21 Best Generation Z Songs Ever

Looking for the best songs from Generation Z? These are the hits that defined the era, many of which you’ll recognize if you’re from then yourself.

“Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO

Song year: 2011

Whatever type of celebration you attended in 2011, this high-energy beat would definitely show up alongside you. This hit added to the fun and excitement between proms, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and everything in between.

The lyrics describe partygoers having a great time at the party of a lifetime. With a mix of hip-hop and pop in the tune, you will quickly find yourself bopping around to the beat with the rest of the crowd.

“Titanium” by David Guetta

Song year: 2011

This viral song, performed with renowned artist Sia, cuts right to the core of a person's emotions. The lyrics are both captivating and uplifting at different parts of the song. With a theme of being resilient in times of difficulty and challenge, the lyrics paint the main character as being bulletproof.

The memorable name of the song, “Titanium,” speaks to being able to reflect on all the negativity and problems that come your way throughout life.

“Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry

Song year: 2008

As a girl who got her start in the church choir, Katy Perry went on to release many top hits. “Hot N Cold” is a fan favorite for its catchy tune and relatable lyrics. The song talks about individuals who are always at an extreme level and never find themselves in the middle.

While Katy Perry initially introduced this song many years ago, it still gets a tremendous amount of airplay on the radio today.

“Royals” by Lorde

Song year: 2013

Unfortunately, not everyone can live a luxurious lifestyle. However, social media can give the impression that everyone does come from money. This top-rated song pushes the reality that not everyone has the same type of life, but it doesn't make you any less.

This song is uplifting and energetic, with a phenomenal message of being happy with what you have and not comparing yourself to others.

“Get On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez

Song year: 2011

Jennifer Lopez is an artist that has shown her talents in many different ways. Not only is she an award-winning actress, but her dancing and musical ability bring a lot of accolades and fans. This song, done with hit artist Pitbull, has a catchy beat that gets you up and moving – or at least tapping your foot if you're driving!

This song displays Lopez's Latin roots with its high-energy base and fast-paced lyrics. The beauty of the song lies in its unique flair that leaves everyone feeling lighter and more energetic.

“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd

Song year: 2020

The Weeknd is an artist that came onto the music scene and took it by storm. With a slew of hits from his debut album, he only continued to turn out top tunes as time went on. Many compare this particular song to Michael Jackson, as the sound and tone resemble his work.

This song relates to many as an homage to the mental games that love plays. The sharp musical contrasts that are present add to the enjoyment.

“Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X

Song year: 2019

Many wouldn't think this collaboration possible, but Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus coming together for this mix would turn out as well as it did. This song, purchased on a whim by Lil Nas X before he was famous, has become a well-known hit all over the globe.

The artist initially purchased the music in hopes of making it big. He related to the words that spoke to not listening to others and doing your own thing.

“Fireflies” by Owl City

Song year: 2009

This song speaks to a condition that many have but is rarely discussed, insomnia. The lead singer and songwriter suffers from this implication and writes his emotions and feelings in the lyrics.

The result brings a relatable story of how insomnia makes people feel and the struggle that comes with it. Paired with incredible vocals and instrumentals, you have likely heard this tune on the radio many times.

“Payphone” by Maroon 5

Song year: 2012

Maroon 5 has been a frequent visitor to the top ten lists in the music world. However, this jam is a definite hit for all types of music lovers. The croony voice of lead singer Adam Levine captivates the listener's attention, and the smooth nature of the lyrics is the icing on the cake.

A story of love, this song depicts a couple in turmoil. The pair don't know which direction to take after a brutal end to their relationship, which many can understand.

“Hey, Soul Sister” by Train

Song year: 2009

When this song by Train came on the radio, its mellow tone and soulful lyrics resonated with listeners of all ages. The type of relationship referenced in the song gives a unique perspective to many friendships that occur today, which drew music lovers in right from the start.

While Train has frequently been at the top of the charts, this one is always a hit with crowds.

“As It Was” by Harry Styles

Song year: 2022

Once Harry Styles separated from his boy band pals and went solo, many were anxious to see how his music career would take off with the new dynamic. Fans didn't have to wait long, as several of his songs, including this hit, made it big.

With lyrics that speak to the intimate world one enters in a relationship, many listeners can put themselves in the song's center. The tug of the heartstrings has music enthusiasts hitting replay.

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