Garth Brooks Net Worth

  • Net worth: $425 Million
  • Date of Birth: February 7, 1962
  • How They Make Money: Singing, Songwriting, Album sales, Tours, Investments

Garth Brooks is one of America’s top-selling and richest country music singers. Garth Brooks’ estimated net worth is around $425 million.

So, how did Garth become so successful? Below we look into Garth Brooks’ net worth, including various ways he makes money, how he spends it, and how he got to where he is now.

How Garth Brooks Makes Money – Their Career

How Garth Brooks Makes Money

Garth Brooks’ success in the music industry has significantly increased his net worth. He’s among the top three best-selling country artists worldwide, ranking higher than country stars such as Dolly Parton.

Brooks has earned a fortune selling albums, performing in tour concerts, and investing. Below are various ways Brooks makes money.

Album Sales

Brooks has sold over 157 million certified albums, sitting in second place after The Beatles. Such sales make Garth Brooks the undisputed best-selling solo artist in the world. His impressive discography consists of the following:

  • 16 studio albums
  • Three compilation albums
  • Two live albums
  • 51 singles
  • 25 music videos
  • Seven boxed sets
  • 13 other charted songs

His top-selling album, No Fences (1990), sold over 18 million copies in the US, Canada, and Australia. The album features one of his most popular lead singles, “Friends in Low Places,” which helped popularize the album. Below we rank other Garth Brooks’ best-selling albums in terms of sales.

  • Ropin’ The Wind (1991) sold over 14.6 million copies
  • The Hits (1994) sold over 11.17 million copies
  • Double Live (1998) sold over 10.92 million copies
  • In Pieces (1993) sold over 10.85 million copies
  • Sevens (1997) sold over 10.63 million copies
  • The Chase (1992) sold over 10.54 million copies

Brooks has sold over 170 million records worldwide. He’s also the first artist with seven albums that earned diamond awards from the RIAA.

Concert Tours

A portion of Garth Brooks’ net worth can be attributed to performances in concert tours.

His first concert tour was the Ropin’ the Wind Tour of 1991–1992. He visited 94 cities and performed in 111 concerts.

The Garth Brooks World Tours of 1993–1994, 1996–1998, and 2014–2017 were great successes, earning millions of dollars in gross income. His first world tour covered ten countries, supporting his studio album, In Pieces.

The Garth Brooks World Tour of 1996-1998 was his first major successful tour. It featured 220 performances in North America, Europe, and South America, earning over $105 million in total revenue.

His fourth concert tour, The Garth Brooks World Tour of 2014-2017, was his highest-grossing tour. The tour featured 390 performances in North America and earned $364.3 million in total revenue.

The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour of 2018-2022 took place in various US, Canadian, and Ireland cities. It included 42 performances, over one million attendances, and more than $97 million in revenue.

He has also performed in other tours, including the Dive Bar Tour, Garth Brooks’ Flood Relief Concerts, and Garth Brooks: A Drive-In Concert Experience. The Garth Brooks: Live in Kansas City sold about 140,000 tickets in less than two hours. The concert was meant to be performed once, but due to the huge demand, it featured nine shows.

Garth Brooks’ tour in 2023 will take place in Las Vegas at The Colosseum. The tour will include 27 shows and run from May 2023 to December 2023.


Besides investing his money in music, Brooks has succeeded in real estate. In 2014, Brooks and his wife sold their $7 million Malibu and $3.5 million Oklahoma homes before relocating to Tennessee. Brooks bought his Malibu home in 2008 for around $5 million and sold it for $7 million.

They moved to a 19.8-acre land in Tennessee he had purchased in 1990 for only $432,500. The property today is worth more than that amount.

It’s also believed that he bought the Layby Resort on Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island in Florida. The beachfront property is worth $8.825 million and offers a tranquil destination for employees and retirees of Norfolk Southern Corporation.

In December 2021, Brooks acquired a property in downtown Nashville for $48 million and turned it into a multi-story bar. The property is 40,000 sqft, adjacent to the famous Ernest Tubb Record Shop. These investments have increased Garth Brooks’ net worth over the years.

In 2005, Brooks started Pearl Records, a record label, and released albums such as Scarecrow (2007), Fun (2020), Triple Live (2020), and No Fences (2019).

He also co-founded an online music store, GhostTunes, in 2004 with Chris Webb and Randy Bernard. GhostTunes featured Brooks’ entire catalog, including albums and singles from other artists. In 2017, they closed this online music store and merged it with Amazon Music.

Social Media

Throughout his music career, Garth Brooks has gained millions of fans worldwide, including on social media. On Spotify alone, he gets around 682,075 monthly listeners. Assuming he makes $3 for every 1,000 monthly listeners, Brooks makes approximately $2,046.22.

His YouTube channel has over 57.9 k subscribers and four million views for 17 uploaded videos. It’s estimated that he earns a monthly income of up to $20,000 and a yearly income of up to $243.6K.

