209 Compliments & Comments For Singers

As a singing teacher, it’s always good to have a variety of ways to communicate with your students. Sometimes you’ll want to praise them as they perform perfectly. Other times you’ll want to give them feedback to help them improve.

Whatever the case, we’ve a number of comments for good singers below, as well as constructive criticism for different situations.

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Compliments For Good Singers

While the below are complements for when a singer does well, some will be better suited for different situations. It’s best to get an idea of all of them, then use the ones you see fit in each instance.

  1. I can see you're really improving.
  2. Your diction was amazing.
  3. I love how you showed emotion throughout the performance.
  4. Nice work on the low A.
  5. I love how you sound when singing falsetto.
  6. Your voice is so calming.
  7. Nice use of your open vowels.
  8. You sound just like the original singer.
  9. Your tone is gorgeous.
  10. Good job mixing between your chest voice and head voice.
  11. You did a great job singing around your vocal break.
  12. Your voice is so rich and warm.
  13. Your voice is so light and bouncy.
  14. I love the song you chose for your voice.
  15. Great work with the large leaps between notes!
  16. Excellent breath control through the long passages.
  17. I like how you took quick breaths when necessary.
  18. Your singing made me feel (sad, great, etc.).
  19. I loved how you made the song your own.
  20. You sounded fantastic in your high register/low register.
  21. Nice work using dynamics within your singing.
  22. (For a duet) Your voices blend so well together.
  23. (For a group) Great job stagger breathing throughout the song.
  24. You stayed right in tune with the piano the entire time!
  25. I love how you belted the notes.
  26. Great work with those diphthongs.
  27. Great job getting back on track after a slow start.
  28. Nice work singing while playing the piano/guitar.
  29. I can tell you've been working hard at those high notes, and they sound great.
  30. The melismas sound clean and polished.
  31. Your whistle tones are beautiful.
  32. Good use of vocal fry for those low notes.
  33. I love how you projected your singing throughout the entire room.
  34. Excellent phrasing throughout the performance.
  35. Your voice resonates so beautifully.
  36. I adore your vibrato and your choice of when and when not to use it.
  37. Great attack at the beginning of each phrase.
  38. You really stood out from the group as a soloist.
  39. The color of your voice is very flexible.
  40. I love how sultry your voice sounds.
  41. Great placement of your sound to make the music resonate.
  42. I loved where you chose to push and pull the music.
  43. Your voice really grew with some of the long-held notes.
  44. Nice job sight-singing this melody.
  45. I could listen to you sing all day.
  46. Your energy helped you sing so well.
  47. You chose the perfect key for your vocal range.
  48. I love your cover of this song, and you sound as good as the original singer.
  49. You stayed on pitch and got back on quickly when you fell off.
  50. I want to hear you sing more!
  51. Your low register is very full as a soprano.
  52. Your high notes are amazing as an alto.
  53. Your voice sounds very full for a tenor.
  54. Excellent low register, baritone!
  55. You did a great job with that high C.
  56. You sound very centered and grounded as you sing.
  57. I love how mature your voice sounds as a young singer.
  58. Your voice is very full for a beginner, and you sound great.
  59. I like how youthful your voice is even as you age.
