27 Country Mother Son Dance Songs

A traditional wedding reception is full of beautiful moments and one-of-a-kind memories that the bride, groom, and guests will remember for a lifetime. Everyone loves to see the couple’s first dance, but the event that really tugs at the heartstrings is the mother-son dance.

The mother-son dance represents the importance of a mother in a man’s life. From the womb to the biggest day of his life, a mother shares a special bond with her boy.

Choosing the right song for your mother-son dance is crucial in captivating that loving bond. And, for all the country music fans out there, we have the best country mother son dance songs to choose from.

“I Hope You Dance” by LeeAnn Womack

Song year: 2000

Since 2000, I Hope You Dance has flooded the wedding industry, becoming perhaps the most popular mother-son dance ever.

LeeAnn Womack herself said that you cannot hear the lyrics and not think about children. You simply can’t ask for anything better in a country mother-son dance.

“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

Song year: 2006

My Wish is a classic Rascal Flatts song full of meaningful lyrics and heartfelt hopes and dreams – the kind of hopes and dreams that every mother has for her son.

This country hit is the perfect way for a mother to send her son off into adulthood as she prays for the best and reminds him that she will always love him.

“Mama Was Daddy Too” by Tainted Lyric

Song year: 2021

Not every household is held together by both a mom and a dad. If you were raised by a single mother, you know how much strength that woman had to be both a mother and a father when the latter was missing.

Pay tribute to your mother with this 2021 single, “Mama Was Daddy Too.” Her heart will melt to know you recognized her love and sacrifice.

“I Called Mama” by Tim McGraw

Song year: 2020

If you’re going to choose a country song, you can’t go wrong with a little Tim McGraw. This 2020 hit about mama is simple yet telling about a son’s relationship with his mother.

The song starts with some bad news. McGraw’s lyrical reaction is to think of home, pick up the phone, and call his mama – because that’s what’s important in life.

“Like Jesus Does” by Eric Church

Song year: 2013

In the Christian faith, it’s widely understood that Jesus loves people unconditionally, despite their worst sins. Eric Church beautifully compares that kind of love to the love of a woman.

While this song could be about a lover, the lyrics also perfectly describe the love a mother has for her child: unconditional and unrelenting.

“Mama’s Song” by Carrie Underwood

Song year: 2010

Your mother-son dance sends a message to your mother, but it can also send a message to others in the crowd. Mama’s song is written from a daughter’s perspective to her mother on her wedding day, but the sentiment easily connects a mother and son.

The chorus of the song can also send a reassuring message to a man’s mother-in-law, stating that he’s a good man who keeps his promises and will take care of their daughter.

“That’s What Mamas Are For” by Chris Lane

Song year: 2021

That’s What Mamas Are For begins by talking about all the things that dads are good for, playing a little trick that makes us think this is a song about fathers.

But the chorus reveals that this is a song about moms and everything they do for us. It’s ideal for saying that dads are great, but this moment is just for mama.

And to make things even better, Chris Lane released this country single on Mother’s Day. 

“You’re Gonna Be” by Reba McEntire

Song year: 2005

You can never go wrong with a good, heartfelt Reba McEntire song. This country queen has blessed us with hits for decades, and this 2005 ballad from a mother’s perspective is no different.

As she sings to her child, she gives advice, offers encouragement, and makes sure they know they are always loved by her – no matter what life throws at them.

“Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney

Song year: 2009

The song Don’t Blink by Kenny Chesney comes with the all-too-common message that life goes by very quickly. So quickly, that you might miss it if you blink.

Any mother can confirm that this is true. Your mother gave birth to you and took care of you. She blinked, and the next thing she knew she was dancing with her baby boy at his wedding. This song is sure to hit all the right feelings in that special moment.

“Boy” by Lee Brice

Song year: 2017

Lee Brice has a habit of making us feel all kinds of emotions when we listen to his music. His 2017 song Boy is no different.

The singer talks to his boy, narrating the ups and downs of life as a boy, from childhood to adulthood. Appropriately enough, the song mentions that a girl will come along and change everything.

Boy paints a nostalgic picture that’s sure to draw a few tears from the crowd – and your mother.

“Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw

“Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw

Song year: 2016

Humble and Kind was written by Lori McKenna, who says she wrote it for her five children. It’s a song full of several helpful nuggets of advice that a mother would leave her son with after a lifetime of lessons and love.

If you’ve learned more than a lesson or two from your mama, she’ll appreciate this loving and special tribute to her at your wedding.

“You Are My Sunshine” by Morgane Stapleton with Chris Stapleton

Song year: 2016

You Are My Sunshine is a classic melody often sung to children by their mothers. It has a classic, nostalgic feel – and everyone knows the words.