Garth Brooks’ Instagram profile has over 1.8 million followers. With an influence rate of around 0.75%, Brooks charges $69 to $825 for every sponsored post.

In 2020 during the pandemic, Garth Brooks advertised his Facebook live performance with his wife, Yearwood. Thanks to his influence of over five million followers on his Facebook page, he sold over 74K tickets in 90 minutes. The live concert attracted more than 3.4 million viewers, earning him huge revenue from ticket sales.

One week after the first 2020 Facebook Live performance, Brooks and Yearwood held a similar concert on CBS. The concert attracted over 5.2 million viewers to the platform. They donated $1 million from the revenue earned to COVID-19 Relief Cause.


Garth Brooks earns a significant amount from merchandise sales. The Garth Brooks Official Store sells various items, including clothing, hats, music, posters, and accessories. Other stores also sell Garth Brooks-themed clothing, earning him a small percentage from each sale.

How Much Money Does Garth Brooks Currently Make?

How Much Money Does Garth Brooks Currently Make

Garth Brooks continues to earn huge revenue from album sales, concert tours, business ventures, social media, and merchandise sales. His estimated yearly salary is $90 million, with much coming from album sales and tour concerts. Such figures make him one of the top-earning celebrities worldwide.

How Does Garth Brooks Spend Their Money

How Does Garth Brooks Spend Their Money

After increasing his net worth throughout the years, Garth Brooks loves spending his money to live a luxurious life. He used part of his income to buy real estate, cars, and a private jet. Brooks loves gifting and donating his money to charity. So, let’s discuss various ways Garth Brooks spends his money.

Real Estate

After selling their homes in Oklahoma and Malibu, Brooks and his wife moved to their property in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Brooks bought this 19.8-acre property in 1990 for $432,500. The 1970-built home is 5,551 sq ft and features seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a 1,575 sqft garage, and a 746 sq ft basement. The property has a gated entrance and a pool.

Brooks sold his former home in Owasso, Oklahoma, for $3.5 million. It was a 14,089 sqft French country house style that sat on 2.4 acres. It featured two kitchens, seven bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms, a gym, a garage, and a screening room.

They bought a home in Malibu for about $5 million and sold it for $7 million. The 4,200 sq ft home was built in 1958 along the Malibu beachfront. It sat on a 0.5-acre land and featured four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an open kitchen, and a living room.


Garth Brooks has loved pickup trucks since the start of his music career. His first pickup truck was a 1987 Chevy pickup which he drove to Nashville to work on his music career. He later bought a 1992 Chevy dually truck.

His wife Yearwood restored the 1992 Chevy dually truck and wanted to gift Brooks as a birthday surprise. Unfortunately, Brooks had offered the car for auction. After seeing the restored truck, Brooks bought it back for 285,000. Brooks also owns a white Mercedes, a white Mustang, and a red Corvette.

Private Jet

Garth Brooks received a private jet from Steve Wynn as a gift to coax him out of retirement. The 11-seat Challenger allows Brooks to take his children to school every day.


Brooks is known to offer expensive gifts to his fans. In 2017, Brooks gave two new cars to a couple who came for his concert in Edmonton, Alberta. They were the lucky five millionth fans who went home with prizes. In 2016, he gave his four millionth fan a new black Jeep Cherokee and red Corvette, plus other prizes.

Charitable Donations

Garth Brooks is famous for donating to charitable organizations and doing concerts to benefit various causes. After coming out of retirement in 2008, he did five concerts for fire relief in California and raised over $10 million. He also helped in the rebuilding of homes after the Haiti earthquake in 2012

He has also donated to charitable organizations, including the following:

  • Project Clean Water
  • Teammates for Kids
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Smiles for Life
  • United Way

How Garth Brooks Got on This Path

How Garth Brooks Got on This Path

Garth Brooks was born to Troyal Raymond Brook, a draftsman, and Colleen McElroy Carroll, a country singer, on 7th February 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brooks and his siblings participated in a weekly talent show that his family hosted. He enjoyed singing during the talent show but focused on sports in high school.

Brooks’ early career in music began in 1985 after college. He would sing and play guitar in local clubs. Rod Phelps, an entertainment attorney, drove to Stillwater to listen to Brooks. Phelps offered to help Brooks produce his first demo in Nashville.

In 1987, Brooks moved to Nashville with his first wife, Sandy Mahl, to pursue his music career. His breakthrough in music came in 1989 after releasing his self-titled album, Garth Brooks. The album became a chart success with hot singles such as “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “The Dance.”

He released several albums and did concert tours in the US, Europe, Canada, and Ireland. His success in music has helped him venture into real estate and business. Garth Brooks’ net worth will continue to increase from album sales and business ventures.

Garth Brooks’ Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Garth Brooks’ success in the music industry makes him one of the greatest country singers and the second-best-selling artist worldwide. His estimated net worth of $425 million comes from album sales, tour concerts, and various business ventures.

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