  60. You have a nice, growly tone that's perfect for rock music.
  61. I like how your voice is light and flexible, which is great for pop singing.
  62. Your voice is so soulful and perfect for R&B!
  63. I love how your voice gets airy but not too airy.
  64. You really shine when singing jazz music.
  65. Your voice sounds amazing when you sing opera.
  66. The development of your voice is amazing to hear.
  67. I loved the way you sang straight from the chorus to the bridge.
  68. You do a great job singing scat.
  69. You held very well during long phrases, by tensing the ab muscles to maintain a consistent tone.
  70. Nice legato phrasing during the slow sections.
  71. I can tell from your voice you've worked really hard on this piece.
  72. You sound amazing when singing in Spanish.
  73. I love how you sang so confidently from the start.
  74. Your voice sounds amazing in this key.
  75. Good job with the key change and not suddenly singing off pitch.
  76. You sound like you could be on Broadway.
  77. With that voice, I think you could be the next big singer in Hollywood.
  78. Your voice is unlike any other singer I've ever heard.
  79. I love how your voice sounds with the saxophone background.
  80. You really know when to hold back and when to belt.
  81. You should write an original song to highlight your voice.
  82. I like how warm your voice sounds in the lower register.
  83. As you get higher, I love how you keep your voice from sounding too thin.
  84. You remind me of my favorite singer growing up.
  85. I love how you cut off each note at the right time.
  86. You do a great job changing notes on the same syllable.
  87. Your voice matches the style of the song very well.
  88. I like how you separate the repeated notes and make each one feel like its own.
  89. Those entrances on high notes sound clear and gorgeous.
  90. You've done an amazing job memorizing the difficult lyrics.
  91. I love how you “sing” through the rests in the music.
  92. The way you balanced the lyrics and melody made a lot of sense in your performance.
  93. Your voice is really dark and sultry.
  94. I like the bright tone of your voice.
  95. You used the perfect amount of vibrato on that last note.
  96. I wish I could hold notes as long as you can.
  97. Your stage presence is very commanding, and I think that helps you sing better.
  98. When you sing for an audience, your sound is much more confident than when you just sing for me in lessons.
  99. Your singing makes me want to learn Italian.
  100. You sang this song much better today than the last time I heard you.
  101. I loved your vibrato on the F#.
  102. You chose the perfect tempo for this song.
  103. Excellent phrasing between the slow and fast sections.
  104. Great job maintaining your full tone throughout the song.
  105. I've never heard you sing that well before!
  106. Your voice flows very naturally and sounds great with the music.
  107. I loved how you went straight from a rap back into singing without missing a beat.
  108. Your cover of this song sounds better than other covers I've heard.
  109. I love how you embodied the style of the music in your voice.
  110. In this solo, you really sounded like a pop star/opera diva, etc.
  111. The order in which you performed your songs helped you with your vocal endurance and told a story.
  112. I think you chose the perfect song to showcase your full range as a singer.
  113. You sound classically trained, even without years of lessons!
  114. Your voice is perfect for country music/pop, etc.
  115. I'd love to hear you sing a song in French.
  116. You sound like you've been singing your whole life.
  117. Great job anticipating your vocal entrances and breathing ahead of time.

