32 Best Walkout Songs Ever – All Make a Big Entrance

Best Walkout Songs Ever

The music you listen to can put you in the right frame of mind, and can give you a nice metal advantage before an event. Whether it’s a sporting event, a conference or other, picking powerful entrance music can get things started on the right foot.

So here are some of the best walkout songs ever; hopefully one’s perfect for your next big entrance

“Independent Woman Pt. 1” by Destiny's Child

Song Year: 2001

“Independent Woman Pt. 1” lands solidly in the power Hip Hop category. The no-nonsense cadence of the song is enhanced by its message that there is nothing better than being self-sufficient in today's world.

The only thing better than being a confident go-getter is looking great while doing so.

“Ain't No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant

Song Year: 2008

This rock tune has a beat that will get even the shyest interviewees ready to show that their work ethic is not only powerful but unstoppable.


The world keeps on spinning no matter how you're feeling. Just because you're feeling down doesn't mean you still won't need to pay bills at the end of the day.

The structure of this song's lyrics emphasizes that no matter your situation, we're all functioning in the same society at the end of the day.

Listening to this song demonstrates that a strong work ethic makes you get ahead in this wild world.

“Don't Look Back” by Boston

Song Year: 1978  

This song is for all those classic rock fans out there.

The lead guitar screams a solid riff over a classic drum set sound in the background. When the lead guitars double during the bridge, it becomes the epitome of a feel-good song.

Part of the beauty of classic rock is that it often says what it means to say right off the bat – no metaphors needed. “Don't Look Back” does exactly this.

Not looking back means not worrying about past mistakes or long for the “good old days.”

The lyrics urge you not to be afraid to take risks. But, when you do take risks, be sure never to regret the risk you took. Keep moving.

“Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder – A Top Walk Up Song

Song Year: 1983

What's not to love about this pop tune?

The fun synth part and drum kit will make your feet tap before it's time for your interview. The message of this song is to keep your personality strong even in the face of hardship.

If you convince yourself that nothing is going to get in your way, the obstacles you are facing might not seem as giant anymore. The beauty of positive thinking is astounding.

If the interview goes wrong, that's okay! You're still awesome because you'll stay on your feet.

“Rooster” by Alice in Chains

Song Year: 1992

As another rock classic, “Rooster” doesn't joke around when convincing its listeners that they're stronger than they think.

Rooster uses guitar pedals and grungy vocals to spread the message that you've come so far in life, and it'll take a lot more than a lousy interview to knock you off your game.

Although the hard rock feel of this song isn't for everyone, the imagery produced within the song is a work of art in itself, even if you don't care for that level of rock.

“9 to 5” by Dolly Parton

Song Year: 1980

You can always count on the Queen of Nashville to deliver a song that will not only get you grooving but speak some powerful words while doing so.

While Dolly has produced several great songs about being a self-sustaining woman, “9 to 5” takes the cake for covering the most ground.

The song keeps an upbeat tempo while reminding you that having a job is a wonderful thing, but not to let the corporate system beat you up.

Keep your dreams alive no matter how many curveballs your life seems to throw at you. 

“Superwoman” by Alicia Keys, A Good Entrance Song For Women

Song Year: 2007

“Superwoman” delivers some good pop beats while also helping you to remember that if you try hard enough, nothing is out of your reach.

Do your research for the interview and try your best because you're super.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Song Year: 1982

Chances are, you've heard this song at one time or another and thought, “What a power song!”.

“Eye of the Tiger” is a power song for a reason. The continual grid and drone of guitar over the strong kick on two and four make this song the ultimate workout song.

Whether you associate it with physical workouts, as seen in the movie “Rocky,” or with a mental challenge, this song allows listeners to get their head in the game and realize their end goal.

It teaches you that no matter how much pain there is, the reward will be waiting for you in the end. A great walk up song choice.

“If You Wanna Get to Heaven” by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Song Year: 1973

If just the bluegrass harmonica intro doesn't get you pumped, I don't know what will.