This version hits the country mark you’re looking for. Sung by country superstar Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane, it brings the family element into full display and can lead to a truly unique country mother son dance.

“Mother Like Mine” by The Band Perry

Song year: 2014

The Band Perry is made up of three siblings, so it makes sense that they could write and perform a tribute to mothers almost seamlessly.

The concept of Mother Like Mine is simple: the world would be a better place if the world could have a mom like mine. We have all felt this way about our mothers at some point in our lives, especially when we’re about to embark on the biggest journey of all: marriage.

Mother Like Mine is the culmination of every time we’ve said, “I have the best mom in the world.”

“Mama Ain’t Jesus” by Jordan Rowe

Song year: 2021

In another country song based on faith, Jordan Rowe describes life with his mother as a little glimpse of heaven on earth.

From where we sit as children, it’s easy to view a mother’s love through the lens of God’s unconditional love. Obviously, our moms aren’t Jesus, but her love is so powerful that she follows closely behind.

“Mama’s Boy” by Ryan Griffin

Song year: 2021

This sweet, sweet song is sung from the perspective of a father who talks about his son. Even though he wants to be just like his daddy, his father sees everything about his mother in him.

And the best part is that the singer attributes all of the most positive traits to the boy’s mama. If you’re a true mama’s boy, this might just be your country mother-son dance.

“Like My Mother Does” by Lauren Alaina

Song year: 2011

Like My Mother Does gives the full description of what it means to be like your mother. What do you do when good, bad, or even scary things happen? You do what your mother does.

And when you can’t do what she does, you can only sit back and admire her.

This ballad delivers a country message giving all credit to moms for their love, strength, wisdom, and patience. It’s emotional and powerful – everything you need when you want to tell mom what she means to you.

“He Gets That From Me” by Reba McEntire

Song year: 2012

As we mentioned earlier, families come in all shapes and sizes. Honoring your mother is the goal of the mother-son dance, but sometimes special circumstances call for a unique tribute.

For any man who lost his father before his wedding, He Gets That From Me is a song that will pull at everyone’s heartstrings. It has the perfect balance of the mother-son element, while also honoring a late father.

This song can create such a powerful moment for you to share with your mother out on the dance floor.

“Man Made” by Granger Smith

Song year: 2020

If you’re looking to give a whole lot of credit to your mama during your special wedding dance, the song Man Made might just be the one to do it. In his song, Granger Smith credits everything a man does or ever did to the woman who made them.

Sometimes it’s enough to honor your mom as a mother. But others may feel it’s more appropriate to acknowledge his mother’s work as a woman.

“Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 1981

Kenny Rogers himself has said that Through the Years has been one of his biggest career songs, despite its lack of commercial success. Although this could be argued as a song for a lover, the lyrics effortlessly describe a mother-son relationship.

Through the ups and downs, moms and sons stick together. If you have a close friendship with your mother, you might find deep meaning in this country pop ballad of the 80s.

“Mom” by Garth Brooks

Song year: 2014

There’s nothing quite like treating your mom to dance to a country hero like Garth Brooks. His song Mom features a conversation between a preborn baby and God. The baby is scared to make his appearance on earth, but God reassures him that there’s someone great waiting for him down there.

The premise of the song is simple: there’s nothing to worry about when mom is around. Moms are your guardian angels on earth, willing to take care of you through the toughest times. What a sweet message to give to your mother on your wedding day.

“Mommas” by The Swon Brothers

Song year: 2020

The Swon Brothers may have gained notoriety on the show The Voice, but their song Mommas is proof enough that they haven’t forgotten where they came from.

Mommas is a slow and smooth tribute to mothers everywhere, and how we can’t make up for everything they do for us. It’s a beautiful way to tell your mother what she means to you when you can’t find the words for yourself.

“Mother” by Sugarland

Song year: 2018

This 2018 Sugarland song reminds us of one very important fact: we only have one mother, and she will never let us be alone. Mother hits you right in the feels, leaving us with the simple truth that our moms are our forever home – no matter how old we get.

Mother makes the perfect tribute song to honor your mom with at your wedding. Dance with her to this song and you’re pretty much guaranteed to steal a few tears from her and the crowd.

Best Country Mother Son Dance Songs, Final Thoughts

There’s something so special about country songs about mom and son. This list of songs features dozens of heartfelt lines and captivating melodies – the perfect recipe for a memory in the making.

Whether you have a single mom, a step-mom, or a set of parents, there’s a song here for everyone. These are the words you’ve always wanted to say.

So what was your favorite country mother son dance song? Let us know in the comments.

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