is self-serve, but we’re always there to help.

TuneCore lets you upload your very own cover art, audio files, and release/artist information to make sure all the stores you want your music distributed to have everything you need to be streamed, sold and discovered.

Using Tunecore

Distribute Your Release

Once you’re ready to go – marketing plan in-hand, hopefully – it’s time to begin your distribution on TuneCore!

We’ve got a whole video dedicated to walking you through the process, but certainly some elements you’ll want to consider going into it are audio files, cover art, and general formatting.

After you’ve checked everything off and paid for your distribution, your music will be sent to TuneCore’s Content Review team.

They’ll make sure everything checks out and that there are no errors with your release.

If everything looks good, they’ll send your music to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and any other stores and streaming platforms you’ve chosen to distribute to and it will be live within several days.

Start Promoting – Ahead of Time

Psyched that your music is now live and ready to be streamed on Spotify?

You should be! Ahead of your official release date, you should set yourself up for success.

That means letting your fans know about the upcoming release via social media channels and word of mouth.

It might mean following up with any media outlets you pitched your release to well in advance.

Whatever your marketing and promotion plans are, one step you can take is setting up your Spotify For Artists profile.

This allows you to claim your ‘artist profile’ on Spotify and personalize it with photos, biographical information, and even pitch your release for Spotify playlists right from the platform (important: you’ll want to make sure your release has been distributed to Spotify at least one week in advance of being considered for playlist placement).

All of this is just a reminder that it pays to be prepared as an independent artist.

After all, you’re essentially running a small business, right?

Having everything set up in advance of the big release day will pay off, and open you up for more opportunities to be streamed and discovered on Spotify.

Final Thoughts

From player pianos to phonographs, tapes to CDs, and mp3s to streaming audio files, it should be no surprise that the way we listen to music is constantly evolving.

One important thing that has also changed is the barriers of entry when it comes to selling your music as an independent artist.

Previously, artists needed a record label to assist them with getting their physical releases into music stores.

Eventually as the digital music landscape began to unravel (iTunes and Amazon Music) and fans could download their favorite artists’ releases from home, independent artists without a label were still left out.

This has now changed, as it’s easier than ever to get your music on Spotify and other digital music platforms.

About TuneCore

In 2006, TuneCore came along to act as a digital distribution platform so that artists without a label could sell their music online.

Since then, TuneCore has partnered with just about every digital store and streaming platform under the sun to make sure these artists could get the maximum reach across the whole globe.

Spotify has remained a major player in this sense, and artists have grown increasingly eager to make sure their new releases are live and available to stream for its 217 million active monthly users.

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