15 TikTok Country Songs That Went Viral

While TikTok has definitely been geared more towards the younger generation, people of all ages are joining the platform and hearing new music. The social media platform has opened doors for famous and aspiring artists to share their music with the world.

Country music has seen its fair share of attention on TikTok, with artists sharing their music and even older songs gaining popularity again. Here are our top TikTok country songs that went viral thanks to people across the platform using the sound.

“Just About Over You” by Pricilla Black

Song Year: 2022

Pricilla Black is one of the most famous country artists from TikTok, first sharing some of her lyrics to this lovely song back in August 2020. It was just a demo back then, and within days, the video had more than three million views.

She accumulated thousands of fans who encouraged her to release a full version, prompting her to land her first record deal. Her viral TikTok video sparked what looks like will be a long and successful career in country music.

“Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes

Song Year: 2021

Walker Hayes had a prominent country music career back in 2011, but he didn't gain thousands of new fans until he released “Fancy Like” in 2021 from an EP he was recording. The song is one of the best country songs around. It’s catchy, fun to listen to, and even has non-country music fans recording videos of the song.

The song talks about how “fancy” he is and mentions brands many people might not consider fancy, but it's relatable and fun to sing along to.

“Whiskey On You” by Nate Smith

Song Year: 2022

The whole point of this song is that Nate Smith, or anyone listening, is over wasting whiskey trying to drown their sorrows about their ex. This breakup anthem was initially released on TikTok and received more than 70,000 additional videos of fans singing along or sharing their breakup story.

Even those not going through a breakup or those in a happy and healthy relationship have shared a video with the song, just showing their appreciation for how good it is.

“I'm a Survivor” by Reba McEntire

Song Year: 2001

Not all TikTok country songs are brand new. Reba's 2001 hit, “I'm a Survivor,” went viral on the platform thanks to users using a particular verse and that iconic line to share their lives raising their kids and everything they do to make life run smoothly for their family.

There are dozens of parody videos, too, where people are clearly not working hard but still using the song in the video. Reba joined in on the trend and shared a video of her music!

“Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn

Song Year: 1991

TikTok brought back this 90s hit and made it a viral sensation. Plenty of people who've never heard this Brooks and Dunn song have made videos dancing to the music. Many of the dances are simple, but some show off their best western dance moves and line dancing.

Much like Reba, this country duo joined in and posted a video of them dancing to the song to show their appreciation for people sharing their music, regardless of how old it is.

“Redneck Be Like” by Thomas Rhett

Song Year: 2021

Almost everyone knows who Thomas Rhett is, so it's not like he needed a viral TikTok song. “Redneck Be Like” went viral on the platform because of Thomas Rhett, not a bunch of fans or users! But, his fans helped push the viral song further.

He used his song to show off his hilarious dance moves with a bunch of his close friends. Since TikTok is known for popular dances, people jumped on the bandwagon and started recording themselves following Rhett's choreography.

“Would You Go With Me” by Josh Turner

Song Year: 2006

If you're a sucker for a good love song, this song's viral trend is for you. “Would You Go With Me” is a lovely song that went viral on TikTok for couples telling their love story and showing off their fantastic country dance moves.

Even though it's an older song on this list, it just shows you the power of social media and how any song can go viral when it's a good song.

“Mr. Red White and Blue” by Coffey Anderson

"Mr. Red White and Blue" by Coffey Anderson

Song Year: 2016

This one by Coffey Anderson is a viral country song on TikTok, and it's a tearjerker. It's hard not to cry or at least tear up when you see soldiers returning home to their friends and family, and users have been using this song to show their loved ones returning home from deployment.

Initially, the song went viral after 13 soldiers were killed in Kabul when Coffey performed the song for the families. Once TikTok started using the music, there was no going back. Soldiers run to hold their kids, parents, friends, siblings, and other loved ones. Some videos are even of them surprising family members who don’t expect it.

“Jealous of the Sky” by Ashley Cooke

Song Year: 2020

Ashley Cooke wrote this song after losing their friend to cancer. It's a sad song that mentions her jealousy of the sky because he's up there without her. The music helped her grieve, and sharing the song with TikTok has helped others too.

Many people share their grief stories and memories with loved ones who've passed the song.

“She Broke My Heart” by Noah Schnacky

Song Year: 2021

Noah's song is a breakup song that resonated with the people of Tiktok. Unlike other breakup songs, the lyrics are about finding new romance and the silver lining.

The song was first released on the platform, and people begged to hear more. Noah released the song, and because it went viral on TikTok, it helped the song sell.

“Buy Dirt” by Jordan Davis

Song Year: 2021

This is another happy tearjerker song that went viral on the app. “Buy Dirt” is all about advice from an older man sharing how to live a happy life. It all starts with buying dirt, aka building a life.

Couples have used the song to share their love stories, and even homeowners who are building their homes have used it to share the progress of their houses.

“Beer Beer Truck Truck” by George Birge

Song Year: 2022

How this song went viral on TikTok is a funny story. Someone had mentioned that country music is all about beer and trucks and that the lyrics are never original. George saw this as a challenge and recorded a song with basic lyrics that non-country fans make fun of, just to show how it can still be a hit.

It's a ridiculous song that people love because it's funny and surprisingly good. The song quickly went viral, and there are thousands of videos with the song.

“You Proof” Morgan Wallen

Song Year: 2022

Morgan Wallen is a country superstar, so it's not surprising that any of his songs have gone viral on TikTok. “You Proof” is one of his newer songs that he used the app to share with his fans.

The song is about getting over someone and how he needs something stronger that won't allow him to think about the other person. It's catchy, and the various videos users use the song vary, but the song went viral without a specific trend that says something.

“Villain” by Lily Rose

Song Year: 2021

Lily Rose is a great singer who went viral on TikTok thanks to her loyal fanbase. It's no secret that country music is filled with emotional breakup songs, but “Villain” is an excellent song from Lily that quickly went viral on the platform.

The song is all about how she feels like a bad person after a breakup, and people have shared similar experiences with the song in the background across the app. Seeing the music all over the app allowed it to rise in ranks and land her a record deal.

“You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter)” by Ashely Monroe

Song Year: 2013

This lovely 2013 country song was popular within the country music scene then, but after going viral on TikTok, everyone loved it all over again. Ashley Monroe’s song is a quirky “he said/she said” story that's funny and sticks to classic country music patterns.

You'll see viral videos with this song showing couples playing the different sides and having a blast acting together.

Best Viral TikTok Country Songs, Final Thoughts

TikTok is a great platform that's helping everyone find new music and enjoy some older songs. Country music is beloved by many, and even those who wouldn't consider themselves country music fans love sharing their stories on the platform using a country song as the sound.

These TikTok Country songs are just the tip of the iceberg, and we do not doubt that we'll continue to see more and more country songs going viral on the app.

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