23 Songs About Surrender

Songs About Surrender

Surrender is a powerful choice encompassing all kinds of experiences– the act of letting go to pursue healing or something greater. Whether you don’t want to give up on living daily life or you need to ask for help for something you can’t do alone, surrender takes on multiple meanings.

Here are our best songs about surrender for those moments you are ready to ask for help or need the motivation to get through everyday struggles. 

1. “Never Surrender” by Skillet

Song Year: 2009

Skillet is a Christian band, and while God is not mentioned in the lyrics, you can read between the lines and see that the song's narrator is calling out to God. The band sings about feeling at odds with life, being their own worst enemies, and the feelings of not measuring up to personal expectations.

Even through the struggles, the song narrator asks God to not forget about him, just as the narrator does not forget about God. While he wants to give up on living life sometimes, the song’s narrator looks to his spiritual savior for guidance.

2. “Surrender” by Natalie Taylor

Song Year: 2015

Natalie Taylor sings about two lovers who are in a quarrel. With metaphorical waters getting higher, their relationship is becoming tense and less likely to survive.

However, Taylor is ready to surrender to her lover and make amends. She is asking that he do the same so they can move on together.

Taylor sings about the importance of letting go of arguments in a relationship, especially those that stretch on and on with the stubborn human need to be right. Instead, she embraces her love for her significant other rather than letting him go over a silly argument.

3. “Surrender” by Kut Klose

Song Year: 1995

The song’s narrator amongst this smooth 90s R&B trio sings about surrendering to love and passion in the bedroom. Two significant others have been getting closer, and they’re ready to move on to the next stage in their relationship.

It seems the man is not sure about this transition. The girl is more confident that she can make him want to surrender to her and become intimate with one another for the first time. She excuses herself for being forward, but expresses why she desires intimacy with her man.

4. “I Surrender All” by Amy Grant

Song Year: 2005

Amy Grant sings about how she surrenders everything about her life and very being to Jesus. She forsakes what makes her feel good as a person and replaces it with a spiritual understanding that Jesus will not only guide her through all she endures in her life– He will also lead her to true joy.

Rather than rely on herself for strength to get through daily life, she asks Jesus to be her main source of power. She gives Him her undivided attention during tribulation and puts Him first so that no matter what happens, she knows she’ll be okay.

5. “Stop When the Red Light Flashes” by Green Day

Song Year: 2012

Green Day sings about the silence that often occurs between a guy and girl in the beginning stages of getting to know each other. The guy wants to do even the craziest things to break the silence between him and the girl so she’ll notice him.

He wants her to surrender to him so they can start talking and going out. The male song narrator metaphorically shows how he can kill silence, even if what he suggests is slightly extreme.

6. “Surrender” by Kylie Minogue

Song Year: 1994

Kylie is openly confident about surrendering her love to the man she desires. She goes on to say that the time is now– they shouldn’t wait any longer.

Minogue is lustful and excited to experience the passion-fueled moments that she anticipates having with her lover. She is direct in her surrender as she professes her true love for this man.

7. “Surrender to Love” by Laura Pasini

Song Year: 2005

Pasini sing about giving into the feeling of love rather than holding back. The possibility of transformation matters more than hiding what you feel and fearing your emotions. A heart is personified as a key character in the song when Laura mentions she wants to tell her heart that it can feel what it desires.

Rather than holding back emotions, she shows that there love between them will make them happier. Pursuing and discovering each other is infinitely better than feeling lonely, despite all the risks.

8. “Sweet Surrender” by Sarah McLachlan

Song Year: 1997

The song narrator in “Sweet Surrender” reflects on how hard life was before meeting this potential suitor. Because of how rough her life was before meeting this person, she feels she has nothing else to give but her feelings of surrender.

She reflects as if she has already died and gone to heaven because she is out of touch with real life. However, she knows this potential suitor can make her feel more fulfilled than she ever has.

9. “No Surrender” by Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band

Song Year: 1986

Bruce Springsteen’s song, “No Surrender” highlights his brotherly love for Stevie Van Zandt. The song reflects how they banded together to sing their hearts out without surrendering to naysayers and their self-doubt.

Springsteen released this song when Van Zandt announced he would be leaving the E Street Band towards the end of recording the “Born in the U.S.A.” album in 1984. Despite the two having a fallout, Springsteen acknowledges in the song that their bond as singing partners will not die.

10. “Surrender” by Diana Ross

Song Year: 1971

Diana Ross is talking with a potential suitor in this song. She feels she hasn’t been given the love she deserves from him. Because of how he makes her feel, she believes he is the only one who can give her the reassurance she needs to be happy. Ross wants him to surrender and give her all the physical and emotional love that she desires.

If you’re a fan of this song’s sound, try out more dance songs from the 70s.

11. “Surrender To Me” by Boston

Song Year: 1994

The narrator in “Surrender To Me” by Boston is speaking to a girl he’s interested in. However, as much as she enjoys teasing him, she’s not looking for any kind of permanent commitment.

All the girl’s qualities captivate the song's narrator– from how spunky she acts to how beautiful she looks. He is in disbelief at how she feels about him, but he still tells her that one day she will surrender to him and they’ll enter a relationship together.

