Ed Sheeran Shatters MetLife Ticket Sales Record As 89K+ Fans Attend Concert

Ed Sheeran’s performance at MetLife Stadium in New York on Sunday, June 11, 2023, was a career milestone. Not only was it the biggest concert of Sheeran’s life, but it was also the biggest concert held at MetLife to date. 

Anticipation had been clearly growing toward the concert, especially considering it was the end of a 2-night run at MetLife. Even Sheeran himself seemed to be highly excited, as is evident in his Instagram posts.

Before the show began, Ed took to a golf cart to traverse through the parking lots and surprise fans. He handed out bottles of his very own hot sauce (called Tingly Ted’s) while working his way through the lots. 

Ed Sheeran Handing Out Tingly Ted's Hot Sauce In MetLife Parking Lots

For those not in the know, Ed collaborated with the condiment giant, Heinz, to create his own unique condiment. Fans were extremely excited to be able to receive a free bottle directly from Ed’s own hand. 

After the concert, Sheeran made an Instagram post of a video shot from an aerial point of view over MetLife. Fans who attended were obviously in the know, but the post highlighted MetLife’s broken record. 

MetLife Stadium On June 11, 2023 For Ed Sheeran Concert

In subsequent posts, Ed elaborated a little further on the evening, including a photo of MetLife’s official announcement. 

MetLife Stadium Concert Attendance Record

This concert has proved to be monumental for numerous reasons besides what is obviously apparent. For starters, it’s a clear indication that live music is back in full swing in the post-COVID pandemic world. 

All musicians at every level of the profession have suffered, with live touring taking the biggest hit. Now, just a few years later, shows are returning to have maximum attendance capacities. 

Secondly, this concert illustrates that Ed Sheeran’s career is still on an upward trajectory. Having over 89,000 people at one concert to see one artist really is a feat that anybody can admire. 

Think about it, some major music festivals have that many people in attendance to see 30-50 artists. Fans have weighed in to say that the affordability of the tickets was appreciated, which likely attributed to the attendance. 

ED Sheeran Fan Comment
Ed Sheeran Fan Comment

Some celebrities were also in attendance at the concert. Ed has posted a photo featuring Gordon Ramsay, Matt Damon, and Chris Hemsworth.

Ed Sheeran With Gordon Ramsay, Chris Hemsworth, and Matt Damon, June 11, 2023

The Sunday show took place 11 years after Ed’s first public performance, where he mentions playing for 130 people. One has to wonder if he ever had to play in an empty room to just a bartender.

Ed Sheeran will continue his North American tour, heading to Canada next and ending in California in September. His line of hot sauces is not publicly available yet but can be pre-ordered here

More information regarding his tour can be found on his Instagram profile as well as his website

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