This song's mantra is similar to “Eye of the Tiger.” If you want to be something great, you'll need to work through the hard times.

What makes this song different from “Eye of the Tiger” is the implied message that there might be necessary evils in life you'll need to commit to staying afloat.

This message adds additional complexity to the song for your moral code to answer for itself.

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

Song Year: 2003

Jack White knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote the guitar riff for this song. Its simple drum beat is strong enough to get even the glummest athlete back into the game mentally.

You'll often hear this song played by marching bands at high school football games for a reason.

This song preaches that working hard to get what you want is one hundred percent worth it in the long run.

“I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister, What Entrance Music Is All About

Song Year: 1984

Although this seems to be an unconventional choice since the song appears to be about literally wanting to play rock music, there is much more to the song than meets the ear.

The lyrics of wanting to rock can be taken literally as wanting to play rock, or you can interpret it as having the passion for doing what you love and not letting anything hold you back.

I firmly believe the latter definition is the way to interpret this epic classic rock song.

When you're doing your favorite things, don't be afraid to show off; it's your time to shine. Another great entrance song.

“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

Song Year: 1980

Yet another classic, and one of the most popular walk out songs ever! “Another One Bites the Dust” has a bass groove to die for. Not only that, but Freddie Mercury's vocals are powerful enough to get the blood pumping before it's go-time.

This song emphasizes that people are failing in life all around you because, let's face it: life is hard. Be proud that you're not only still standing but thriving.

“Blood//Water” by Grandson

Song Year: 2018

This dubstep/pop song has a grim-sounding beat but uses powerful lyrics to get you ready to go. If you are a fan of rap, you will like the percussion in this motivational song.

Grandson also has some similar sounds to Imagine Dragons, if you like the type of motivational pop you're hearing.

The words talk about how you need to fight to stay afloat if you know the odds are stacked against you. The world is unfair, but what are you going to do about it?

According to this song, the correct answer is to fight for what you want.

“Way Down We Go” by Kaleo, A Popular Walk Out Song

Song Year: 2015

Kaleo is a lesser-known artist than some of the other selections on this list, but it holds its own.

The simple, minor synthesizer instrumentals emphasize that you will get back what you put into work.

Invest everything you have to get your investment back. In case this isn't clear, invest everything emotionally, not financially.

Although putting all your eggs in one basket can backfire occasionally, the reward that happens when things do work out will be completely worth it.

“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

"Fight Song" by Rachel Platten

Song Year: 2014

This is a beautiful song with a pop feel to it. The imagery within the song is also quite lovely.

This song is different from other pop songs because of the catchy chorus that'll be guaranteed to get you through even the toughest moments when you doubt yourself.

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers

Song Year: 1978

“The Gambler” offers up an extended metaphor to chew on when you need a moment of reflection.

The relatively classic country instrumentals complement the motif of simplicity portrayed throughout the song.

The song compares what you experience in life to a game of poker. When you can slow down and take stock of what you have, you'll be better prepared to play the game later on.

Appreciating what you have in the current moment will help you appreciate yourself even when things aren't going so smoothly.

“Beautiful Loser” by Bob Seger

Song Year: 1975

Keeping with the country-pop theme, “Beautiful Loser” also offers consolation for when you are disappointed in yourself.

He says it best with the words, “you just can't have it all.”

Seger is trying to convey on a deeper level the beauty that you can find when you can make peace with losing: self-acceptance.

“You Can't Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1969

This next one is a unique song. Don't let the choir and french horn at the beginning of the song throw you off the fact that this is a classic rock song.

Like “Beautiful Loser,” this song aims to keep you anchored to Earth. Sometimes things don't work out, and that's okay.

What matters is that you get back up again.

“Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” by the Avett Brothers

Song Year: 2009

Although this classic rock song has a 6/8 rock ballad feel, its lyrics offer much more to the table than your standard ballad.

It emphasizes that the world can be rough and unfair at best, but it's nobody's job but your own to change your circumstances.

When the world seems to be too much, never forget your vision.