12. “Surrender” by Cheap Trick

Song Year: 1978

The narrator in Cheap Trick’s song is a baby boomer and details a discussion with his GI Generation mom and dad. His mother tells him to be wary of the women he meets and to steer clear of the possible diseases he could catch from having relations with them.

His parents say that while he can surrender his emotions to the girl with which he eventually enters a relationship, he should be careful of giving into her sexually. He acknowledges how his parents are cooler than teenagers his age because they relax on the couch listening to Kiss songs.

Here’s a fun fact: the band performed the song live in the film “Daddy Daycare” in 2003. How’s that for timeless music?

13. “Surrender” by Gloria Estefan

“Surrender” by Gloria Estefan

Song Year: 1987

Gloria Estefan is having a conversation with a potential suitor in the song, “Surrender.” She is encouraging him to let his guard down sexually so that they can have a passionate time together. Estefan encourages this lover to open up about what scares him and to discuss how he feels about her.

Further in the song, she shows she wants more than a sexually intimate good time. Gloria also wants to have a steady relationship with him and rely on one another through it all.

14. “Surrender” by Billy Talent

Song Year: 2006

The song narrator in Billy Talent’s ballad is about the unspoken love he has for a girl he watches from afar. As different boyfriends of hers come and go, he wants to tell her how much he feels she is worth and how he wants to make a life with her.

The two are already friends, but the male song narrator is the only one who listens to her relationship woes. Essentially, he is friend-zoned and would prefer to be her lover instead. He wants her to realize his feelings for her because he is fearful to let on his true romantic emotions for her. After all, it may destroy their friendship.

15. “No Surrender” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Song Year: 1994

The band Bone Thugs-N-Harmony discusses their hatred for the police in Cleveland in this passionate song, highlighting the severity of drug dealing on these same streets.

Bizzy Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, and Flesh-n-Bone are the main vocalists of the band, and sing about how they’d prefer to run from the police and engage in gangster life than surrender to arrest. They want the police to know they can’t possibly understand the true drug-dealing life on the streets of Cleveland– even though they’re the ones enforcing the law. 

16. “Remember December” by Demi Lovato

Song Year: 2009

The song narrator in “Remember December” reflects on a relationship with an ex-lover. She is asking him to think back to that special month they got together. If he leaves her, then that means surrendering what they’ve built in their relationship.

She asks him to remember how he said they wouldn’t let naysayers break them apart. As he continues doubting if he should stay with her, she pleads for him to stay with her despite what others say.

17. “Everything and Nothing Less” by Chris McClarney

Song Year: 2015

Chris McClarney reflects on his relationship with God, speaking to Him about how he wants to give his all to his Lord and Savior. His mission is to surrender every part of his life to God so he can become all that God wants him to be.

He shows his humbleness and willingness to listen to God by putting him as the priority in his life. McClarney recognizes that he cannot achieve a life without relying on God for guidance.

18. “I Surrender” by Michael Bolton

Song Year: 2002

Michael Bolton discusses how his love for a girl has changed his whole outlook on life. He highlights how he feels nervous around her and how he thought he had the strength to not fall for her.

However, he tells her he’s willing to surrender and isn’t afraid to show how much he cares for her now. When she hugs him, he doesn’t tense up and turn away. Instead, he hugs her back, lets his guard down, and lets his feelings for her take center stage.

19. “I Surrender” by Celine Dion

Song Year: 2002

In this ballad, Celine Dion breaks through the barriers and finally confesses the burning love she has for a man. When she’s with and around him, she feels like anything is possible. It only takes one look at him, and she knows he feels the same way too.

For him to be with her, she’d surrender everything. 

21. “I Didn’t See It Coming” by Belle and Sebastian

Song Year: 2010

This indie singing duo revels in the subject of lovers surrendering themselves to one another. They touch on how even though they’re not rich with money, they’re richer and better off in their love for each other. 

The song’s narrators didn’t expect to be together, but they make the most of life as lovers. As they dance and enjoy each other’s company, they’re in a world all their own.

22. “Surrender Your Groove” by Geri Halliwell

Song Year: 2005

Sometimes, love is best demonstrated on the dance floor. As the two partners sway and kick and saunter around each other, they deepen their connection and feel more alive than ever.

Geri sings about how surrendering and just letting the music and the moment take over can make all the difference, ultimately bringing lovers closer together.

23. “Surrender” by U2

Song Year: 1983

The song narrator in “Surrender” is witnessing a woman named Sadie struggle through her life. She feels she is not good enough as a wife and mother and she has no real meaning or purpose, so she finds herself up on one of the highest floors of a building, contemplating suicide.

The narrator encourages her to surrender, most likely to a higher power. If she puts herself aside and recognizes a higher purpose in her life, she’ll be okay.

Top Songs About Surrender, Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this list of songs about surrender. The next time you need to ask for help or need to get through a temporary struggle where you need more strength than ever, turn on one of these songs.

Which one was your favorite song on this list? Tell us in the comments below! Let’s get the conversation started about how surrender is a natural feeling.

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