How To Deal With Stress In The Music Business

Ways to deal with stress in the music industryIf you want to learn how to deal with stress in the music industry, you've come to the right place. This guide will help you keep fresher in mind and body when you're working on your music related jobs.

Stress in musicians is very real. It's something that creeps up on us and can ultimately have negative effects. As such, it is important to avoid building up unnecessary amounts of it. This will allow you to keep in the creative and productive zone for longer and have a long-term grip on the stresses unique to the music industry.

For those not involved with music production, music engineering or the music business in general, there can be a rosy picture painted which isn't always accurate. Freedom, fun and living the dream as if no actual hard pressurizing work needed to be done. Yes it can be fun when you're a independent musician, session player, engineer, lighting expert, producer or involved with artist management. But there's always the flip side to the coin.

So today, I want to share some ideas and techniques for keeping both body and mind in good shape for 2014. I hope you find these stress beating tips useful.

P.S. There's more stress beating tips for musicians in part two of this guide, so also check that out after.

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Water Helps Better Manage Stress In Musicians

One thing that is definitely worth considering is that both physical and mental performance can be negatively effected from dehydration. So make sure that you are getting enough water in your system on a daily basis. It sounds incredible, but a 5% decrease in optimal body fluid level will result in mental performance drop of up to 30% ! So it’s simple; drink more water and feel move alert! Helpful when you have a long beat making session or have a lot of event organizers to contact.

Don't Spend Too Much Time On Your Computer

One thing I have personally been making adjustments to relates to over use of computers. The effects are multiple. After many hours sitting at a screen the eyes get tired, the body feels energy-less, your legs get restless, the repetitive strain injury you did not get looked at starts nagging at your wrist and hand, the headache starts etc etc. These and a variety of other negative symptoms can appear.

While computers are essential for music promotion and production, it's very important that you get up with regularity and get away from those computer monitors. It is tempting when offline processes are running (like bouncing out audio or importing and converting files) to surf the internet mindlessly. I suggest you remove yourself from the seat and screens for a period. You can do anything. Do a few star jumps, make a drink, pop outside for a breath of fresh air, anything to get away and stand up for a while.

As a quick tech tip, if you produce, ensure the screens are operating at the highest refresh rate your video card can support to ensure you do not suffer any screen flicker.

Free, Effective And Easy Stress Relief

One of the absolute best remedies musicians can use for daily stresses is walking! It's free, easy and relaxing.

With a walk you get improved blood circulation, fresh air for your lungs and eyes, cardio-vascular exercise, a break from music and your computer, natural light, and to burn up some stress hormones. It has a completely rejuvenating effect.

I recommend if possible incorporating a 30 min walk into your lunch break if at all possible. Your productivity for the afternoon will be significantly higher because of it. If not, try and get out for a 15 minute stroll at any time of the day and try and keep to a daily walk if at all possible.

Sound counter productive? Then instead of thinking about it being a 30 minutes out of that time you could be writing a hit song, think of it as it being a performance enhancing exercise that will pay for itself in your efficiency and reduced stress for the rest of the day.

Sitting For Hours Is Not Natural For Humans

It is also well known that sitting for very long periods is not ideal for us as humans. If you can, try and stand for as much time as possible, as this can help balance out the unnatural periods of sitting.

Sometimes you can stand and type an email, or stand when some background process is running which doesn't need your full attention. Why not consider what can be performed in the standing position and ensure you stand instead of sit for those parts of a job? This is much more healthy than sitting for hours on end restlessly shuffling your legs around feeling uncomfortable. There is a reason for your discomfort, so whenever possible you should try and respond by standing.

To Be Continued…

… now! 😀 Here's 6 more things you can do to deal with stress in the music business.

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