“Play with Fire” by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1965

Another classic, “Play with Fire,” offers consolation through jaded vocals that no matter who puts you down, you are not worthless.

The simple instrumentals of this song juxtapose the aggressive message of the song. If you feel like you've been wronged, take a listen.

The song conveys that you should believe in yourself because you're not a toy to be played with. You're a force to be reckoned with.

“Hey Jude” by the Beatles

Song Year: 1968

This Beatles song is a classic comfort song for many people. This soft rock song is great to listen to before an emotional event because of the sense of calm it can bring you.

You'd be unsurprised to hear that hearing McCartney croon in your ear that you don't need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders has an immaculate effect on your well-being.

“Take Control” by Kodaline, One Of The Newer Walk Out Songs

Song Year: 2021

This slow pop song will center you before an emotionally trying time. Although some would argue that it is too slow to be a pump-up song, the chord progression within the song suggests it should bring your mood up, not down. It preaches the message that the world won't wait for you to change; you need to change yourself.

“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

Song Year: 1978

A classic disco hit, “I Will Survive,” starts off the song with a killer keyboard riff before getting into a true 70s disco groove.

The song will remind you that as long as you still have the ability to love yourself and others, no ex-partner can break you down.

“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Song Year: 1975

An entrance song by Fleetwood Mac. Mac’s folk sound can draw out emotions in those with the toughest shells.

The fear of losing someone you've spent a lot of time with is a legitimate fear in a breakup, but this song reminds you that sometimes this change is for the best.

“Wannabe” by The Spice Girls

Song Year: 1996

This hip-hop classic is a fun song. Looking past the fun, it still has a valid message: Don't waste your time on people who aren't good for you. This song is excellent for getting rid of the blues.

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin

Song Year: 1967

Franklin knows how to put the soul in soul music. This song utilizes her powerful vocals to drive the point made in “Wannabe” to new bounds.

You are worth all the respect in the world. If someone can't give you that, they shouldn't be with you.

“These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra

Song Year: 1966

Despite this bouncy folk song having an easy-go-lucky feel, it carries a strong message.

The lyrics detail how cheaters always think they have the upper hand while leaving their old partners in the dust.

According to the song, this couldn't be further from the truth. Be better than those who cheat because one day you'll be back in the world and better than ever.

“Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin

Song Year: 1969

This classic rock song has some strange lyrics, but the strong guitar, bass, and drum leads make this song a standout.

Using a Lord of the Rings allusion, Plant tells you to keep on going despite your hardship. This song is perfect for harder rock fans and those looking to walk out to something a bit different.

“Takin' Care of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Song Year: 1973

“Takin' Care of Business” brings all the groove of a classic 50's bandstand while still getting a great point across.

Their point is that life is work, but if you have to be working, you might as well be working on something you love.

“Long Black Road” by Electric Light Orchestra

Song Year: 2001

Like the other songs on this list, “Long Black Road” acknowledges that the daily responsibilities of life can be monotonous and challenging. Doing what you must to stay afloat is all you can do.

Between some epic guitar slides, the song makes a point of saying that although staying afloat is hard, one day, you'll prove people wrong and be getting places.

“Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas

Song Year: 1976

Progressive rock hasn't seen a more significant influence than Kansas. The SATB choir style harmonies at the song's beginning compliment the classic rock feel seen throughout the song.

The message of this song is to see past the hardship you're facing and know that all of it will end. You'll get through it.

“Top Yourself” by The Raconteurs

Song Year: 2008

This lesser-known rock song offers up a new take on keeping going despite hard times. When there is nothing left to compare yourself to, how will you stay motivated to keep being your best?

You should always be seeking improvement no matter where you stand.

Top Walkout Songs, Final Thoughts

Whether it's before a big sports game or while driving to an interview, all of these make great entrance music.

We can usually sense our nerves start to go berserk as our minds think about all the negative possibilities that could come from that event.

Just remember: Don't panic, listen to some good music, and walk in there like the confident go-getter you are.

I hope you found your pick from these walk up songs, here’s hoping your event goes well!

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