Constructive Criticism For Singers

Constructive Criticism For Singers

Sometimes, things go wrong in a performance or singing lesson. Consider a few singing teacher comments for singers or other teachers.

Like with compliments, the best constructive comments will vary between songs and performances. Consider the following ideas to help form a helpful comment.

  1. You could use more breath support.
  2. Make sure your lungs are expanding in all directions as you sing.
  3. You should try to stand straight so that your voice can sound fuller.
  4. I'd love to hear more connection to the song.
  5. I didn't feel much emotion from your singing.
  6. Could I hear the (sopranos, altos, etc.) more?
  7. (For a group) Try not to breathe all at the same time.
  8. Avoid breathing in the middle of a phrase.
  9. You started getting a bit flat toward the end.
  10. It sounded a bit sharp at points.
  11. I want to hear you use more vibrato.
  12. Your voice sounds a bit thin in the high register.
  13. Try not to push too hard in the extremes.
  14. Let's try the same song in a different key to see if it better matches your vocal range.
  15. Nice work on the melismas, but try to do them more slowly.
  16. Can we try a different song to better showcase your vocals?
  17. I want to hear you enunciate the words more.
  18. Your energy was a bit low for what the song needs.
  19. I could hardly hear your voice over the accompaniment.
  20. The mixing between registers needs a bit of practice.
  21. I think your tone could be more (dark, open, etc.).
  22. Don't start singing so loud (or so quietly) because you need room to use dynamics.
  23. I'd love to hear more control of your vocals.
  24. You can take more time with the buildup to the chorus.
  25. I want to hear you make clearer attacks at the start of each phrase.
  26. You could use more dynamics.
  27. It sounds like you're straining a bit in the high/low register.
  28. I'd love to hear more of your vocal tone in your singing.
  29. Don't let accompanying yourself keep you from singing well.
  30. (For a duet) Your voices clashed a bit, and I think you could blend better.
  31. The whistle tones are off to a great start but could be clearer.
  32. Your falsetto sounded a bit unsteady.
  33. I'd love to hear you put your own spin on the song.
  34. Add some personality to the song and lyrics.
  35. Put yourself in the place of the original singer. (to help with the character, etc.)
  36. You could place your singing more towards the front of your mouth.
  37. The large leaps in the melody sounded a bit strained.
  38. I'd love to hear the soloist more than the rest of the group.
  39. Add some phrasing to the song to make it more unique.
  40. You should listen to the accompaniment a bit more.
  41. I think improving your posture would help your tone and intonation.
  42. You can use more of your voice. (some under-sing, so they won't sound as full)
  43. Consider adding vocal ad-libs, such as vocal runs, to your performance.
  44. You can get into character more when you sing.
  45. Don't forget to listen to yourself and adjust as needed.
  46. Feel the beat as you sing to help stay in time.
  47. Try not to move too much since that can affect your breathing.
  48. Your vocal tone isn't as rich as it could be.
  49. Use a tuner as you sing this song, especially when you sing a capella.
  50. Take time with your runs so that each note comes through.
  51. Enjoy yourself while you sing because it's supposed to be fun!
  52. I wish your voice was more clear in the low/high register.
  53. Your German diction could use some work.
  54. I think removing the repeat will help you get through the rest of the song more easily.
  55. During your runs, I noticed you got a little pitchy, but you got back on pitch after.
  56. You used a little too much vibrato on some of the faster notes.
  57. I would love to hear a slower, wider vibrato.
  58. You should try using a smaller, faster vibrato.
  59. The vibrato was a bit unsteady at times.
  60. Your high notes sounded a bit pinched.
  61. It sounded like your low notes were a bit strained, so you may want to transpose the song up.
  62. Try singing the song a bit faster to help keep up the energy.
  63. You slowed down a little too much at the end, and I think that's why you couldn't hold the note as long as you wanted.
  64. I'd love to hear you sing with more confidence.
  65. If you took a slightly larger breath at the beginning, I think you could do a much better job.
  66. Your singing sounds a bit tense, so try to open up your vocal cords.
  67. It sounds like you're developing vocal nodules, so try not to push yourself.
  68. You should take a break from singing to let your voice heal.
  69. I wish you would sing more age-appropriate repertoire and wait to sing opera. (This comment is good for younger singers.
  70. This opera role is better for a (soprano, mezzo, etc.).
  71. Your high C was just a little flat.
  72. Your low G was a tad sharp.
  73. You might have started singing too fast to enunciate all of the words.
  74. I think you could work on the chorus to make it sound clearer and more beautiful.
  75. You may want to practice that transition between the rap and vocals to make it more smooth.
  76. I'd love to hear you work on the stylistic part of your voice.
  77. You came in a beat early/late during one of your entrances.
  78. I wish you would have told more of a story with your singing.
  79. The first note you sang was a bit flat/sharp.
  80. It sounded like you dropped a word or two in the chorus.
  81. Your voice got too soft to hear after your high C.
  82. You should choose a shorter song so that you can really focus on the notes and lyrics next time.
  83. The runs you added were just a bit too over-the-top for the mood of the song.
  84. (To a chorus) Don't overpower the soloist by singing too loud.
  85. (To a soloist) Don't hold your voice back; you get to be the lead singer here.
  86. Your voice gets pitchy as you get tired, so try not to overwork yourself.
  87. You could work on your use of dynamics to help convey the emotions of the song.
  88. I need more variety from your singing voice.
  89. Really listen to the instrumental introduction to help come in on pitch.
  90. You need to work on the way you say different consonants, like P or B.
  91. Work on your attacks and how you cut off notes so that you can sing in a better style.
  92. Don't wait until the last second to breathe, or you'll come in late with your vocals.

Best Comments For Singers, Final Thoughts

Comments For Singers

Performers are always learning, so it helps to know about some good comments for singers. That way, you can express what your friend or student did well and how to improve.

Be sure to come up with some awesome song comments as they perform. Doing so can help you decide what you want to say, and you don't have to remember specific moments after the fact.

Refer back to this list when you can't find the words you're looking for. But don't be afraid to use the ideas to inspire your own unique comments.

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