How To Find Samples – Top 3 Ways To Build Up Your Sample Library

How To Find Samples And Loops

Want to know the best ways to find sound effects and loops to fill up your sample library? Then read on for all the info.

Audio loops and samples are a huge part of the music we listen to today. Songs from different genres such as rap, pop, and dubstep utilize loops and samples to give the music a good boost. Many producers utilize loops as a building block that inspires them to put the entire beat together.

Once you have a tight loop, all you have to do is layer the instruments you want around it to make some really great sounding beats. The problem though, is that it can be challenging to find hot audio loops and samples you can use for your next big song. You definitely need to make sure you have some good samples in your library, and this article will show you some easy ways you can find all the loops and samples you'll ever need to produce beats. So, let's get into how you can find these sound effects.

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Note: This guide is written by John.

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1. Search The Internet For Free Sound Effects

The easiest way to build your library of hot loops and samples is to search the internet. On the internet there are a ton of free samples you can acquire. If you know how to properly search the web, you can find literally hundreds of free samples and loops that are of a good quality. The best part is you don't even have to spend a penny to get many of these sounds.

Be warned though, if you don't know how to search properly you will end up getting some poor quality samples. It can take you a long time just find a handful of decent loops and samples for free, but keep looking as they are out there. If you really don't want to spend any money on buying samples, you are going to have to do some serious hunting.

One small downside to using free sounds is that any other aspiring beat maker can use them too. This shouldn't be a major issue though, as the way you put a beat together can do plenty to make you stand out from the crowd. Something you will need to be more wary about however is whether or not you have the rights to use the samples commercially. This information should be displayed on any site with free sample sounds on it, so make sure you look into that before you use the given sounds. If you can't find that information, be sure to contact the site owner to see what rights you have for any given sound effects or loops.

2. Buy Top Quality Sound Effect Samples And Loops

If you want to become a better producer but don't want to spend the time rummaging through all the poor quality free sounds just to find a few good quality ones, you can always buy them instead. Buying top quality samples and loops can be expensive, but if you're a serious producer with some disposable income, they're definitely worth the investment…

There are a number of places you can buy sample packs. Often the best way it to buy them online as they can often be delivered to you digitally and instantly. You can also buy sample packs in shops, often via CD or DVD.

Buying samples will help you save time over looking for free ones, but of course you swap the time for money. You will be able to use the paid for samples commercially, but other beat makers will be able to buy the same samples too. If this is an issue to you, you could always contract a producer personally and pay them to make you your own unique sample pack.

3. Make Samples Yourself

Loops And Samples Package

A final option is to make your own samples and loops. If you want to do this, you're going to need your own instruments, software, and other equipment to make it happen.

This can be a time consuming process, but often worth it as you will have sounds that nobody else has. Having original samples is a huge plus if you are trying to get your creative juices flowing and separate yourself from everybody else.

Another bonus of making your own sample packs is you can actually sell them if you need the money. If you got the money to make the investment in the equipment necessary and the patience you can create your own samples with no problem. If you make it god and promote if properly, believe me, people will want to buy it.


So there you have three great ways you can find samples and loops to use in your next instrumental. If you are low on cash, I suggest you have a look online and see if you find any nice samples you can use for free. Once you have the money and are ready to upgrade your library of sounds, start purchasing them or making your own.

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This guide was written by John.

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