11 Best Songs About Being 4 Years Old

If you want to listen to something perfectly capturing childhood’s joy and innocence, you've come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best songs about being 4 years old. The songs talk about hope, dreams, memories, and fears.

1.“4 Years Old” by Chris Brown

Song Year: 2012

The artist recalls his early days as a struggling musician and his eventual journey to success. He likens his current life’s approach to a four-year-old who rushes into situations without thinking.

Children are always eager to move onto the next development level, failing to fully appreciate the one they are currently in. The singer describes growing up in a tough environment and how he now has everything that money can buy. However, he feels like he’s running too fast while he should be walking.

2.”Oodles O' Noodles Babies” by Meek Mill

Song Year: 2018

The song is about the vicious cycle of the criminal justice system. The singer witnesses his father go to jail when he’s only four. He recounts not having anyone to give him hope. His mother couldn’t attend school games because she was busy working.

 As soon as he enters adulthood, he meets the same predicament as his father. He’s a father to a little boy who’s now set to grow up without a father figure.

Meek admits that many people will never escape poverty since capitalism continues to enrich the rich at the expense of the poor. However, he concludes that living with the possibility of change makes the struggle worthwhile.

3.“Colors on the Ground” by Trevor Jackson

Song Year: 2016

The song perfectly captures the anger that most people feel due to the mistreatment of African Americans. Jackson uses a scenario where a four years old child in the back seat witnesses her father being shot five times. The singer sympathizes with her because she's too young to understand what's happening and why she can't see her father anymore.

He does differentiate between honorable police officers and those who abuse their power, and he vows to keep protesting until they resign. It's a touching song that articulates the plight of an entire generation in the fight for civil rights.

4. “Remembering” by Ashley Campell

Song Year: 2015

The track is an emotional tribute to Ashley's father, Glen Campbell, and his battle with Alzheimer's disease. Ashley reflects on her childhood memories with her dad, reminiscing about how they would go on drives and sing together.

She remembers when she would run to her father’s bed and pull the covers over her head at just four years old. She recalls how he would dismiss her childhood behavior about a storm and take her to the window to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

5.”Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” by David Pack

Song Year: 1996

The track speaks to the joy of being a 4-year-old. It’s a gentle reminder that we should appreciate the little things in life while they last. Pack uses gentle acoustic guitar and light strings to create an atmosphere of innocence and love.

The lyrics focus on cherishing each moment with your little one, realizing that time is moving and that they’ll no longer be as small or vulnerable one day. It’s a wonderful tribute to the beauty of childhood. Pack passionately describes the love he has for his son.

6.”Birthday” by Imagination Movers

"Birthday" by Imagination Movers

Song Year: 2004

The track is a four-year birthday celebration. The song’s upbeat rhythm and joyful lyrics create a lively atmosphere perfect for a birthday party. The lyrics describe the joys of being four, including getting presents, blowing out candles, eating cake, and enjoying time with family and friends. It remains one of the best songs about being 4.

7.“(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” by Filter and The Crystal Method

Song Year: 1997

The song is about being free and having fun. At four years old, kids are very happy about knowing how to walk, going to school, and making their first friends. The track's protagonist says that he has the understanding of a four-year-old.

 Some individuals associate the song with drug culture.“Tripping” is a slang term for experiencing hallucinations due to drugs. The lyrics appeal to the listeners to live a carefree life.

8.“Love’s The Only House” by Martina McBride

Song Year: 1999

The track’s theme is empathy. The singer is talking about seeing things from another person's perspective to comprehend their challenges.

 Each verse depicts a distinct interaction, beginning with a woman trying to use the express lane at the grocery store while carrying a huge load. Rather than passing judgment on her, she starts a conversation and discovers that the woman is unhappy with her life.

She also sings about meeting with her ex-boyfriend, who brags about having a four years old daughter. He clarifies that the singer can't have him because he has feelings for another woman. She empathetically approaches these scenarios and concludes that love is the only shelter large enough to hold the world's suffering.

9.”Home” by Stars Go Dim & Hannah Ellis

Song Year: 2021

The tune celebrates the joy of coming home to your loved ones. The song’s protagonist believes that a home isn’t a physical location but the feeling that emanates from being around individuals who love and support you. He’s happy that he’s driving on a familiar road and going to meet his family. He can't wait to play her favorite record from when he was four.

The song is a gentle reminder that you’re never truly alone if you have people that care about you. It's a beautiful tribute to the role that love and friendship play in making a home and creating a sense of belonging.

10.”Lucky Me” by Jay-Z

Song Year: 1997

For many children, turning four is an exciting time full of discoveries and opportunities. Jay-Z's song “Lucky Me” captures the feeling of attaining a major milestone in life. The artist talks about what it has taken for him to be where he’s today.

He recalls how some people didn’t believe in him and would say negative things when he was only four. He expresses disgust toward people who pretend to be his friends but wish him bad luck when he’s not around. He feels that nobody understands what it takes to be him.

11.“Ear to Ear” by Brother Ali

Song Year: 2007

The reflective song is about what the artist has gone through before achieving success and gaining contentment. He recounts his battles with his ex-wife and his relationship with his mother. He’s happy with how he has brought up his son since he got custody. He says his son is only four years old but can read like he's six because he has been teaching him how to survive.

He also celebrates a healthy relationship with a woman he met in New York. He's grateful for accomplishing so much despite facing challenges and thanks God, music, and his close friends for his newfound contentment.

Top Songs About Being 4 Years Old, Final Thoughts

Being four years old is a fun age, and it deserves celebration. With so many songs written about the age, there's something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary music or timeless classics, there's a song to match your four-year-old self or your child's perfectly. We hope you had fun reading our list of the best songs about being 4 years old.

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